Diet For Weight Loss – Drop Keto, Drop Atkins, Drop Paleo! All Diets Have One Thing In Common

because people get personal with you
where you are fed right how’s that rest my recently and I was eating of course
it was a buffet because okay disgusting fat sweater you don’t need all that food
on your plate oh my god what’s good YouTube and returning life gainers and
being overweight is no laughing matter and it can be one of the toughest
challenges you face in your life most people make their New Year’s resolutions
to lose weight that’s why we’re discovering this topic and there’s one
secret all diets have in common and we’ll let you know in this video so what
you don’t gotta go get this surgery done in your stomach if you’re just now
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let’s dive into it good YouTube no.1 are loving out feeling
I’m saying out powerful just damn all everything sex is hell hosts bringing
you guys your life again getting you started in 2018 to help you make those
fitness goals and today we’re talking about what’s the commonality in all
diets and the one simple commonality and no matter what diet you use keto paleo
any of them it don’t matter which one you use if your goal is weight loss the
commonality and all those diets it’s calorie reduction I hate to be the
bearer of bad news there ain’t no hocus-pocus Alamitos it’s
just as simple as that now where it starts to get fine-tuned is
if your specific goal is you want to try to target fat loss then you’re gonna
have to do something that kind of controls your insulin throughout the day
but if your goal is just overall weight loss it’s just calorie counting in and
out it’s just that simple but the problem with that is you need to do
something that is calorie restrictive that is safe for your particular
lifestyle how you train how you rest and when you start talking about that that’s
when you start getting into trouble because some people will have lost
weight eating one meal a day that’s not gonna work for everybody
some people do keto which doesn’t usually work for everybody especially
like a high intensity athlete that’s not gonna work for everybody then you’ve got
paleo which works for some people but you know this whole thing is about
finding the diet that works best for you me personally I do a combination kind of
of Sam Aikido and paleo where I typically keep my cards around 100 to
120 when I’m cutting and I keep my calorie set at a certain level and from
that I mix up after I meet my calorie descriptions for carbs everything else I
get in my calories is gonna be protein and fat healthy fat for the most part
because your weight loss journey is not just simply about getting from point A
to point B it’s also about putting in place a lifestyle switch you don’t
back to the behaviors that got you overweight in the first place that’s the
whole goal of this channel life game so what you’re doing this for life you’re
staying healthy and fit for life and there are a couple of things you’re
going to want to have to help make that process easier and I’ve got some of
those things right here in my kitchen and we’ll take a quick look at them two
of the best devices to make sure you’re getting quality food and reducing
calories will be this Vitamix the best blender on the marketplace it’ll blend
anything you put in it which makes that blending very very easy and the George
Foreman grill or cook any meat you put up there you don’t have to add any extra
oil all of that helps you reduce the overall calorie count of the foods that
you’re putting this here about it and you make them quality foods so guys that
is it there’s no mythologies behind this thing it’s not as hard as you think
you’ve got to try different things in your diet if your goal is trying to lose
weight and the healthiest way to do that is fat reduction and that’s when it
comes into you know what you eat before you go to bed what you eat after you
training and all that but if you’re just getting off the couch like you’ve just
started now I want you to just simply set a calorie restriction and see how
your body adjusts to that over the next two to three weeks calorie restriction I
want you to go work out in the gym and then when you hit that plateau I don’t
want you to become demotivated I want you to come hit me up ask me what you
can do because you set your calories low and now things aren’t working that’s
when you start tweaking your diet with the carbs and all these other various
diet styles to see what’s going to get you the best amount of results from that
point guys time is your best friend when you’re dieting you know oftentimes time
can be a killer in all other areas of life but in dieting the turtle wins the
race time is your friend and I want you guys to do the best you can to get into
a diet that’s going to be something you can adjust into your lifestyle and you
two will ultimately make those great life games that you so richly deserve
that you want and need in 2810 if you want somebody to help you out hit me in
the link below WWF ace book life games oh seven and I do what I can to see what
we can do to help you out you know I’m all about making sure people go through
the transformation that they need I went through a transformation I’m a simple
guy with nothing special about me and you can do it too I believe in you stay
motivated when you feel demotivated watch a video watch something inspiring
that you love to keep you on your quest and you’ll keep making it week to week
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  1. Life Gains Fitness and Health

    With so many diets methods out there, how do you choose which is the best? In this video, we discuss what all diets share in common and what will be best for your needs.

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