[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol Bae Suzy diet (INDO SUB)

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  1. Doofas

    People in the comments be saying that this diet is extreme or that this diet is considered starving
    But I eat like one meal a day or some days I eat nothing

  2. Sulis Cello

    I see all about how Asian families are gonna make u eat……IM HISPANIC.

    my mom literally yelled at me for ordering only rice and French fries -=-

  3. Tara Kyizom

    Asian family one time they be like: lose some weight. Look at the other “Asian girl” she so thin look at you.
    Asian family one time they be like: eat some food. * shoves rice into mouth

  4. C h e n o a h

    No joke this is a very food idea because you are not starving. This is a New lifestyle that promotes healthy food and potion control

  5. liliya Filip

    Как блин они так быстро худеют? Как твою мать. Я ем каждый день по 800 калорий и трачу по 750 калорий и блин за неделю ни грам не похудела. Тваю мать, как????????

  6. sushi 27

    i think this is a good diet , it's not really extream like many other kpop diet , but i personally think eating the same food every day is kinda boring 😅

  7. WHERES MY HAIR ??!!

    I wanna try but every time when I eat a lot my parents will say “wow u eat so little” LIKE WHAT

    KSNXKSNSJSB problems when u have Asian parents

  8. Remî Twilightღ Flåmeheart Lïzkøøk ღ

    I'm starting my REAL diet tomorrow.
    Breakfast: Literally nothing or one piece(anime fans?) of whatever mom cooked for me and my brother.
    Lunch: One spoon of my lunch.
    Dinner: nothing.

    It may seem too much but I have dealt with situations like these before so im used to it.
    And for my age my weight is too much, my sugar level is too much aswell so this is for the best:)

  9. Supriti Rai

    My student life is so intense . I need to take 10 classes continuously from 7 am to 4 pm everyday expect saturday. And self study adds more hours to it😫
    And I need to eat heavy meal so that I can sustain during school hours😅

  10. Chanyeol at 1:44 in Love Shot's MV

    idols diets are never healthy (except for Wonho that dude is legendary), you can't expect to lose weight fast and not gain it back again as fast as u stop, you need to balance your meals and make sure to include all the nutrients ur boody needs.

  11. Thesilverwolfsong

    Okay how. I thought this diet would have lasted over the time span of at least a month, maybe more… but 5 days??!

    How you gonna get an INDENT in your waist after only 5 days??? .-.

    Your waist went from an average waist size, to “oh I just had some noninvasive fat removal work done, Susan”.
    Like seriously, the results are THAT NOTICEABLE

  12. Bla Bla bla

    Woow. This really worked. I lost 2 kg and I didn't work out at all. Actually I adjusted the diet a bit.. instead of sweet potatoes I ate regular potatoes and I skipped the milk because I don't like milk. But it's really good.. I've been on diets since forever that didn't work out. I was quitting half way through because they were kind of stupid. This is a little bit easier. I didn't really starve myself. So, for all of you that want to try it and lose weight pretty fast, that's a good one.
    (Sorry if I made any mistakes.. english is not my native language)

  13. A box full of meme’ s

    Ha ha… ha

    I weigh more than her and im not even a teenager….

    What am i doing with my life….

    Why am i here?…..

    What am i gonna do?…..

  14. Bangtan Blink Lover

    I know this isnt related but….

    Damn did you see jimins actually extreme weight loss? I think its the most extreme diet of all!

  15. tomate am start

    I want to lose weight BUT I live in a german household with four siblings and my parents who think I want to starve myself to death when I say I want to eat healthy smh

  16. african booty scratcher

    Hold on let me try doing a push up
    Edit: tbh I think my rib cage is broken or something. I did it half way and then SLAM my lungs start jiggling and my ribs hurt I think I farted

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