Dr. Timothy Logemann Tells Us About the Ideal Protein Protocol

Ideal Protein is a company out of Canada
brought in the US several years ago. It’s in the protocol; is a low carbohydrate normal
protein protocol so that we try to spare muscle, we don’t lose muscle during
the weight loss process. And the low carbs ketogenic state
which we think is anti-inflammatory, it allows people to burn their fat. One of the problems with weight loss is that
unless you really get people carbohydrated, intake down, they don’t become
in the fat burning state, so it’s very difficult for them
to burn their fat storage. And one of the interesting things is that when
our patients are treated in this protocol, they aren’t hungry, they aren’t uncomfortable at all
because they make that switch to being a fat burner and their body realizes, “Hey, we’ve got
lots of energy here that we can use.” When they’re eating a higher carbohydrate
diet, with higher insulin levels, they can’t burn that fat,
so they’re hungry all the time. And we have people on multiple low calorie diets
and they aren’t hungry, they aren’t uncomfortable, they have plenty of energy, because they
have plenty of energy stores on board, they aren’t tired or fatigued, so it’s well
tolerated for long periods of time. Yes, it’s interesting. Patients come
to us for a lot of different reasons. We get people whose family, friend, employee,
co-worker lost 20 pounds for cosmetic reasons, so we see people for cosmetic
weight loss, you know. Ten, 20 pounds; but I think our biggest patient
that we’ve ever treated is 550 pounds. And there’s a lot of data that
your friends tend to be alike. In other words, if you’re a very large person
really struggling with morbid obesity, your friends tend to be the same, so we
get a lot of referrals from that business. But these people are really… they’re [inaudible] and
their quality of life is really affected by their disease, by their obesity. I mean, they can’t be active, employment is hard,
they’re uncomfortable, their legs are swelling. They’re on lots of medications,
they’re out of breath, even sometimes when it gets real bad,
some of the activities of daily living, tying their shoes, dressing
themselves can be difficult. And it’s really heartbreaking,
but also very interesting, some of these are very bright people
that are running their own business, and really are working and making a difference,
but they’re really disabled by this disease. So they come to us for help because there isn’t
a lot of other resources for them out there. They’ve been told to eat less and
exercise more for the last 15 years. Obviously, that hasn’t worked. A lot of them have considered,
but for various different reasons, they’ve decided not to have weight loss surgery,
whether it’s coverage, or fear of surgery, or whatever. So they hear about us,
usually through word of mouth and they come in because they’re uncomfortable
and they want to live a better life.

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