Does Intermittent Fasting Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

so if you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer a new study suggests you eat only eight hours a day now I know you are the Guru in your book about how important diet and exercise and all these things are when it comes to breast health so what is your take on this so it just happens that I completed a bonus chapter for the paperback of breast the owner’s manual it’s kind of lowly and in that bonus chapter I talked about creating a cancer kickin life and one of the strong recommendations is to fast so this new study from UC San Diego looked at the question does fasting particularly 16-8 so 16 hours of not eating followed by eight hours of food access does that decrease the growth and promotion of breast cancer cells so they looked at three different groups of mice some were obese some were thin some had actually been modified to carry a genetic mutation that predisposes them to breast cancer they ate high fat food low fat food but the keys were this they were all injected with breast cancer cells and then they were divided into different groups one had 24/7 access to food and the other group did the 16-8 fasting so they only ate eight hours a day and no matter what kind of Mouse we were talking about obese or eating fat or being fat what didn’t matter they all did the best when they were in the fasting group with less tumor creation from the injected cells and then another group that they had proved the point as to why and it turns out it has to do with insulin so every time we eat carbohydrates and protein you’re gonna get a spike in insulin which is the big-daddy growth promoter runs around screaming it cells grow grow so you’re getting these altered mutated cells growing into a mass and then metastasizing as a cancer and it turns out that insulin is really only quieted by one thing not eating so when you fast you finally give yourselves a break the absence of insulin gives your body a chance to do some cell rejuvenation and repair and I know some people are saying you know what I do want to be healthy but for people who say I don’t know if I can fast for 16 hours a day what about 12 hours a day do you think that would also be beneficial it’s definitely beneficial those who fasted 12.5 s almost 13 hours or more had 36 percent less recurrence of their cancers than those who fasted less than 13 hours so I myself from all my research now for this new section of the book I practice two things now I’m doing 16 8 so I stopped eating at 6 p.m. and I eat at 10 a.m. and the other thing that I’m doing twice a year so this is brilliant it’s it’s coming out of USC they’ve had over 20 years of deep research into what’s called the fasting mimicking diet they’ve been looking at these metabolic pathways that lead to aging so if you can interrupt or slow that pathway you can increase longevity and by doing that how do you live longer by not dying and not having cardiovascular disease diabetes obesity and cancer so how did they do this well it turns out if you fast for five days get ain’t nobody gonna do a five-day water fast that’s just torture and we’re all gonna be hangry okay so what they devised was a way to eat so you’re feeling satiated and full but your cells don’t perceive food so you get into fat-burning mode and you’re in a plant-based ketosis because what you’re eating from them is seeded Nut Bars and olives and some soups so high monounsaturated healthy fats but fat doesn’t stimulate insulin so your cells are like there’s no food here I’m still starving you can do this twice a year and basically they’ve been showing that it increases longevity and decreases aging well I mean it makes sense your theory about too much insulin is not good for the body and too much eating for prolonged period of time it makes sense it’s pretty key I think to giving your body a break and it just can’t when you know the insulin kind of disappears after four hours and then you’re ready to eat again so you get a snack and you get a meal and starts all over quickly and other tips to limit your risk for breast cancer get to your ideal body weight and stay there forever exercise I like five hours a week if you’re gonna like chitchat while you do it but if you’re gonna be super sweaty just two and a half hours a week eat lots of fruits and vegetables and limit exposure to meat and alcohol and dairy and surround yourself with supportive loving people yes and getting that some doctors you bro you brought your A plus game today and get your breath will imaging when it’s appropriate yep yes surveillance and we’ll have all those great tips and more on our website the doctors dr. funk as always home run thank you for that great information and be sure to get a copy of dr. funks book breasts the owner’s manual you

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  1. Ari Amore

    Shit i just fasted like a week pretty much….then got food poisoning when i decided to eat so i fasted a day again ha prob will again cuz good doesnt sound good atm.

  2. Taking Down Fat With Cdub

    Intermittent fasting changed my life I lost 120 pound and I will never go back. We should all start looking into this stuff more

  3. The Verbally Abusive Clown

    She forgot to mention at the end to stay clear of processed SUGAR and to limit fruit sugar drastically. It always amazes me how so many people in our society just will not take a proactive stance when it comes to keeping themselves healthy. No matter how hard I try to encourage my own mother to eat right after being diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, she just will not do it. She made very minor changes, but that's it.

  4. farwa nadeem

    in islam muslims fast for 30 days each year, in a month of ramadan..y is this so..
    scientists are proving now,
    thats y our God wanted us to do,just for our benefit

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