Diet & Nutrition : About Depression, Whey Protein & Bananas

Hi, my name is Charlotte Skiles. I’m a nutrition
consultant and a clinical herbalist and founder of Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting. And today,
I’m going to talk to you about depression, whey protein, and bananas. They’re seemingly
unrelated, but there is actually a thought process behind these. So the idea here is
that whey protein has amino acids in it that are very easily absorbed, and those amino
acids act as precursors to our neurotransmitters in our brain that affect our mood. So with
depression, clearly, there’s a tendency towards not feeling well, not feeling like doing life,
and when you use something like whey protein, you’re giving your body the amino acids in
the form of precursors to the neurotransmitters that would then make you feel more happy…happier.
Now, the idea with bananas is that there is a small amount of tryptophan in bananas, which
is the specific amino acid that is a precursor to serotonin, which is the anti-depressant
neurotransmitter. So I’ve got a little bit of a different idea there with the banana.
The study that they base this on where they gave basically bananas to depressed people
and the depressed people reported feeling better, I think that a banana would probably
make anybody feel better. It is a healthy food for most people, unless you’ve got blood
sugar disregulation in your system. So those are my thoughts regarding depression, whey
protein, and bananas.

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Reader Comments

  1. Bari Khan

    this is funny, i mix my post workout protein: 24g protein ON choc mint, 1x banana, 1x tsp honey = doesnt taste as nice as vanilla protein, but does the job!

  2. Marine475

    Good point, if you have depresion stuffing your mounth with whey and bananas probably want get you out of it but might help you not get there in the first place.

  3. bisher alwaies

    okey i got a question so this video says its required to take a bannana and some whey protein for depression … how about only taking whey protein bannana flaviour ?

  4. Randy S

    Ate a banana everyday for 6 years now…Breakfast: I eat peanut butter, 2 bananas, and a cup of Green tea everyday for breakfast to get me going throughout the day and I must say that I felt a lot better…the saying is true that you're what you eat, so eat healthy you guys.

  5. Yas Shehzad M.

    Good positive thoughts. I liked when you said, "Mind, Body & Spirit…We must take care of all 3 in order to be healthy. " I used it as a quote: on Twitter & Facebook, hope that's alright 🙂

  6. Randy S

    That's why I'm depressed…I'm not eating bananas everyday. I'm going to make it a goal to eat two bananas a day with oatmeal, I have to make this a habit because I suffered depression for 3 years.

    I believe it…you are what you eat.

  7. Brianna Forster

    Do you have any advice about choosing a whey-based protein powder? There are so many different kinds, and I don't know what to look for. Unfortunately, all the websites I've found about how to choose a protein supplement is geared toward muscle building and not toward treating depression.

  8. Veggie Soup

    Make sure you only eat organic bananas nowadays… they are heavily heavily sprayed with pesticides. I cannot no longer eat a regular banana. Tears my digestive system up. But I can eat several organic in a smoothie, no problem. Just google the banana pesticide contamination going on

  9. diamondsandlipgloss

    I suffer from major depression and I thought it was just me; I crave bananas and either meat or eggs when I'm really suffering from my symptoms of depression…I make a banana protein shake and I feel better and sleep better….I don't know, I agree with you

  10. Darcy F. Dubois

    See which incredible fruit and vegetables boost your metabolism and eliminate lower abdominal fat:

  11. R!OT EARTH

    I suffered and still do to a lesser degree, with anxiety and depression.  I found out on my own that protein shakes make me feel better mentally.  I will try throwing in a banana in the mix too, to help boost the effect.  Thanks for the info.

  12. Andrew Easson

    Bananas are a feel good food, and a must have morning snack for anyone stressed or depressed and  I love them.  They are sweet,  bright in colour and light in weight, easy digestible, they have potassium and other vitamins in as well as fibre.   Bananas are the perfect food for todays high stress living, also as a carbohydrate, they encourage the production of serotonin, a natural neurotransmitter essential for good moods and normal brain function… bananas anyone !!

  13. john smith

    been having kale shakes with chia seeds, banana, blueberries, hi quality of concentrate whey protein and coconut water and i believe that caused me huge anxiety and depression. Every time i consume something science finds anti-depression, i get the opposite effect.

  14. Jesse James HollyWood

    get the whey protein that has all the essential amino acids such as tryptophan and phenelalaline and non essential amino acids such as tyrosine . Tyrosine is synthesized in the body into dopamine which is the reward Neuro transmitter and that one is the one that you feel all the time in your life . Honestly being out in the Sun also helps out with elevating serotonin levels @nd having elevated serotonin levels makes life so beautiful

  15. shashank mR

    mam m suffering from whey protein side effects like depression ,anxiety dizziness , insomnia nd fatty liver my life sucks now please suggest me some tips 😬

  16. Tutoriales Guitarra del Cielo

    Thats what i am trying i thought about the amino acids in it i also take omega 3, choline and l theanine i just started the last 2 and i also started taking SAMe 400mg.

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