Do High Protein Diets Exert Any Influence On Gut Health?

Eric Bakker naturopath. Thank you for coming back. Always appreciate people looking for videos. Have you seen some of the other videos? There’s quite a few on this channel now. I think there’s well over a thousand. Right, next topic. Do high protein diets exert an influence on
gut health? Well, lots of research is going out the whole
time on these high protein diets. Keto diet and paleo diet, there’s so many
diets now that really focus on protein, but are they really good for your gut? Some studies say yes, some studies say no. There’s a guy from the National Institute
for Agronomic Research in France. He’s a very interesting doctor, Francois,
I forget his surname now, but these guys. Looks like a typical Frenchman, you know,
really suave sort of looking man. They conducted research where they got a whole
lot of obese people, I think it was like 30 or 40 of them and they put them on diets. So they put one group on a casein-rich diet,
so a dairy-rich diet, and another group on a soy-rich diet, and they found the casein
people tend to have an expression in their genes pushing towards basically mucus production
in the gut, so extra cellular matrix production, so more adhesions, more mucus. And then the soy people, when they started
to study what was happening there, they found that an increased and decreased expression
in terms of the soy on the large intestine when it came to detoxification and oxidative
stress. So protein foods exert different influences
on the gut depending on the bacteria that are in the gut at the time, depending on the
load of the protein, depending on the nitrogen content, and many other factors. But suffice to say, it’s not good to eat high
amounts of beef protein. New Zealand, the country I live in, is ranked
as one of the top countries in the world with bowel cancer, particularly for females. I believe it’s because of the meat consumption. Far too much dairy and meat get consumed in
this country, so I’m highly recommending you guys out there, if you have got a particular
interest in keto or high protein diet, don’t eat lots of animal protein, all right? I’m not a vegan but I’m also not a person
who hates meat. I’m not a… who really enjoys meat to the
point where he eats it every day. I’m just basically trying to get you guys
to see common sense here, that meat consumption is okay but it’s not good to eat meat all
the time, two or three times per day. It will change the gene expression in your
gut. It will upregulate inflammation over time. It will push you towards more dysbiosis and
problems. I’ve seen too many people eat red meat and
large amounts of pork and beef and end up with serious bowel problems, so my recommendation
is for you to use common sense. In England several years ago now, in the UK,
the recommendation was for people to eat no more than 250 grams, which is about 10 ounces,
of red meat per week, not per day. Per week. All right? They believe that bowel cancer rate could
be cut by half just by people eating a lot less red meat. So, that just goes to show, doesn’t it? Protein is good, but in excess protein can
be bad and leads towards a lot of problems. The other issue which you need to be careful
of with high protein diets is the kidney burden because kidneys don’t like high protein. Even if you’re drinking plenty of water, you
need to be careful with kidney function. So if you have kidney issues, my recommendation
is to back off the meat and to go for a lighter kind of protein, particularly fish protein,
over the red meat and that kind of proteins. So, there you have it. Don’t forget to click on the link below. Thanks for tuning in.

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Reader Comments

  1. KC Carpenter

    I'm a little confused and hope you won't mind clarifying. What is the best alternative to eating lots of meat: simply eating a smaller amount of protein or replacing the superfluous meat with soy/vegetable protein? Are you saying a high protein diet in general is not good for gut health or that only a high meat protein diet isn't? Thanks for any help!

  2. BaronVonComment

    What about fish and eggs? How often are those ok to eat? I tend to eat fish about 2-x week, and eggs daily. Is that too much?

    Also, what about chicken?

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