Dr. Tóth Csaba, paleo orvos, Bábel – Hesnával 2014.05.28. 2

In the whole food industry as well as associated with specific diets there is a risk for the creation of a fashion trend with an intent to get rich often at the expense of credibility as also exemplified by the paleo diet Within the paleo diet itself there are trends being associated with business These trends are popular and their popularity is due to suggesting gastronomy being of main importance and suggest that you can enjoy the same level of gastronomy as on the Western-type diet On the other side these popular versions of the paleo diet carry risks For example, in autoimmune diseases there are risks associated with consuming seed flours and vegetable oils which are fashionable on the paleo diet These food components hinder the process of recovery Despite this coconut oil, for example, is widely used given that lard is more difficult to access for some salesmen The profile of the salesmen has an influence on customers’ choice and diet composition You can clearly observe this in the paleolithic diet I can only suggest to patients to rely on the opinion and help from an expert otherwise would not be able to handle different opinions The goal of the different alternative or naturopathic methods is to fill the gap left by the offical medicine As long as medicine is unable to provide a cure for chronic diseases, misleading and unscientific players around health and disease will continue to profit from this mess

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