Recording podcasts has become very trendy. Today I will meet Szymon Kwiatkowski, we are going to launch a podcast. We had been supposed to do this some time ago, but we didn’t. And then we set it aside. And today my workmate came to me, also to ask about launching a podcast.
Everybody launches podcasts. – May I come in? – Do you allow filming in the company? – And how do you think? No. I will not record this secret meeting. Seven! Good morning. Those trees look so nice. My fellow, vlogger Marcin Kubicki, asked me for recording meals I eat during the day and… It gonna be kind of boring, but I said OK. So I don’t eat anything for breakfast, because I practise the way of eating called Intermittent Fasting. It means I eat only 6 hour per every 24 hour. So today I will start eating about 1.00 pm, after 1.00 in fact, I think 1.30 and I will stop by 8.00 pm. And in the morning I take a big thermos with black, coffee without sugar. Such as this! Such a thermos. And I drink this coffee to 1.00 pm. And I start drinking it in the car, on my way to work. Regarding my diet there are 3 rules I follow. First: I don’t eat meat, I said it before on my vlog, but I eat seafood and fish. Second: I’m on the ketogenic diet, which means I eat carbs hardly ever. And third: I practise so-called Intermittent Fasting, which means I have a short slot for eating during the day. And it lasts more or less from 1.00 pm to 7.00 pm. It gives 6 hours. Besides, of course, I aim at doing sports every day. Sometimes it’s impossible, but at least 4 times a week I try to go out and run around from 7 to 10 kilometers. And to lift some weights about twice a week. It’s almost 1.00 pm and I haven’t eaten anything yet. This is all about Intermittent Fasting. Now I’m on my way to meet Janek and Piotr. And I will eat something delicious. – Did someone want to join you? – What do you want to talk about? – Surely we would do some business So, I’m supposed to film my meals. I eat fish soup right now. And it’s very tasty. And fish with salad. And in the afternoon I ate some, about a half of jar, almond butter. And now on my way home, I will probably eat some salty nuts, such as these ones. Starting from 7.00 pm I will eat nothing more till 1.00 pm tomorrow. So today only 5. I woke up too late. I mean I woke up early but I left to run too late. Never mind. This week is very good when it comes to sports, because I did something every day except Monday so far. So yesterday I showed you my all meals on the ketogenic diet. And of course today I will eat something what I will take from home, probably some smoked salmon. And salad with a lot of oil of olives. And maybe I will take canned tuna, in oil, because I like it very much too, and a few slices of cheese. It will be my lunch today probably. If you are shocked by my yesterday’s meals, don’t be. Maybe it looks a little weird, that: “Omg, not to eat till 1.00 pm. How is it possible?” When all life you were told that a breakfast is the most important meal, and you have to eat a lot in the morning. And the best are carbs. But that’s not true. As soon as the organism starts to metabolize fats to get energy, instead glucose, which means sugar and carbs, it makes you stop feeling hungry so much. And really, not eating before 1.00 pm it’s not a problem at all. I hope you liked it. If this episode was OK, give me a like and subscribe my channel and click the bell. And share with your friends. If you have any questions, write them below. I will answer all. Take care!

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  1. Kasia Kkkka

    Wiem, ze ludzie jedza roznie, ale twoja dietabjest rzeczywiscie nietypowa. Rozumien, ze to tluszcze daja ci poczycie sytosci? Ale tego dnia po orzeszkach juzbnic wiecej nie jadles? Chetnie bym zobaczyla jeszcze inne dni i posilki i wytlumacz czemu akurat tak jesz.

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