Do Bodybuilders Poop a Lot?

Do bodybuilders poop a lot? What on Earth brought that question on? It seems like body builders are eating and
drinking a lot. I was wondering how much was burned and how much disposed of. Part of it depends on what the guys are eating. Such as? If he drinks protein shakes and only eats
lean meats and health food bars, he won’t poop more. There isn’t much intake to end
up in the outgo. Whereas if he’s getting his nutrients from
a lot of fruits and vegetables, he’ll have more volume to move through. That’s right. But one to three poops a day
are all in the normal range. What would make a body builder poop more than
that? If you ate or drank a body building shake
with whey protein when you’re allergic to milk, that could make you violently ill. So
would eating health food bars with a lot of fiber when your system isn’t used to that. So would a Green Goddess smoothie, high in
fiber and nutrients. That would also cause green poop, if it went
through your system too quickly. So would diarrhea. If the food isn’t in
the system long enough to color it brown with bile. That’s more likely because a guy didn’t
cook his cheap chicken long enough. Or ate raw eggs on a bet. It sounds like you’re speaking from experience. Food poisoning is better learned from the
experience of others, if you’re smart enough to learn from it. Better you than me, literally. And remember, if you are burning twice as
many calories, you may eat twice as much. Twice the inflow, twice the outgo. If you only looked at it in volume, yes. Well,
wait, we are. I guess extra trips to the bathroom are part
of the price guys pay for bodies like those. Trust me, the cost of protein shakes and vitamins
is far higher.

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