desayuno en 2 minutos|Banana chia mocha smoothie| manapola

the ingredients are two tablespoon oats, two bananas milk I suggest almond or coconut milk but you can use any two teaspoon of cocoa two teaspoon of instant coffee already dissolved in hot water two tablespoon of chia seeds dissolved in milk you can do the mix the night before or a few hours before doing the smoothie so it will be more dense and two datiles this is optional but I recommended if you want a more sweet smoothie mocha you can check the thickness if it is to thick you can put a little more milk this one is perfect this one is on point not too thick not to liquid it is done look at this delicious excellence for breakfast it gives you energy protein and also for before and after workout good for an intense workout it is really good it really taste delicious i hope you do it as well remember to subscribe and thank you to the ones that are already part of my channel give me a LIKE if you enjoy the video see you next week have a wonderful wonderful week everyone God bless, enjoy!

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