Diet and detox teas can kill you

This video contains a discussion of
dieting, diet teas, and eating disorder behavior- including references to weight
loss and different techniques that people with eating disorders will
sometimes use, including purging disorders. So please keep that in mind.
Hi, this is Ali from Ok2BeFat, and I’ve come here today to talk to you
about diet and detox teas. And why you should not be using them. So, we’re seeing
recently a rise in the amount of dieting, detox, cleanse teas. Teas that are
supposed to be skinny teas. They call them a lot of different things. And
they’re being promoted by very famous celebrities. There’s lollipop versions of
these. All kinds of stuff like that. So what’s the problem with these and why
are they more dangerous than say like an Atkins diet? Which are
concerning and dangerous issues. So the reason why these teas and other forms of
“cleansing”… The reason why they’re a problem, even more than just a regular
calorie reduction… So the issue with the diet teas is that, unlike just regular
calorie restriction– which if you take a look at some of my past videos, like
the video on diet statistics– It’s been proven through many different kinds of
scientific studies, epidemiological studies, studies into animal… multiple
animal studies. Also on different kinds of animals and other kinds of comparison
studies, that any amount of calorie restriction is potentially damaging to
your heart, your cardiovascular system and your blood vessels, which are part of
your cardiovascular system. So just regular diets on their
own… They also increase the stress hormone cortisol, which causes all sorts
of bad issues and outcomes within your body. Increased cortisol is
bad. So we already know that just regular calorie restriction is already a
problem. So there’s that as an issue, but when you… That’s
like a kind of slow motion issue for most people, but when you include the diet teas, these cleanses– the problem with
that, is that we now we’re bringing into the topic, the issue of purging. Because
what is included with the diet teas, what they don’t say, I think, when they’re
selling them to people, is that these are laxatives and diuretics. Laxatives are– I
mean, excuse me for the TMI. Laxatives are to make you poop. Diuretics are to make
you pee. So a lot of what the weight that people are claiming to be lost here,
is just dehydrating yourself essentially, with water. So you’re losing water
through urine, and you’re losing weight I guess through pooping. Excuse me for.. I
mean, but this is what we’re talking about here essentially. So it is a very
old and known type of purging. Not all purging is vomiting. When we’re
talking about the kind of eating disorders that include purging. Laxative
abuse is a form of purging. Over-exercising can also be a form of
purging, so you know be careful with that. But the issue of why that is
especially, especially dangerous is that overuse of laxatives and diuretics cause
an imbalance, or they can deplete electrolytes. So I know you’re all
thinking it like the thing from Idiocracy- “Oh plants. It has what plants need. It
has electrolytes.” So I did it for you. So you don’t have to do it. Electrolytes are
sodium, potassium, magnesium- are the main ones that we’re talking about here.
What happens if you don’t have enough potassium in your body
is potassium… Why are they called… Because they’re called electrolytes, right?
Because they conduct electrical impulses. Your heart beats off of that electrical
impulse, so if you don’t have enough potassium inside of your body, your heart
will not beat and you will die. And that is the main and most dangerous problem with
the diet teas as they’re being sold. I do not believe people are being told that
they are intensely strong laxatives. If you… Teas especially are dangerous. Going
back to 1995, there have been lawsuits against manufacturers of diet teas because
people have died. People who were fine. People who did not have any kind of
heart issues. Generally women in their teens and 20s. And
they just died in their sleep because they took these diet teas for too long.
They took them too strong. If you steep… Because the tea’s like… The amount
of the herb that we’re talking about here is called senna, and if it steeps
too long in the in the hot water then you end up getting a much more higher
dose of the laxative then is allowable or recommended by the FDA. But the
problem with that is the diet manufacturers can be like- ‘oh well, you
know, we told them not to steep it that long’. And ever since… So the FDA was
overtaken in the 1990s and laws were passed in that herbal supplements
are basically regulated… They’re just not regulated at all. And so very harmful
things can be sold, things can be sold that are not even what their labeled as.
And there’s very little recourse. Even the FDA really can’t do very much.
Because of laws- you can thank Orrin Hatch for that, because he’s the guy that
spearheaded that. So basically I just wanted to say with this, is that even if
you’re not ready to get off the dieting merry-go-round. You really still
want to try to lose weight. You know, I encourage you to try to
watch some of my other videos and see what you think about it after
the science. Please do not use diet teas. Because they’re
dangerous. Don’t do purging or eating disorder techniques to yourself. Once you
have developed an eating disorder, that is a problem that’s very difficult to
fix. It’s not impossible, but it becomes a problem not only of food
and appetite, but it becomes a problem of your mental state. And you know,
I have struggled with this as an issue, and I really don’t wish that on
anyone. And so I would really just encourage you to not fuck around with
laxatives and diuretics. If I could encourage you a hundred percent, I
would encourage you to not do diets. If you want to go to the gym, you
should go to the gym. And if you want to eat more vegetables, you should eat more
vegetables. You should just do things that make your body feel good, and
then not worry if you’re five, ten pounds lighter than you were.
Because the exercise is its own reward. You know, feeling better,
feeling stronger- if those are things that are important to you, you can do
that without having to be constantly obsessed with a number. You can
set goals that don’t have to do whether or not your weight goes up or
down. You can decide that you want to run a race. Or you can decide that…
whatever your priorities are, you can make those priorities not
weight dependent. And that is what I would recommend for you, if you’re
looking for recommendations. But I just… In the most strongest terms, I would say
to you– look into laxatives overuse and death, because that is a thing
that can happen. This stuff is not a joke, and
people have been dying from this for for decades. And so it’s really
disturbing to see this come back around again as something that’s really popular.
And just, I would wish even more pushback than we’re
seeing. Because we’re seeing some pretty good push back against the celebrity
endorsements of this stuff, where people are like- ‘Oh and the diet culture and it’s
bad.’ And that stuff is good, but I would like to add on top of that, that diet teas
are deadly, potentially. They’re potentially deadly. And so just be
very careful. Be very strong in your opposition to this kind of stuff. And
I just don’t want you to die from laxatives, because that’s that would be
really bad. And it’s not worth that, I think. And yeah, that’s
kind of what I wanted to say. I just wanted to do some, you know, quick and
dirty video, just to say diet teas can kill you, if that’s not
something that you knew. Let me know what you think in the comments. Please
like and subscribe this video. It really helps people to get to see the work. And
I appreciate it, and thanks very much.

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  1. EllyTheKnight

    Shared on my FB and Twitter. Thanks for making a video on this. I cringe every time someone I know says they're trying one of these things.

  2. TheShamefulNarcissist

    I didn’t know over exercising was a purging behavior until recently. I’ve only ever lost weight through high restriction and over exercising…and of course I was praised for it.

  3. L.

    Thank you for talking about this. I wish I'd had access to work like yours 15 years ago. The (edit: long term, permanent) damage intentional weight loss does can never be overestimated.

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