Dieting with ‘KETO’ in Pakistan

How are you All. My name is Uzair and you are currently watching ‘Smart n Fit’ and you are currently watching Smart n Fit So we’re in the year 2018 and if someone wants to Lose Weight in 2018, she picks up her smartphone, navigate to and types she picks up her smartphone, navigate to and types ‘’Fat Loss Diet”, ”Weight Loss Diet”, ”How to Lose Fat in One Week”, ”How to Lose 10 kgs in One Month” ‘’Fat Loss Diet”, ”Weight Loss Diet”, ”How to Lose Fat in One Week”, How to Lose 10 kgs in One Month ‘’Fat Loss Diet”, ”Weight Loss Diet”, ”How to Lose Fat in One Week”, How to Lose 10 kgs in One Month and thousands of Search Results appear. One Search Results says says ‘Paleo Diet’, the other says ‘Atkins Diet’ while some say ‘Ketogenic Diet’. One Search Results says says ‘Paleo Diet’, the other says ‘Atkins Diet’ while some say ‘Ketogenic Diet’. Few others are Stillman’s & Zone Diet. i.e. within seconds, you’ll see number of diet plans on the screen. i.e. within seconds, you’ll see number of diet plans on the screen. In this Digital Era, access to the Free Diet Plans has become very easy for everyone, but if I tell you a very ”Interesting Fact” that Currently the Population of the World is 7.6 Billion, out of which, over 2 Billion are Obese or Overweight. People are told that you follow the Atkins Diet, People followed Atkins Diet by reducing their Carbs & Processed Foods Intake, increased Protein and Fat Intake. People benefited from ‘Atkins Diet’. Similarly, people followed ‘Paleo Diet’, by consuming foods from its original state i.e in its natural form. Ultimately, people got benefit from that & Lose Weight. A very Famous Diet these days known as Keto or ‘Ketogenic Diet’. In Keto Diet, you needs to get your Carbs Intake down to 5%, with 75% Fat and 20% Protein throughout the day. People are losing weight from ‘Keto Approach’ But still 30% of our total Population is still either Obese or Overweight. Who’s responsible ? Diet plans or ‘Our Approach’ ? Have you ever noticed the word ‘Diet’ ? This word is a Suffix, if you put ‘Diet’ next to any other word, for instance ‘Ramadan Diet’ means that it is meant to be diet only for Ramadan. Similarly, if I say weight loss ‘Diet’ would mean that I’ll stick to it just as long as I lose weight, as soon as I lose weight, I’ll quit the ‘Diet’. That means ‘Diet’ means everything that is typically temporary and short-lived. Friends, nothing is temporary in Fitness. Fitness means Lifestyle which is never ‘temporary’. For example, if you buy a car tomorrow, to improve your life style, it will not be for a week or just two weeks or four weeks. You would want that car to accompany with your lifestyle for the rest of your life. You may also prefer to buy another one. This is exactly what happens in Fitness. Any Diet or Diet Plan you follow shouldn’t be temporary. So the word “diet” is incorrect, the correct word used in fitness is ‘Nutrition’. Nutrition is that ‘diet’ that you follow for the rest of your life. Many of our friends are up to an idea of reducing their weight three months before marriage. It is a good thing at least they remember their weight goals at last. But what happens after 3 months ? After three months, when reach your weight goals by following proper training and strict diet, you forget why you started and quit on your diet & training. This is not Fitness guys. Then what happens after that if you lost weight 10 kgs a month, before marriage, by proper training & diet. You put on 10 kgs in 2 weeks when you quit routine. Let me tell you an important thing that the Psychological Impact of ‘Failure’ is the most intense. When you follow strict diet and training it helps you lose weight, but then you quit that routine (diet & training) after couple of days. The psychology hits you hard and say to your face that ‘you cannot do it’’. After a short period of time you quit the Keto Diet and you adopt the Atkins Diet. The same failure happens while adopting Atkins diet because you take extreme positions i.e. you cut down your calories to extremely insufficient levels. You feel like it’s Dead but you’re stubborn to lose weight and thus you become unhealthy. This is nowhere near to ‘Fitness’ This way as you go from one ‘Failure’ to another and you’ll end up in depression because you’ve trained your mind to Fail. As a result, you’ll undergo hormonal changes including weight gain and at the end you will ”QUIT”….. Now let’s talk about ”The Approach” If I would follow Keto Diet, and if my Carbs Intake at that time is, say 60%, and I’m aiming for 5% Carbs intake (basic Keto requirement) then, I’ll never jump from 60% Carbs intake down to 5% in a Single Day… Rather, I would reduce my Carbs intake gradually i.e. I’ll smartly cut down my Carbs from 60% to 5% within a period of, say 2 years. Who cares if it’s 2 years as long as I’m doing proper training, disciplined lifestyle and a good nutrition for 2 years. Remember! No ‘Diet’ is bad whether it’s Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Stillman’s except your ‘Approach’ i.e. if you slowly & gradually reach at 5% Carbs Intake in ‘Keto’ in 2 years, what’s bad in that ?? You’ll find easy to adopt and follow Keto Diet. So please smartly play with your Approaches, make slight changes in your diet plans and trust me you”ll do wonders. Never adopt extreme positions, always go slow and steady. Losing weight is not a Rocket Science. Just Auto-correct your Approaches. A bodybuilder guy who looks in great shape is not a result of One Day but rather years of hard work, training, dieting discipline that makes him look awesome. Now I Ask You if you have ever followed any Diet Plan till date, how long were you able to Follow that Diet ? I would like you mention that in the ‘Comments box’. If you Like this video, just do me a little favor. Leave a Thumbs Up, I’ll be inspired to make more videos like that. For any queries related to this video, any diet, exercise or supplements don’t hesitate to ask in the ‘Comments’. If you haven’t Subscribe to the Channel yet, do subscribe and you’ll never regret your time spent on ‘Smart n Fit’ and do ring the Notification bell to receive all latest updates. Until the next time do take care of yourselves. ‘Smart n Fit’ signing out.

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