Does Intermittent Fasting Increase Cancer Risk?

Effect number 26 a higher carcinogen
rate in certain situations. Here’s another case where I call this
video effects and not always benefits of interment fasting, like IGF one
carcinogens from food are cancer risk factor you have to acknowledge a risk
factor isn’t an independent factor that by itself positive disease take hold. When fasting for a long period like
two days you’re resting IGF one insulin drops massively. This is because starvation has kicked in
which that your body’s limiting the work needs to do to survive. On the other side, I do not promote a
two day fast However, if you do a two day fast, those levels will drop
massively to a point where it could be health risks and since their low when
you receive a spike almost as high as the original resting level. However, this spike can be dangerous if
you’re eating specific carcinogenic rich foods. One research paper in particular even
though that this relationship was so strong from the extreme fasting IGF one
repeat effect with oxygen rich foods They were seeing mice have a higher
likelihood developing a tumor, inharently negating the benefit of
fasting overall just from eating during their refeed like you know they
had a deep fried t bone steak. Those foods were so high in carcinogens
when they were repeating that it actually spikes the IGF one so high in
their Carcinogen rate was developing higher and quicker because
those tumors now had extra food. They have extra byproducts the growth
rate was increased to the point where the beneficial effects of inter
fasting was starting to be eroded.

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  1. AwakendGainz

    Full video –

    This video comes from " 52 effects of intermittent fasting part 1 of 5" where this is effect number 1. Autophagy is a very interesting concept that is triggered by intermittent fasting. In that video, I talk about 52 other benefits that you should check out!

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