Different Diets For Different Diseases? Keto-Cancer? Dr Michael Greger

Many proactive health conscious people when
they have been diagnosed with a disease often go straight onto google and type in say ‘diet
for hashimoto’s or best diet for migraine etc’ And It seems like there are so many
different diets for different diseases. For example an extremely popular diet said
to be able to reverse autoimmune disease is the paleo diet and in particular Dr Terry
Wahls’ Paleo Diet. The ketogenic diet has been said to be a very
promising diet for cancer and epilepsy. The Mediterranean diet often pops up as an
effective diet for heart disease and a vegan diet is often talked about as being able to
reverse type 2 diabetes in as little as two weeks. Many online health educators also say that
no 2 people are the same and no one diet fits all. But is this really true? And what the science say about different diets
for different diseases? Well let’s hear now as Dr Michael Greger
of nutrition facts.org talks more about this……The reason that the same diet that reverses heart
disease is the same diet that’s best for your kidneys, is best for your liver, best
for your brain is because look a plant based diet is a diet that helps clean out and improve
the function of your arteries that’s why is can help reverse heart disease open up
arteries without drugs without surgery. Well guess what your heart isn’t that only
organ that has requires a blood supply. It’s like wait a second how can you reverse
the course of chronic kidney disease it seems like it’s too good to be true that the same
diet helps with 2 completely different diseases. Well you think about it all we’re doing
is improving blood flow throughout the body no wonder it helps in so many different areas. Also plant based diets are anti inflammation
diets and inflammation plays a role in so many different diseases. Low grade inflammation plays a role in many
cancers, diabetes also heart disease as well. So of course an anti inflammatory diet is
going to help with autoimmune diseases, with seasonal allergies. So again no wonder the same diet works for
so many things. Also we can talk about the microbiome and
how the role of our good gut bacteria may have benefits even for things like mental
health completely on the other side of the body. So of course the one diet best for our microbiome
is the one that has fiber that actually feeds our good bacteria well no wonder it has so
many good effects. We can talk about epigenetics switching on
and off genes. There are so many ways in which plant based
diets effect us on a systems wide basis not just a specific symptom or specific organ
and so no wonder when people start eating healthier they just feel better, they sleep
better, their periods are less painful. All these knock on benefits provides the motivation
to continue and then you’ll accrue the real benefits the real rewards, the longevity,
the long healthy lives because you feel so much better you have that internal motivation
you don’t have someone telling you to eat your vegetables, not someone telling you what
to do you have that internal motivation I feel so good you couldn’t pay me to going
back to eating the way I used to, because I didn’t even realize I felt bad. I thought it was normal to have indigestion
and constipation no you can actually feel good but you won’t know until you give it
a try.

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Reader Comments

  1. Till Galler

    I have been eating a whole food plant-based diet for about 3 months now but I still get flakes on my head. Any tips or will this just take longer?
    Note: I have a shaved head and went no-poo about 4 months ago. I had no flakes for 2 months and it hit me again about 2 weeks ago.

  2. Cammi Eklund

    A plantbased diet totally wrecked my health, gut and hormones so YES, different diets can do different things to people! That's why there are so many conflicts about diets. What works for one simply doesn't work for another. I was a vegan for ten years. I'm a nutritionist. I have tried every aspect of the plantbased diet bcs I simply couldn't accept that it wasn't for me. I had to finally give it up and I feel so much better now. It's really sad in a way bcs it was nothing I ever wished for and part of my identity. Can't change my reality though and I had to do what was best for my health.

  3. God Emperor Meow

    Veganism is the real thing we have. People are born dumb and weak. People try all their lives to better themselves and they end up as Bushy Brow from Naruto. Eat enough calories, go through your 3-2 month long poop mania, take your vitamins, and read.

  4. John

    The only real "paleo" diet is fasting or …. intermittent periods of not eating. Fasting, like Metformin, down regulates the mTOR metabolic pathway that induces autophagy and mitophagy as well as metabolizing junk protein.

  5. Marcus Welby

    Inflammation is caused by excessive carbohydrate consumption like grains and processed sugars not eating pastured eggs,bison,or salmon. Gregor looks like he could use those foods.

  6. UniQ

    No diet really cures anything. Fasting does though. Once you’ve water fasted for over 20 days, it won’t matter whether you eat bacon and eggs or salads. As long as it’s organic, grasfed and non-gmo. I’ve read quite a few books on curing ailments and all of them had fasting as the center of healing. The diet around it was based upon their own beliefs and morals. Arnold Ehret used fasting and fruits to break the fast, others used fasting and bone broths to break the fast. Same results.

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