Dr. Phillip Snider on The A to Z Diet Study

>>Healthy Hampton Roads is sponsored by Bon
Secours.>>We are talking about that A to Z diet study
today with Dr. Phillip Snider, the medical director of Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute. All of these very popular diets kinda put
side-by-side against each other. What was the bottom line?>>When you follow a diet you’re going to lose
weight, and it doesn’t really matter which one you follow. They went all the from the Atkins diet to
the Zone diet.>>Mmhmm. Now people were doing this for 12 months. What do you think is key to healthy weight
for a lifetime?>>The best thing that you can do for long-term
weight loss is to realize that it’s physical, what you eat and your exercise, and non-physical,
your stress levels, your sleep, also look at your relationships. Do you eat in response to stress or loneliness
or boredom or anger, etc.? So if you can look and see when you’re eating
when you’re not really hungry, you’re going to go a long way to keeping your weight regulated.>>When and why, OK. More information at BonSecours.com.

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