Does Coffee and Trace Calories Break Intermittent Fasting?

hey guys Kevin Kreider more than just
muscle today is an intermittent fasting Q&A the first question I have is from
Danielle doesn’t medium chain triglycerides break the fast technically
on a traditional fast yes especially religious fast in certain ones of water
will even break the fast and the thing with the medium chain triglycerides yes
it technically does break the fast because you will have food in your body
but in this type of fast thing that most people are talking about these days it’s
just staying in a more ketogenic state and with the ketogenic state you can
pretty much stay and more of a heightened I learned it alertness but
also too when you just have fats in your diet it doesn’t raise your insulin
levels it’s really all about the insulin level anyway because when you raise your
insulin levels it reduces the growth hormone levels and also something that
you call the fight-or-flight response which is from your sympathetic nervous
system and that will actually decrease as well so what you want to do is have
insulin levels very low or just off because then you can actually start
increasing it’s like this increase in the growth hormone and sympathetic
nervous system I’m sympathetic fight-or-flight responses as it goes on
so it’s really about just keeping the insulin levels very low and the reason
why they say don’t even have protein too is because proteins will increase
insulin levels over a certain amount – and also watch out for the caffeine
intake as well so for this type of fasting yes medium chain triglycerides
do not break the fast in this type of fasting especially in the versions that
were speaking about with intermittent fasting such as the lean gains or the
warrior diet style the next question it’s about consuming coffee while
fasting since coffee does contain trace calories one two three won’t that
basically a movie from the fasted state and thus HGH and they’ve been searching
for a secretion of HGH but most often do not touch about consuming zero calorie
drinks with exception of water that’s a great question because it actually goes
back to the first one – yes it’s only one two three calories and the thing is
though it has zero chances of raising your insulin
levels which will increase your growth hormone levels like I said over time
that’s a really interesting point actually is because coffee does have
trace calories in it one two three and that is true even basically like zero
calorie drinks that they claim do have technically a little bit of calories
it’s just that basically if it’s less than one gram or something like that the
FDA doesn’t say you have to actually say it’s on lingual you can say it’s zero
calories so there’s a little bit of leeway with what is allowed on the back
pack of packages and the thing is it’s really about like we go back to the
first question which is is your insulin levels raised are your insulin levels
high or rising because here’s the thing when insulin is present and rising
growth hormone starts to decrease and starts to decrease and same thing with
your sympathetic nervous system starts to decrease in decreased racing insulin
levels basically tells your body that it’s being fed and when that’s being fed
the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in which is the opposite of the
sympathetic nervous system which tells you that you’re fed and you get slowed
down a little bit more and it starts suggestion and everything so and it’s
such a store of carbohydrates and it starts to store or you add more fat into
your body literally so the thing is guys it’s all about the insulin really when
it comes to fasting so no coffee won’t do it unless you have a high caffeine
intake and then it could do that as well should you workout in the beginning area
faster at the end what do you benefit more fat burning effect if you workout
in the beginning of the fast I actually prefer to work out right
before I break my fast the reason why I like to do that is because the longer I
start to fast the more growth hormone gets to get increased so then after when
I train and when I’m training my growth hormone levels increase even more and
then I become more insulin sensitive which means that when I eat foo it uses
it and starts to store it efficiently without turning it into fat and that’s
the thing guys it’s all to your preference – I don’t believe they’re
really about burning more calories eventually for me it’s trying to stay
within that anabolic window which is about three to four hours where your
body gets to use the food more efficiently that way and gets to
store your muscle glycogen more efficiently too and the thing is with
doing it first thing in the morning is that I’m not fully wide-awake I might
have been able to have one cup of coffee which to me is not enough to actual
workout efficiently and effectively and the thing is when you do the first thing
in the workout in the morning you might work out at 6 a.m. and then your first
meals not till 12 that goes past that and you actually would be better off
having some branched chain amino acids which technically kind of break the fast
and the thing is though you won’t break down your muscle tissues I recommend
doing that if you workout that early and also – there’s like a lot of fun flavor
drinks out there that are branched chain amino acid flavor which might give you
that taste in your mouth to reduce your hunger then later on in the day to keep
you fasted longer and that’s the thing I would totally recommend that having a
little bit of meeting change on glycerides in there as well to keep you
satisfied and full longer because it will actually keep you fuller longer if
you have some type of fats after your morning workout so not one there’s
better the other it’s just that it’s what your preference is I don’t the
thing is though guys they even did studies with like fasted state cardio
and the thing is it’s really not more fat burning yes you use more fat cells
to burn calories during the week training but when you do it over a long
period of time you burn the same amount of calories and it’s all about the
calorie intake anyway not really where the source of energies coming from from
back to carbohydrates at the time because it comes to carbohydrates first
and then for quick bursts of energy and then when you do slower study and your
body becomes more aerobic then yes it turns the fats and then eventually turns
into fats and amino acids but that’s like marathon running and such or
anything cardio above an hour and above so guys I hope that answered your
question with that one all right guys I’m sure there’s more questions on
intermittent fasting you might have but in the meantime you can download my free
handbook to see if it answers all your questions and that’s part of my muscle
and strength program nutrition is a big part of it but inter investing just
structured nutrition properly to keeping that just a powerful mind but also a
powerful body at the same so please subscribe to my youtube
channel can download the free intermittent fasting handbook and I’ll
see you guys soon

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Reader Comments

  1. Pam Bare

    I am fully aware that the fat issue affects us at a molecular level, but with IF we do not have to get too technical about it.
    Bottom line is: Volume. Will you do better on IF than the guy who's eating 2 or 3 meals a day, while you are "cheating" with whatever content is in those 2 cups of coffee you had? Yeah! For yrs I was "doing" IF but eating the equivalent of 3 meals in one sitting every evening and I was becoming obese. Do not try this at home. Lol!

  2. Alison Zunguze

    Our questions have been answered. Thank you.
    I think that why you are fasting should be put into consideration.
    If its for healing and full body repair (autophagy, healing the gut, helping heal a disease ), water only is recommended for maximum benefits. If its to abstain from food and the many other reasons people fast (like HGH release for muscle gains or weight management) then coffee, bcaas, sweetened no calorie beverages and the various other things people use, are a go.
    At the end of the day, I think fasting is fasting, your body will benefit however its achieved, its about your preference and what you are willing to do and what your body and mind can take.

  3. Abdullah G Gharibmal

    hey bro I'm currently doing a water fast for healing my body and all the good stuff that comes with it but I like to combine it with some black seed oil for it's powerful healing properties as well, do you think it could reduce my bodies overall healing?

  4. Luis Del Angel Jr

    What are your thoughts on wheatgrass shots and ginger? Will that raise your insulin levels or break the fast? I would love your input on it, that’s for sure.

  5. Bruceann Yellowega

    Hi there, thanks for the video. 🙋. Would you give me your thoughts… I drink three big cups of decaf coffee in about a two hour period while fasting after waking up. I put stevia and three tablespoons of soy milk in each cup. P.S. I’m not a body builder and I’m not a keto dieter.

    Thank you,

  6. Isa M

    The problem with trace calories is that what we call "a calorie" (those who are strict call it a Calorie, with a capital "C") is actually (and what science calls) "a kilocalorie". For example, when you calculate your TDEE, you get the result in… calories. When actually, those are kilocalories.
    A calorie is the amount of energy needed to warm a gram of water up one degree Celsius -at a specific atmosphere-. That's minimal, it's impossible for a human being to live on the energy necessary to warm up 2000 grams of water one degree Celsius, that doesn't even allow for temperature regulation. A kilocalorie is 1000 calories. We measure food properties and our TDEE in kilocalories (that is, 1000 calories), but we call them calories (I don't know why): hence the confusion.

    Zero cola, zero pepsi and all those "zero" drinks or beverages do not have kilocalories, but they do have calories. Unless you get 1000 calories (or small calories), you don't have a kilocalorie. I just wish people were more specific with the naming. It would help a lot to ease confusion. Some drinks with "trace calories" do not amount to even one kilocalorie, which makes them zero Calories or zero Kilocalories, but not zero calories.

  7. Adam Speaking

    Holy shit this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. MCT WILL interrupt a fast. It won’t interrupt Ketosis, but it WILL interrupt a fast, no question. Furthermore MCT oil will increase insulin levels. Just not as much as carbs or protein. Studies show that event THINKING about good can increase insulin levels.

  8. Ak-whiskers huckstable

    Do you mean a high caffeine intake over time or in one serving? For example does that mean a high caffeine intake over time, like with in the last week, month, or is it just per serving (s) Regarding caffeine raising insulin. Thank you.

  9. Issac Newton

    I don't give a damn. No one can agree, so I'm going to use moderate amounts of Splenda (3tsp) during my fast. It only raises my blood sugar levels by 10 mg/dL. Hell, Stevia raises it by by 5 mg/dL !

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