David’s 28-day Fast to Eliminate Lipomas (create overall better health) -Tanglewood Wellness Center

hice Loren Lockman from the Tanglewood Wellness Center I’m here today with my friend David from normally David how are you today I’m great I’m gonna leave him alone yeah you’ve been here now how long I’ve been here for 28 days water fasting and then refeed for ten days okay so you’ve been here for five plus weeks just over five weeks right and take it off a little early to go do some sightseeing yeah good you’re feeling good aren’t you feel amazing so so tell everybody that’s that’s a long time you fasted for four weeks why did you do that and what’s happened for you well I’m in a couple of years ago I started getting smaller comas on my shoulders okay and I’ve also got some diplomas during over my breast and just tiny tiny lipomas and they’re not dangerous in any way but I started getting so many and the doctors didn’t know why I was getting them and every signal particular reason why some people get a lot of lymphomas and they have medicine has no way to get rid of no you can try to cut them out if they get too big right then you create you know more damaged tissue and more lymphomas so again if your your upper body was covered with them yeah those shoulders chest yeah arms and so I had many stall of them and if I pulled my skin you could kind of see them yeah and for people who may be watching this who don’t know what is it lipoma a lipoma is like a fatty tumor okay so it’s a little fatty deposit yeah its fatty deposit okay some people think people who get a lot of them they get kind of a blood vessel and kind of leaks out some of the bad material underneath food instead of taking the time to get another buddy right so you kind of making inflammation so people get a lot of diplomas they’re supposed to yeah not to eat anything that gives you inflammation right a fruit diet would be pretty good but that’s pretty much what you’ve been doing before you got here right no I was eating pizza and drinking beer today before I got it okay it was good so so what shifted for you well a lot of things you know we get these daily classes for you where you learn so much about nutrition and health that you’ve never even thought about and I was kind of mine opening and then you get really connected with your body because you’re here in silence for so long and there is not so much pulling your leg in each direction so you get a lot of things a time to think but by the way before we scare people sought your silence any silence was self-impose yes I mean there are there other people fasting we there were about 10 people here while you were here yeah it was actually not that silent because we were talking off but but there was the opportunity to go off to a corner of the property where there was nobody sure you wanted do you want to yeah and if you kind of felt with it you know wait one day you just went into your bed and read a book or went into the hammer I think I stayed for the ham Michael many hours a day you you spent about three weeks without moving out of a hammock yeah well I just spent like I went to I like the office which is over there right and work and then back to the hop and you were to every day didn’t you yeah now you came here you you’re the CEO of a company you have a big project going on yeah and in order for you to be able to do this you needed to be able work yeah if I didn’t have any good internet connection activity because I had to be connected to my team every night right so but it was brilliant because you have so much time to think so I was very focused on my tasks every day right so when we were doing Skype meetings we did it very effectively and we actually made a much better project when I was here because if we simplify things and we’ve worked very true all the details so I’m happy and how much time would you say that you spent working each day some days was way too long like nine hours I don’t know amend that yeah and I was very tired and I got sticking up fever so you use your brain too much yeah don’t do that and I really want to rest as much as possible yeah so if I’m going to do this again um I will never work more than like an hour a day but I have to do that I had to do that this time right and you’re you’re a very busy guy now if you’re going too fast again you’ve you’ve been talking about fashion again yeah so when you when you do this again you’ll you’ll do a little differently yeah got it okay and I will also eat fruits before it falls because I had a lot of you know junk food junk in my trunk but I got everything and I could kind of feel that that was not good and still you saw some pretty amazing shifts energy so aside from the lipomas some of them disappearing some of them softening tremendously dramatically what what else what are there specific changes have you seen well I don’t have to sleep ten like nine nine hours the ten hours then still be sleeping and I my energy up to six seven hours I feel what I’m just arrested okay I don’t have to eat this much as before okay of course my mind it’s so strange I feel it’s that you feel such strict clarity yeah it’s I feel like I’m almost like thirteen again and you’re like running around and your body has snow you know I’ve been walking to the mountains everyday right and I don’t have any everyday while repeating yeah every day what yeah wouldn’t be working at it not faster no okay I just feel enormous like I have this enormous amount energy yeah I haven’t had in many many years well and tell everyone how old you are I’m 28 but when I came here everybody thought it was 35 have you some people pick up like not my twenties again yeah it’s true you you look amazing there’s been a significant shift you obviously lost a lot of weight yeah you cleaned a lot of old material out of your system you know a lot of people tell me and I hear this online all the time they don’t believe there’s a lot of old stuff in the system Oh God based on that again you’ve seen because at this point you know we’re finishing up we’re actually a couple days over the session and there’s only a couple of you three of you here now I think you vote there’s only one person who’s here now Maria everyone else you’ve seen eliminate a bunch of old material haven’t you yeah every single person you know what that was like the number one subject because there were a lot of people here and we’re all young and all had their own things going on yeah and there was one subject that everybody was talking about over and over again and that was movement in their battle system and everybody was trying to get that this old stuff yeah but it took a lot of time yeah but when it was out it was right I got looked around a bit we’re not the only classroom setting you looked around why did you come to Tanglewood yes that’s a good one I will seeing this documentary that’s an ID for our safe channel in Norway and and the head is documentary about fasting as a cure and I was taking modest that’s strange yeah yeah starving yourself right health it’s stupid you know sounds stupid when you say bland I forgot I starve all the time and why hey to go and start exactly that’s stupid yeah and I saw the documentary I was like a sister to keep it at all this is very smart and they had actually been doing science and vision in Russia where they based almost all the other country for over 50 years and everybody just went to this water fasting clinic sorry asses in cancer whatever they just day their body heals itself now that is a strange that it also showed signs from America where they put some rats on fasting with cancer and they gave them you know all the different cancer medicine they didn’t react and then you had offs and rats to paint and they just died from the same dose so the body kind of had this strange ability to to take every DNA and every cell in the body and make it into a protective mode when I was a waterfall and then eliminating and heating up and just taking away all the toxins and all the bad stuff in the body yeah and I thought I was amazing I thought if it can do that to cancer it should be huge okay to do that with some fatty humors some lymphomas right and other stuff you know I’ve smoked for ten years and I thought oh you know I have a big cancerous yeah so it would be great to khana – the complete plans okay and so that’s that’s why you decided to fast the first place why did you decide to come to Tanglewood and did you make a good choice yes I checked a lot of different clinics and I checked your videos on YouTube and talk to you of course and I thought he chose is pretty obvious I didn’t want to sit in a cold Freesat desert forest in Russia with somebody not an angry Russian woman I wanted to have the tropical you know and a relaxing beautiful place but also wanted somebody who had thousands of people who have done this stuff so if I run into any problems I want to talk with somebody professional who will be there yeah every hour of the day I wouldn’t want anybody to leave so be ignited and okay Mira now I’m so happy with that good okay well listen it’s been a real pleasure I appreciate your time today it’s been wonderful having you here I look forward to being in touch and hopefully seeing you again soon yes not soon but you know well right soon enough not next one No maybe next year maybe like take okay thank you you

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Reader Comments

  1. onyomi

    Hi Loren, thank you for all the fascinating info on fasting and nutrition.

    I was wondering if you could make a video at some point talking about your experience with fasting and eye health. I have heard some report that fasting can improve vision, maybe even reverse myopia in some cases, but I don't know anyone who actually reports doing this.

    Personally, I have a lot of "floaters" (cellular debris inside the eye that appears as dark, moving blobs), a hole in my retina caused by retinal thinning (lattice degeneration), and severe myopia. I tried a five-day fast on my own, and while I saw some good benefits in terms of digestion and improvement in an old back injury, I haven't yet noticed any difference with the eyes. Have you known anyone who experienced improvement in such conditions as a result of fasting?

  2. Vidi AugraFree

    Loren, PLEASE talk to us about DRY FASTING (without water). Various sources claim that a day of dry fasting is "worth three days of water fasting." Your thoughts, please. Also, your opinion on enemas/colonics would be very appreciated.

  3. Loren Lockman

    Ripe Apple, most people — even those who are very lean — can usually go at least 6 weeks.  Feel free to PM to discuss your specific situation.  We often fast people who are underweight because the inability to put on healthy weight usually suggests an assimilation issue, and these are best handled via fasting.

  4. Stef Ask

    Loren, when you talk about the 'old stuff' that is eliminated on an extended fast, would you say that includes one's gut flora. I understand the weight of flora is 1-2kg, and constitutes up to 60% of feces. When on an extended fast, I presume most of the flora dies, and would eventually be eliminated.

  5. Smark Shillington, DFCO

    How much water do you recommend? I would like to do this at home, and drink only distilled water or water purified using reverse osmosis.

    Any suggestions? I cannot afford something like this, but I need to do this.

  6. James Martin Curwain

    Great Video well done.  He looks grreat.    Im thinking of doing a fasting water for 5 days what would i get on a cale of 1 to 10 low high   would i get in benefits  ,,,,,,,,,,,  Cheers

  7. jamestreet

    How many Tumours did David have. How many disappeared and how many just softened. How much weight did he loose.

    Is there any before and after photos of the improvements? 

  8. therealbettyjane

    I have lipomas all through my body also….found this video interesting….
    I've had several cut out, and they will shrink with fat reduction in the diet….
    Thank you for posting.

  9. justinchang713

    @Loren Lockman does this truly work? I have been searching for a nonsurgical cure for a while now for my multiple lipomas. Please help me.

  10. rami hani

    Hey i have 7 lipomas in my body and that make me feel sad and worried … you think fasting could eleminate them from my body? How many hours should i fast? Wht food shouldn't eat ? Thank you

  11. Pradhyumna Gupta

    I have the exact same situation and keep getting boils/acnes on my scalp.

    Does water fasting mean drinking only water for many days? If yes, how many days do you recommend?

  12. Felicia Dooley

    Hi Im 35 and I have an Auto Imune Disease Systemic Sclerosis. I work and eat once a day veg/fruit if I fasted for 28 days would I heal my body? Guidance please. I just pulled cartlidge from my knee and a gaping hole.

  13. Rachna888

    if you going to do testimony , or interview like this, why not show before and after , why just show after result when guy looks good and you cant see any improvement from before

  14. Subhan Khan

    Hey Loren sir…I am 21 and I have multiple lipomas in my hands and legs and they let me down sometimes…plz plz help me and guide me as i am from India it is impossible for me to come to cista Rica at this period of time….so plz help me on some social networking site ..plz

  15. Jun Herrera

    sir, my mother has a 10 mm lipoma on her kidney area, she just had it CT scan, all organs are normal, except for that lipoma. she is getting fat also which I know that's one of the reasons why she develop such lipoma. she's 60 yes old by the way. So if fasting will get rid of lipomas, will this work just for taking water only? or maybe you can recommend a vegetable diet so that body will just crave enough with little fasting. Cause immediate fasting might cause serious problems on her health. so I'm thinking if a vegetable soup with little rice will do every meal. I'm thinking she won't get full by eating more, but just enough for her stomach to have something to absorb. I've heard papayas and lemons are great also … so u think this things I've mentioned are ok for the whole period of one month? please reply sir. ty.

  16. Jan Tkachuk

    Oh wow … I'm FULL of painful lipomas, mostly in my back. So glad I came across this video. Now I'm going to do some research on your wellness center! Thank you so much!

  17. Bad Jaeaux

    rest cures almost everything if not all … " Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil this will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones " – Solomon Son of David King of Israel

  18. Pamela Kelly

    I have so many lipomas' I have lost count. I have them all over my ribs, spine, hips, knees, ankles, neck, chest, shoulders, thighs, forehead and head. There is lots of pain involved in the first 2 to 3 yrs of growth. I have had some removed in thighs that affected my circulation. My surgeon and his assistant freaked out when the surgeon cut open enough tissue to allow the lipoma to burst out like something in the movie Alien. There was these tiny growths like long roots growing off the lipoma.

    I would like to say that I did a juicing cleanse after watching the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which was a documentary. I used the juicing recipe from the movie. Which was if I recall, granny smith apple, celery, kale, cucumber and ginger. I lost 67lbs in 10 weeks. The reason I am sharing is because my lipoma tumors melted away…. I was pain free in my knees, back issues and arthritis in my hands. My family doctor couldn't believe the amazing results. She asked for all the information and informed me to continue doing what I was…. well enough said I stopped the juicing and fell back into the cramp eating….

    I can honestly say the healthiest thing I ever did for myself was juicing those 10 weeks in the 54 yrs of my life…. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed… It isn't easy but the work is so worth the benefits…. You will wake up with the desire for your mean green juice…..

    Best of luck on your health quests….

  19. Stefanius Paralvicius

    Cheers for the video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Mackorny Destroy Tumor Blueprint (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind product for getting rid of lipoma lumps minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got astronomical results with it.

  20. Amir nadarević

    i have so many lipomas and here in my country must pay for take them out..im so desperate i wering long shitrs in summer peple think im a junky that i cover needle marrks..im so desperate i stop working out coas im ashame of this bumps heeelp meeee

  21. Yanko Georgiev

    cannot believe how ignorant the human race got to be, believing in such bullshit and scam artist . people wake up and do your research please. stop being so dumb and putting money into the pockets of people like this

  22. Yanko Georgiev

    people out of hope will fall for anything . please do not be so ignorant do a medical research that is available for all just a few clicks away in internet and do not fall for this type of scam artists making millions and living in luxury with the money from desperate ill people.

  23. Álex SanzCh

    I'm on a ketogenic diet and the lipomas in my body have lost their mass significantly. In some cases, they're 50-70% smaller than they were 45 days before I started the diet.

  24. atef mohamed

    Excellent Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you tried – Mackorny Destroy Tumor Blueprint (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for getting rid of lipoma lumps minus the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got astronomical success with it.

  25. Furyy Night

    Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried – Mackorny Destroy Tumor Blueprint (do a search on google)? It is a good one off product for getting rid of lipoma lumps minus the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend after many years got cool results with it.

  26. Richie Abing

    Thanks for the video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched – Mackorny Destroy Tumor Blueprint (just google it)? It is an awesome one off product for getting rid of lipoma lumps without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker finally got cool success with it.

  27. nanakji7

    I have many lipomas especially in my stomach region, when I eat healthy for a 8-12 weeks and drink plenty of water they significantly reduce in size and some even disappear. When I eat fast foods, sugary food and drink alcohol they appear and feel bigger and even hurt a little. Dieting definitely helps

  28. Kemar Spencer

    Holy shit this actually works, am on day 4 of my water fast, and a couple lipomas under mi breast have completely vanished, the hundreds on my arms have shrieked, am not bullshiting anyone when I say this works, why this works well because after a couple days without food your body starts to burn fast as its source of energy instead of carbs, seeing that lipomas are made up of fat, then your body will use I to supply energy to your body, thus reducing there size and ultimately vanishing then. This is not a scam am a real individual who have experienced positive results due to water fasting, u should try it besides you have nothing to loose

  29. Yohannan

    I have few lipomas,on my neck,and I was thinking about fasting,even though im pretty slim, i do have a lot of fat obviously,i have around 80kg and i am around 184 cm…

  30. dontaskme

    Dry fast will tighten your skin, water fasting will leave them lose for some people. One day of dry fast is equal to 3 days of water fast.

  31. Sourav Ghosh

    Hi loren, could you please tell me how much weight did these gentleman lose ? and also how much can a 90 kgs man hope to lose in a 21 day fast?

  32. Oil of Olaz A

    Muslims dry fast every year 30 days! In the west now it is trending One Thousand Four Hundred Years later

    Voluntarily, Muslims can fast:.
    – every other day,
    – every month 13th,14th, and 15th
    – every Monday and Thursday


  33. Jai Bhavaya

    This was hear as I work remotely, but it is impossible for me to take off a month from work to fast. It's nice to know that's a possibility.

  34. Alexander Chance

    Yes one day I will come Loren! To paradise!! The place in Russia is chilly but it's so sad we could have cured so many people if it wasn't for the Soviet Union … doctors are so corrupt now it's too late for them to learn..or is it?

  35. I Berry

    Mr Lockman, how many days are required for fasting in order to get rid of the lipomas? I guess that maybe depends on their size? I have a fist sized one on my back.

  36. Live Fully

    Why don't you share the secret of getting rid of the old junk via bowel movement??? Coffee enemeas… usual enemas or salt water flush or simply hydrating (& no secret left behind; businessman mindset you know).

  37. Sean Braasch

    Can a strict intermittent fasting schedule 20:4 for example cause autophagy and reduce lipomas. I just saw a dr and he felt a fatty lump in my armpit region and he immediately lost any concern. Said less than 1 when I asked 1-10 for a concern level. I had my blood checked and all levels were normal. I now feel it may be causing discomfort due to its location. Im not sure if I should have it removed or try a fast first? I am pretty lean but went on a good 2 month post vacation binge and probably put on a good 3-4 pounds of fat

  38. vinod nalla

    Suggest me what types Of fruits and vegetables i have to eat after fasted for 28days sir (I'm suffering from more than 50 lipomas )

  39. From Fat To Fasting

    ive recently been diagnosed with a lipoma… only coming through because of my 100lbs weight loss. there is no more layer of fat surrounding it so its getting painful. I'm a regular faster, currently on my 13th fast…. hopefully it will help me too. david looks like he feels great!

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