Dr. Jason Fung: To Lose Weight, You MUST control Insulin

So what happens when you eat is that insulin
goes up. And insulin basically is the hormone that
tells your body to store fat. So it stops your body from burning fat, you
start to store some of the sugar and store some of the fat. Carbohydrates get turned into glycogen which
are chains of glucose in the liver, is basically a storage form of sugar. And when you have too much of that, then your
liver produces lipids and it basically stores fat. So when you don’t eat, your insulin levels
fall. And that’s a signal to start pulling some
of that energy out. So you’re gonna start by pulling some energy
out from the glycogen and you’re gonna pull some energy out of the stored fat. So, you can think of it – the glycogen, like
a refrigerator, so you can put food in easily, you can take food out easily. Right, it’s just food energy. And the fat is more like your freezer, you
can store more of it, but it’s in your basement, it’s hard to get to. And it’s the same idea, you have two storage
forms of energy – the refrigerator though has a limited capacity, so if you put, if
you have too much stuff, you have no choice but to put it in your freezer. The body doesn’t have some giant vat of calories,
right? You can store sugar, you can store fat. There are two places in the body where you
can store food. Your calories goes in, into your fridge and
your calories goes out from the fridge, but there’s a third thing that you have to consider. And that is how much food goes back and forth
between the freezer and the fridge. And the question is what’s controlling this? And it turns out that the main player is insulin. Insulin inhibits lipolysis, what that means
is that it stops you from getting the fat coming out. So if you have a lot of insulin, then you
can’t get the food back out this way. So normally, if you eat a huge meal, your
insulin is high, it’s gonna tell the body to move all the storage in this way. And that’s the problem. So if you have a lot of insulin resistance
which keeps your insulin levels very high, it’s like that freezer is kinda locked away
in the basement behind a locked steel bar – you can’t get at it. So what happens now when you start reducing
your calories? If you start reducing your calories in, what
your body is simply gonna do is reduce the calories out. That’s what it does, because it’s not gonna
keep losing weight until you die. That’s just ridiculous. If you’re affecting the insulin, you can’t
get at that fat. You’re just gonna reduce your calories out.

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Reader Comments

  1. NYCfactor

    yea he is right if you sit on your ass and do nothing. no activity. if you do 1 hour of INTENSE exercise 4 to 5 days a week. you need some healthy carbs and you need insulin to BUILD MUSCLE. So, he is right but again, IT DEPENDS ON YOUR SITUATION.

  2. KangenAlec

    Food is important, but remember, the body is 70% water and all systems run on water. For a healthy body we need to drink healthy water, thats why all the smart people drink Kangen water. Kangen water machines is the only device in the world with a medical device certificate. If you know how to use a search option on youtube and facebook, search for 'kangen testimonials'. Amazing results on diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, gout, chrons etc

  3. Nolan Brewster

    limit fast food/candy and workout really hard….pretty simple. the no carb, blah blah blah diets and whatever else is for people who arent active enough plain and simple

  4. P North

    If you don’t have insulin resistance, diabetes, and you eat less calories than you require, you will lose weight. In the course of eating a low calorie diet, you will also be eating a low fat and low sugar diet because low calorie foods ARE low fat, low sugar. It’s simple science for people with no insulin issues, eat less calories than required and lose weight, each as many calories as you need to maintain weight and eat more calories than you need to gain weight. It’s that simple.

  5. Micha ST

    Without going into scientific research and just thinking about common sense: The body uses 3 macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein) for a reason. I believe reducing one (carbs in the case of KETO) to the extreme just does not sound right to me. Also, there is something really shady about this guy Dr Fung

  6. ras mus

    Bullshit! You need to spike glucagon by moving your body multiple times a day therein deplete the muscle stores every time (30 min). A jog twice a day 30 min each. Upper body is most important since fat always settles above water.
    That's how you lose weight.. !

  7. Vincent

    Protein also stimulates insulin, yet it has been proven to play a positive role in satiety and weight loss. The insulin hypothesis has been dead for a while now.

  8. Caio Farias

    then reduce your caloric intake, lose weight, reduce the inflammation generated by adipose tissue, improve your insulin sensitivity and your body will need less insulin to put glucose into cells

  9. DocM

    But that means, people with less insulin have less fat. All people with diabetes have less fat. And that seems a contradiction, especially in my case?!

  10. Amer J

    What about the importance of Insulin ?! its benefits? what about muscle breakdown and low energy levels ?! You are only addressing one aspect of the subject when there are many… its not as simple as that !

  11. Emmanuela Athens

    Can anyone give me an answer to my question please? Here it is: if I do keto diet and intermittent fasting 16/8 for 6 days a week and only 1 day per week I have the cheat day(with one meal carbs and one dessert) , do I reverse diabetes? Will I still lose weight and improve my health? I am not overweight but have insulin resistance.

  12. Loren Saintz

    I am amazed by Dr Fung, his breakthrough knowledge and ability to explain things. If you have not read his book, The Complete Guide to Fasting I highly recommend. Here you will learn a ton on how our system works and how to lower your MTOR and turn on an amazing function called Autophagy! Please share this one on your own social media. Dr Fung, Do you have a URL where I can refer my Diabetic type II friends to join your program ??

  13. Melissa E

    I try to keep it down us much as possible over a course of a year now — but I now no longer get these ''happy feelings'' when I drink orange juice or eat candy 🙁 I remember the times when I used food for comfort – works no longer — its Kina sad ^^° but I lost 16kgs

  14. LEEDAQ

    Good point, but I’m wondering the main foods in Asian countries are carbs and yet you barely see one overweight people, compare to that in the west many people rely on protein (meats) and many of them are overweight

  15. lari laroussi

    Cannot understand same subject dr Eric berg total crook who knows shit 3 millions views and here less than the half of one million people are to stupid to see it

  16. Kiba Rinkiba

    Consistently Controlling Calories in versus out with High protein an exercising. But consistently lowering Insulin will plateau weight loss so you have to start feeding healthy carbs with exercising to main a balance for muscle. Then Make the switch of the two a routine so you're body is aware the time you need the energy stored in muscles an the time you need to go into a energy burn out.

  17. Jorge Horna

    I think some people are misinterpreting the information he is trying to deliver. He is definitely providing us with factual information, however he is not mentioning to key factors in the equation. The increase of your TDEE through activity levels, thus increasing the amount of insulin resistance and metabolic adaptation. Do not come up with conclusion before researching well people! For better understanding, I urge you hire a dietician to better understand this concepts on your fat loss journey! 👍

  18. Jeneric Stewart

    i didn't have control over my insulin while i lost 130 lbs through intermittent fasting. i ate at a moderate carb level, with decadent desserts every other day. proof: this coming march, i'll have been at maintenance for 5 yrs. the calorie deficits are what got the weight off. the calorie balance is what keeps the weight off.

  19. and yourwillbedononearthasinheaven

    i read there's a recent study showing IF is bad for your health as it increases the risk of diabetes, is this really true?

  20. Fahde Professionsls Fairfield

    So how can you explain that I lost 7 kg in last 7 weeks? Eating rice and simple sugar everyday but staying within my calorie limit?

  21. Blue Star

    I was always lean but could never get six pack because I was consuming too much bread, rice potatoes etc. I was also shocked to find that I had fatty liver when I was lean and athletic looking. I now understand why. I am angry with my doctor who said not to worry about the fatty liver and just cut down sugar. I could have got type II diabetes if I listened to him. I will give the IF and keto a go and see what happens.

  22. MarksFitness

    You can eat carbs and lose fat without ANY problems. You just need to eat low glycemic index carbs like oatmeal or vegetables. I went from 300lbs (50% BF) to 160lbs (11% BF) in 18 months eating 200+ carbs a day. People love keto because it gives them an excuse to eat bacon. I would slap someone if they believe that bacon is healthier than vegetables. With that being said, if you eat enough fiber and HEALTHY fats keto could be okay. Dont expect to ever gain muscle again, but you could definitely lose fat and be healthy doing so.

  23. David Correnberg

    Eat 250 kcal daily, run daily and eat carbs/sugar at most minimum. Trust me you will lose weight like crazy. But don't it for a long time as you can die. And stevia instead of sugar for your tea/coffee

  24. MrJONKS

    Im am not a native english do i get this right? The best way to lose fat is to keep insulin low to open the freezer. If you are on the caloric deficit but still keep the insulin high, you wont open the freezer body will just reduce calories out…with no touch of fat..even if you are on deficut? Right?

  25. Micah Gourley

    Splendid cut-piece of this awesome lecture that helped me so much, and it's great that you made this to attract the skeptic who will only devote a few mins., to then hopefully hear the compelling facts of science, to then help them. 👍🕵️‍♂️

  26. Auron710

    what does he mean by if u reduce calories in then your body will reduce calories out? is he saying if you eat less calories ur body burns less calories so its not gna make a difference to how u look? it will maintain? thats what it sounded like to me but that cant be what hes saying.

  27. santiaggie

    i was thinking…Wow! great editing…then i saw the channel was called "QuickTalks" makes sense haha….i will subscribe 🙂

  28. Glori in her 40s

    I wish this video went on to explain how fasting helps so that I can use it to explain to people why I fast. I'm tired of trying to explain it, and this short video does such a good job of getting to the point. Sending people long ass videos isn't effective because the attention span isn't there.

  29. D W

    Id like to hear what he knows about what various carbs do in various body states. Example, body empty and fasted, liver and muscle bellies low, and perhaps some bellies even depleted. In that body state what will consumtion of starchey carbs do compared with d glucose and fructose? I have heard broscience on this and it seems true but be nice to hear this guys opinion.

  30. Kenny Peagler

    His logic is solid but I'll say this. By working out and creating a calorie deficit, you will still lose weight no matter what. Also, training increases insulin sensitivity, which helps fuel muscle growth, if you're lifting. I like what he's saying but fat loss is also a math game or calories in vs. Calories out.

  31. psychicoutlaw Chanel

    I looked to see if Dr Jason Fung has ever done a TEDTalk…no. The man is just TOO knowledgeable even for them. If he is talking I am watching!

  32. Zach Mitchell

    Creating a calorie deficit is STILL the most important thing to do to lose weight/fat. Eating a balanced, high protein diet including weight training and conditioning is the proven way to lose fat. According to DR. Layne Norton, insulin and other hormones tend to follow calories in vs calories out.

  33. Eli Ort

    So, its not about the calories, its about fasting 🌹, cos when i reduced the calories and almost no carbs, i didnt loose weight at al. The fat was locked up behind a steel door in the basement. I couldnt get to it. Maybe i try your tip, by fasting and eat 1-2 times a day. And see what happends🤔

  34. dNp

    Diagnosed with T2D in december. Lost 45 pounds and only been able to do IF and strict Keto 80% af the time – if I had the willpower to do it 100% I would problably have lost the remaining 40 pounds I need to loose. No meds of any kind and A1c is now within normal range. Just wanted people to know it works.

  35. anastasia46

    Dr. Fung is a breath of fresh air. An honest genius with a humble demeanor. No nonsense. Makes the information easy to understand. And he is sooo right. IF all doctors know this, why haven't they done something about it instead of just telling patients to eat less exercise more ??? all of a sudden, now doctors are acting like they invented fasting and are giving TED talks. I wish Dr. Fung all success. He should get a Nobel prize for honesty and ethics.

  36. Amjed Ubuntu

    Between Dr fung and Dr Berg
    Millions of Jobs will be lost,
    America please don't fast and please eat a lots sugar, a lots of families will be homeless, please think about all those kids
    Your duty is to keep our country strong
    So, eat 6 times a day with a lots of sugar, get diabetes go to the doctor buy medicine, after 10 years go to the surgeon amputate your legs, then eye doctor pull your eyes out..
    This way you sacrificed your life for our country, just as solders do..
    Don't listen to these people to get healthy..
    God bless America!!!

  37. Alfa Romeo

    false.. this is all broscience 😉 , no any real science study about this.. .. protein raise insulin same way as carbs… so what about now?

  38. Nareg95

    I lost 106 pounds on counting calories for 2 years, high carb, high protein, 4-5 meals a day. Fasting and keto are not the ONLY way. If what he's saying is true then people who go on cuts and bulks eating the same foods but different amounts of calories wouldn't work lol

  39. Big Sexy’s House

    Your body can only reduce calories out so much. Eventually it either burns fat or muscle regardless and I can’t believe high insulin would make the body burn muscle before fat.

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