Correct These 10 Mistakes And You’ll Lose Weight Drastically

The difficulty level of the weight loss game
varies from person to person. Some might wanna achieve it for better health
while some want it just for the gram. Most of the time as we proceed with weight
loss, the pace of scales numbers going down goes down too. But is it always a natural slowdown? Or are you making a grave mistake? Today we will be counting down 10 such common
mistakes which might be slowing you down in your weight loss marathon. Nope, we aren’t leaving you right there. We’ll also be giving you the best tips to
help you break through it. Just like a true Bestie! Mistake Number 1: The Invisible Loss If there is a loss, there are gains too. This is a fact one must remember while trying
to burn fat. On the basis of hormonal levels, food and
water intake, body’s weight fluctuates. It is absolutely normal to not see a change
in your scale number. Nopes, checking it 10 times isn’t gonna
change anything unless your scale is faulty. At times one might be gaining muscle mass
while losing fat. This can end up looking like no net loss. But in reality, you aren’t just realizing
your progress. See, you have been cursing yourself for no
reason. Therefore, it is recommended to use parameters
such as body fat percentage instead of body weight to understand your progress. So even if you see a loss plateau, don’t
snap at your trainer. Just trust the process. Mistake Number 2: Unawareness “Ahh! I worked out for a good 1 hour. I must have burned so many calories. Meh, this one slice of cheesecake will not
do anything.” And that’s how so many healthy regimes have
been broken. Being unaware of what you are putting in your
body can nullify all your efforts. There are studies to prove that keeping track
of your diet can help you lose weight faster. To do so, you can use Calorie Calculators
to get an estimate of your calorie intake. Using food diaries and taking pictures of
your meals can be helpful too. Moreover, it’ll give you a valid justification
for spending a good 15 minutes just clicking on your food. Mistake Number 3: The Incomplete Diet
As important as it is to track your meals, it is important to make sure your meals have
everything you need. Single most important macromolecule body needs
for weight loss is Protein. Yes, forget muscle building, we are talking
about its need in just weight loss alone. You can boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories
per day by just consuming protein at 25-30% calories. So in a way, you are bringing down what you
need by extracting more from what you are eating. Smart choice, right? It helps in controlling the urge to munch
on snacks every now and then. High protein intake helps in regulating appetite
hormones, such as Ghrelin. It also prevents a metabolic shutdown, keeping
your weight loss bicycle rolling in the deep. Mistake Number 4: Starvation
“Dieting” is a word our generation is seemingly obsessed with. The first mistake we pointed out was an invisible
loss. But be aware that there might not be any loss
happening at all and THAT’S ALRIGHT! At times hitting a plateau just means that
you need a break. Constantly putting a strain on yourself by
being too restrictive is harmful too. Once you reach such a stage, try maintaining
your body fat levels for a few months. This can be later followed by weight loss-aimed
workouts. There is a sweet spot one needs to hit between
going overboard with eating habits and starving. Finding it difficult to do so? Watch our video on “10 Foods To Eat On A
Weight Loss Diet” linked down below to decide the best weight loss diet for yourself. We have a small tip for you. The best approach is to increase the calorie
intake per day and burn what you take. This way it’ll be translated in the form
of constructive gains and you’ll keep going up, with nothing stopping you. Mistake Number 5: Binge Eating
Well, just because there’s nothing stopping you don’t think binge eating is fine. When taken in small amounts, even eating a
lot feels like barely grabbing a snack. It doesn’t matter whether you are binge
munching on healthy options or junk. Your body doesn’t give step-motherly treatment
to calories coming from any source. It is an absolute myth that eating small meals
many times a day is healthy. The one who came up with it wanted to ruin
everyone’s diet plans. What an awful person. According to studies, there is in fact little
to no relation between meal frequencies and weight loss. You can instead opt for techniques such as
“Mindful Eating” and “Intermittent fasting”. The first technique requires you to eat without
distractions. No music in the background and no ‘Friends’
episode playing. Savour each bite you take. This isn’t important just from the enjoyment
angle but it helps your brain too. With no distraction, your natural signals
help your brain understand how much is enough. This method can help you curb your binge eating
habits. Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, involves
deliberate no food intake periods of up to 15-24 hours. Sounds like a lot? Ahem. So is eating 15 times a day in small amounts. We know what you’re thinking…“Who, me!?”. Oh we’ve heard about your eating habits. Mistake Number 6: The Unbalanced Workout
Weight loss discussions are incomplete without describing what an ideal workout should look
like. Why? Because this is the area we make major mistakes
in. Overdoing one type of exercise and completely
neglecting the other one is a common mistake. Resistance training such as lifting weights
should make up a major part of your sweating hours. This helps maintain muscle mass, while keeping
the body well-toned. Cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling
and swimming on the other hand increase your heart rate. This is an effective way of burning the harmful
visceral fat building around your organs. A higher heart rate also pumps more oxygen-rich
blood to cells. This is the second area after the diet you
must find a balance in. A little of everything is the key to the perfect
workout. Mistake Number 7: Wrong Fluid Intake
Taking what we don’t need and leaving what we do. I guess this is the mantra we apply to all
areas of our lives, including our diet. Let’s talk about something we all need,
water. The undefeated warrior in the battle against
weight loss. Studies have proven that consuming 17 ounces
of water 30 minutes before meals can significantly boost your weight loss. It can boost calorie burning by 24-30%. But we did say we take what we don’t need. Remember? Let’s talk about your love for Alcohol. We aren’t going to demonize it. But just accept it, sugary alcoholic beverages
such as wine and beer is a big ‘no’ when weight loss is what you are aiming for. Let’s forget the sugar it has for a second. Alcohol itself contains 7 calories per gram. Ahem. But, if it is something you absolutely want
on a weekend, kindly stick to drinks such as Vodka mixed with Zero-Calorie beverages. That’s the max we can allow you! No more negotiations! Mistake Number 8: Being Nocturnal
Humans need sleep during night time. Say that 10 times over and let it sink in. If that doesn’t help, maybe have it as your
phone’s wallpaper. Poor sleep cycles are proven to be among the
biggest risk factors for obesity. You have above 55% to 89% greater risk of
becoming obese than that girl, Rebecca, who sleeps on time. Nope, being a social butterfly till 2 AM isn’t
gonna help your summer body goals. So stop saying, “Thank you, Next” to all
your plans of sleeping well. Yeah, that applies to you too Ariana, in case
you are watching. Mistake Number 9: Undiagnosed Medical Conditions
Yeah, such cases do exist. Medical conditions driving weight gain do
go unnoticed. There are various conditions such as hypothyroidism,
polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and sleep apnea. In such cases, either the condition itself
or the medications can make weight loss way harder than normal. Certain food addictions can also be a hurdle
in the way. About 19.9% of people in North American and
Europe were classified as Food Addicts in a 2014 study. Looks like President Trump isn’t the only
one with insane food habits. If you deem yourself fitting in the criteria
of any of the above-mentioned conditions. We, then you aren’t fit. We advise you to seek medical attention. Mistake Number 10: Unrealistic Expectations
In every fitness video we make, setting unrealistic bars is a mistake we always point out. No machine has 100% efficiency and capacity
to work perpetually. Same is your body. Setting your goals equivalent to magazine
cover’s fitness models isn’t fair. No, we aren’t demotivating you. We are just telling the truth that Photoshop
doesn’t work in real life. Weight loss is a gradual process and needs
patience. Persistence is the key, no matter which diet
plan or celebrity trainer you follow. If you have reached a healthy point and your
scale doesn’t seem to go any lower, stop putting more strain. Now that you have achieved it with your hard
work, it’s time to focus on the scale of self-acceptance. The scale that should go only one way, higher! Do you think weight loss hacks work or there
is no shortcut to losing those extra pounds? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  3. chrissie hopkins

    Be kind and patient with yourself when working out , or else you won't want to do it, I've been doing 1-3 mile power walk with Tai-chi in my lounge. The only major diet change I did, was cut down on the junk food, (I refuse to remove it altogether). I like to change the workout up and that's easy to do online, forget expensive gym memberships if you are just trying to lose weight for health. In just under 3 months, I was amazed to see some real results. Oh and I don't recommend weighing yourself either. Your loose clothing will tell you ALL you need to know xxx

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