Dr. Sarah Hallberg: What happens if I follow a low carb/ketogenic diet and start eating carbs again?

– For our next question, if
I’m following a low carb diet, and I start eating carbs
again, does that make the fat I’ve been eating have
a negative impact on my cholesterol and heart? – Okay, so what we’re talking
about really there is, the question is geared towards
the past fat that someone has consumed when they’re
eating a low carb diet, and the answer to that is no,
that’s not gonna negatively impact their cardiovascular disease risk. But what they’re talking about
doing then is going back to our standard American diet, right? Eating fat and eating carbohydrates,
and what we have plenty of evidence for is that that
combination is a problem. So I would really
reframe this a say, okay, I was eating low carb and high
fat, and I was doing better. Maybe now I wanna add a
little bit more carbs into my diet again, but we have
to really be cautious about ensuring that those carbs that
are added are not exceeding any individual’s carbohydrate tolerance, because if you increase
carbs over your carbohydrate tolerance and add fat in,
what you’ve done is gone right back to the standard
American diet that has failed us for decades. – I think that’s a really
great point, Dr. Hallberg, because it talks about, or
it speaks to a little bit how we really try to
personalize the Virta treatment

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  1. HelmetBlissta

    Ladies once again, concise, information that addresses some of the many questions we all have had re the Keto lifestyle.
    Thank you very much.

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