Cooking Keto with Kristie: KeDough pizza

Hi, one of the biggest challenges of going
low-carb is to have really good pizza. Now if you go online and
start looking at Pinterest you’re going to see literally
hundreds of pizza crust recipes made with cauliflower,
pork rinds, almond flour and even the very famous
fathead pizza dough, which uses a combination of almond flour,
melted mozzarella cheese and cream cheese. Well we have a nut-free pizza crust that I really think is actually
a little bit better than fathead pizza and a whole lot easier. Let me show you what I’ve come up with,
it’s super, super simple. We’re going to start with a half cup
of whey protein isolate. Now I said whey protein isolate. Remember I use this because the isolate
has the casein and the lactose removed. so it’s lower carbohydrate. I have a couple of brands I prefer,
Hoosier Hill Farm is great and Isopure is really my favorite,
that’s what I’m using today. So Isopure is zero carb,
it doesn’t have the sweeteners that are often added
to unflavored protein powders. Jay Robb is another excellent brand. Just be careful with whatever you get
that the ingredients are fairly clean and you want whey protein isolate. Okay, half cup of Isopure unflavored…
we deal with unflavored this time. To that I’m going to add 2 ounces
of cream cheese really simple. So well, this is not free,
it isn’t dairy free. We’re also going to add 3 ounces
of shredded mozzarella cheese. And you know that if you shred
your own you can often avoid the food starches that are added
to the packaged cheeses. And this is Parmesan cheese,
3 ounces of Parmesan cheese grated. So 3 ounces mozzarella,
3 ounces Parmesan. Notice I’m not putting anything
in the microwave or on top to melt that. We’re just mixing it altogether. In fact, I don’t even need to mix it now. We throw the other ingredients in. These are all seasonings. Add a half teaspoon of granulated garlic,
this is garlic powder. If you don’t like garlic you can
certainly use less, I love this stuff. This is a half teaspoon
of baking powder. Remember the difference between
baking powder and baking soda. Baking soda needs an acid
to activate it. So this is baking powder and
you want to get an aluminum free. If you’re careful with the ingredients
this is one half teaspoon of salt… and the cheeses can make it salty
so if you’re using a saltier cheese you might want to leave that until the end
and taste the dough before you add the salt. This is a half teaspoon
of Italian seasoning. I probably would add a full teaspoon
if I was making it for my family, but not everybody loves these flavors. I’m going to add 2 tablespoons
of olive oil and that’s… Oh, one egg, that’s it. So one large egg. And my cream cheese has been
sitting at room temperature. I did that so that it would soften and so it does mix a little more easily
when you do that. Now I have made this pizza
start to finish in 30 minutes and that is faster than delivery
around my house. I am taking a little longer
because I’m talking, but this is something that I really think you
could easily make on a work or school night. We always look for fast
at my house on a weeknight. It also is simple enough that
you could make a couple of batches at a time and you can freeze the crust
to use for future use. Now this crust, I’ll describe it to you,
it’s bread like. It can seem a little dry
if you are eating it without any sauce, but once you put your sauce on there
it’s really delicious. I think you can make breadsticks with it
and you can actually pick it up. So I’m excited about it, I have to admit,
there are few recipes I get excited about. This crust is one of them because it’s so difficult to make
a really yummy low-carb crust. I mean let’s face it, there wouldn’t be hundreds of recipes
out on Google and Pinterest if there was one that was
really, really perfect. So I think the fact that
there’s so many variations is that nobody has really found
one they really, really love. This crust is actually special enough. Now I’ve invited a special guest
to come a little later on and try out this pizza crust. And I think you’ve might recognize him
a little later when he comes to join me. Okay, our dough is done, it’s come together
and you can see it’s in a bowl. So what you can do now is
you could put this on a round pizza stone. Now I always use parchment paper,
because the dough is a little sticky. So you could bake it as one round pizza. For this recipe I usually get
one 11 inch pizza. It bakes up to about 12 inches
in diameter. But what I am going to do,
because I don’t know about your family, but in my family everybody
has a different favorite pizza topping. So I’m going to portion this into four. So I’ll put a dollop of dough there. I will put another fourth of dough there. I’ll do another half of the half here. And generally what happens
if I’ve divided it evenly I am able to do four 5 inch rounds. Now they are 5 inches in diameter
when I smooth them out. And then they are about 6 inches
in diameter after they bake. I add some more to that guy. And notice, I’m not really having
to get my fingers in here. I did that just to clean the spoon. But this whole recipe you can make
just by using the back of the spoon. I’m using a wooden spoon,
but you could use a spatula. I’m giving you that diameter,
the 5 inches in diameter, as a general guide so you will know how flat to make it. Obviously most people aren’t going to measure,
but people ask me how thick it should be. It’s really a little more
than a quarter inch thick. And if you’re following me in centimeters
I can’t help you, I’m so sorry. So then we’ll do the second one. I often make a rectangular pizza
and then I just separate toppings. So for example my husband and I
really love bell pepper and so I put a long strip of bell pepper and that’s kind of a dividing line
between our toppings. He likes jalapenos,
so I will put jalapenos on his side and on my side I like a lot of Italian
sausage, so I will put more Italian sausage. Another thing I like about smoothing
these out into four rounds is that there is some portion control. Now we’re going to put these
in the oven at 350° and the smaller ones are going
to bake for about 15 to 20 minutes. Now I’m not putting toppings on them,
I am putting them in just as they are. Once they get nice and brown
you pull them out, put your toppings on, put them back in and keep in mind
that how long you’re going to bake for that second time
once you put the toppings on, is going to depend on how much
or how many toppings you put. So for my pizza I love to put
the pepperoni, and the sausage, and the onion, and bell pepper,
and lots of mozzarella, so it might take 10, 12 minutes
for my pizza to be done. Somebody like my son Jonathan,
who only wants cheese, we could sprinkle some tomatoes, or put some
tomatoes and sprinkle some cheese on top, put it in the oven and his is probably
going to be done in 5 to 7 minutes. So that second bake time
just keep an eye on it because it’s going to vary
by topics and your taste. Now this is done, these four are
all pretty much the same size, they are about five inches in diameter,
they would bake out to be about six. So let’s put them in the oven
and then we’ll see what we have. So we have
all of our pizza toppings ready and as I mentioned before we have
a special guest helping us make dinner, to try out the new crust
that I’ve been making. Hi. I’m so excited to have Dr. Eric Westman
here helping make pizza. So what do you think
of the dough so far? Well looks great and smells great.
Can we give it a try? We can but we’ve got work to do,
so we’ve got to make pizza first. Have you ever made a pizza before? Not like this. This is different and if you’ve tried, you’ve
tried a lot of low-carb pizzas, I’m sure… I’ve tried different times the crusts
with pork rinds, fat head, chicken… How is this one made? This is very different and I can tell you
about it as I kind of get started. I’m going to put some tomato sauce on it,
but this looks kind of different. What I love about this is
it’s very low carbohydrate. It actually uses whey protein isolate. And what I understand is that
whey protein isolate is a really good option, because the isolate has
the casein and the lactose removed, -Are you familiar with that?
-Yeah, I am. So whey protein isolate,
and I use a brand named Isopure. So zero total carbohydrate
in the protein powder. It also has mozzarella cheese,
only 3 ounces in the entire recipe and then 3 ounces of Parmesan cheese, because I know for your patients
you have them with dairy… How many ounces per day? So at the beginning, yes, not much. It’s more like 4 ounces of cheese and
a couple of tablespoons of cream. And so there is 6 ounces of cheese
in this entire recipe. So if I had one of these servings
I’m probably okay, right? -Yeah, absolutely.
-I like that. Eric, if you want to put sauce on there. Are you not going to make it for me? I can make one, and you can make one,
just put tomato sauce. Okay, deal. Now, tomato sauce you want to be careful with,
because tomatoes are carby, right? Yeah. So I put a lot on for me,
I put a lot on that one, but that is just tomato sauce without a lot
of seasoning or anything, so it’s pretty clean. I’m going to put… Okay, you first. I’m going to put the sausage on there. You know what,
I may just use my fingers. Another trick that you can do is put the sauce
and then put some mozzarella cheese and then put the toppings and
then put more mozzarella cheese. And now put the toppings
just like the other. Now, this is dinner, right? This is dinner, this is dinner. Or breakfast. How about this one with the pepperoni? Oh, yeah the pepperoni… put a little onion.
Do you mind if I’ll put a little onion on it? I love onions. And I have to put this in the oven
and once we get all the toppings on, we’ll put it back in the oven at 350 and… oh, mushrooms,
I’m just going to throw this on. Do you want pepper or bacon? Absolutely. Do you want broccoli? Oh, I’m going to pass on the broccoli. I think I will too.
Who put that in there? If it was the white sauce,
maybe, how’s that? Maybe. Okay. And some mushrooms. Oh, pepperoni. You know, the pepperoni,
I don’t know if you realized this, but often you should put
the pepperoni on first, because it’ll burn. Unless you cover it with a ton of cheese,
so if you put it on there… because it does, tends to…
I guess it’s fatty and it’s thin, but it tends to burn,
so I should’ve put it sooner. Wow this looks really good!
We’re loading them up with all this toppings! I love fresh spinach too,
so we could of put spinach, goat cheese like, there are so many things
that you can do on these. More bacon, right? Of course, never enough bacon. But, now, I know you are also always
interested in minimizing cleanup. Yes, absolutely. Are you thinking about that here? Well, you know,
it’s not actually, not so bad. What I love about the crust
is that you make it in one bowl. And so it’s one bowl and it is easier
for just one large crust than doing the four. But this is also nice for kid’s lunches, or like put it in the freezer,
pull it out, make a quick lunch. So, I also like quick. And so, if you spend the time meal prepping
and then you have something fast. I think we’re done
if we just sprinkle cheese over top. -You can always use more cheese.
-Yeah, more cheese over top. But I got to be careful with my ounces,
my limit, my guideline. Right. Well, especially at first. Yeah, and you know,
something that works well– I’m going to put some black olives
on this one.. Something that works well too with cheese
is to put a little parmesan cheese, so you put mozzarella and
put a little bit of parmesan. Parmesan has such a strong flavor
that you use less of it. And so, that’s another kind of tip,
if you want to really minimize the dairy, use Parmesan or a mix
of mozzarella and parmesan, because mozzarella gives
that creamy, gooey, cheesy feel but parmesan gives you
like a huge amount of flavor. Packs a real punch of flavor… Look. I’m getting hungry.
How long is this going to take again? Well, we piled this pretty high,
but maybe they’ll be ready in 10 to 12 minutes. We could take something to drink
and get ready to eat. Okay, so, can you take this to the oven? Okay, I will. Okay, back to the oven. -Carefully.
-Yeah, careful there. You may wonder why I’m here. I’m actually just down the street,
here in North Carolina and Kristie invited me over for dinner. Thank you so much.
Do you mind if I have some tea? Oh, please, help yourself. Unsweet tea. Of course. That’s right, in the South,
if it’s tea, it’s got sugar in it so, you want to make sure that
it’s unsweet tea here in the South. But, that smells fantastic. Thank you. -Cheers.
-Cheers. Do you have a preference? Well, can we have a little bit
of each one maybe? This one has a lot of cheese,
let’s try that one. Yeah, let’s try that one first. Okay, these are hot,
are just out of the oven. And you know,
we can cut several of these, I don’t even remember
what’s on some of them. So, let me grab these. This has black olives.
Do you like black olives? I do. Okay, let’s grab that one. So, do you want me to cut this?
I don’t know… -Are you nervous about cutting it?
-Remember I’m not a surgeon. That’s right, you’re not a surgeon.
Do you want me to do it? I’m a medical doctor… Please. And you are a doctor too I understand. I am a PhD.
You know what my children say? They say “Our mom is a doctor
but she is not the kind who can help people.” Well, it’s not true at all,
now you are helping people. The irony, right? Okay, so now it’s going to be really hot. But one of the things I really love
about this crust is that it’s sturdy so notice
I didn’t get knives and forks. It’s not a knife and fork pizza. It’s not a knife and fork pizza.
And that’s rare with low-carb pizza. Yeah, it is. Oh, I’m going to tear it off. Man, this one is really piled with toppings. I think I did this one,
I got a little excited doing toppings. Smells great. -Oh, do you hear to crunch?
-I do. That’s exciting too, because crisp
was also really hard to accomplish. So, what do you think,
you think we can try it? I think so, let’s try it. Dr. Westman was telling that he’s just
up the road in Durham North Carolina and it was actually his plan in the back
of Gary Taubes’ book that I followed… It’s hot, be careful… And so it’s been really an honor
to kind of work with him, in various kind of capacities, because
it was his plan I followed to lose my weight and it really changed my life
and I appreciate you’re doing that. Well, thank you for the pizza. If he likes this he may be coming
down the road a lot, right. It’s hot, please be careful,
I’m worried you are going to get burned. -See the steam coming off this?
-Yeah. Maybe we should wait just a minute. It smells great. This one has pepperoni,
some onion, some mushroom. What do you think, is it good? Wow, look at that. It’s like bread-like texture, isn’t it? -Do you really like it?
-Mm-hmm. I wanted to make a deep dish pizza
and this is like my fail for the deep dish, but I think it’s a pretty decent crust. Okay, I’m going to try it, try the end. Crunchy… …delicious…
a lot of oil, which is fine, remember? I mean, I don’t need to take
a paper towel and draw the fat. This really reminds me,
with the sausage and the pepperoni, it really reminds me
of the Pizza Hut pizza. I don’t know, do you remember those? You don’t remember those? It’s been so long
since I had one of those. It’s been over four and a half years
for me, but… I mean, is it a good thing to say that
it’s as good as a store-bought pizza? No, I don’t think so, this is better. This is better and, you know,
it’s homemade. And it’s all real ingredients,
real food, and you can’t beat it. Once you get used to it, it really is best of in the homemade
pizza that you make yourself. I am so glad that you came down
to try pizza with me. My pleasure. Now can I finish this, please? You can finish that. I hope if you make this recipe for your family
that they enjoy it as much as we do.

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Reader Comments

  1. Shenandoah Highlands

    THANK YOU!!! For including the entire segment and recipe! Much gratitude for making that gift to the keto community :))

  2. Bari Babe

    Please clarify the amount of Olive Oil. In the video she says 2 TBS, but the screen shot recipe indicates 4 TBS. I used the 4, but while they browned well, they did not get crispy.

  3. Nathan Fisher

    This is now by far the gold standard of keto pizza dough. I saw this Friday night and went to the vitamin shoppe yesterday to get the unflavored whey protein isolate. I don’t know what it is with this – if it is the whey protein isolate or the baking powder or the combination of the two, but this is very bread-like and has bubbles of air all through it. This was the only recipe I’ve ever been able to make up that actually was handled as pizza rather easily. Holds together like real pizza. I would recommend not using the salt. I now made this up yesterday and today and it was much better without the added salt. The Parmesan cheese is pretty salty. I don’t know if I made it too thick, but it wasn’t crispy. I put it in at 350 for 23 minutes and it was a gentle brown. Thinking of using this dough for Strombolis. This is my new favorite keto recipe!

  4. ABeautyAdmirer

    I think this is the closest to a real pizza crust. I made only the crust, and I would recommend to skip the salt. Also, the recipe says 4tbsp of oil, which I used and it was too much. Follow the recommendations in the video and add 2 tbsp of oil.

  5. Wortheverymile

    I’m a great cook. I made this to the letter. I N E D I B L E ! Please don’t waste your $$$ and other yummy toppings. I so wanted this to work!

  6. dvdgalutube

    I’m sure it’s very low carbs but I’m concerned that it is also high in protein as well due to all the protein powder, cheese and meat… true Keto should be approx 5% carbs, 25% protein and 75% fat. Too much protein will still spike up insulin and possibly kick out of ketosis. Cheers

  7. Infernus

    I love many of your recipes but this dough isnt any good. You are better with just mixing almond flour with psylium husk and some egg whites

  8. jayne harry

    I made the mixture (dough) but it was very dry. I checked the video again and noticed your protein isolate was more like a butter consistency, while mine was powder. Did you mix your protein powder with a liquid first, or does it come like that (solid looking?)

  9. Denise Aronow

    I used Dr. Westman's plan too. I am forever grateful I found him when I Googled Keto last July. So next month is my one year Keto anniversary. I've lost all my weight and am feeling really well. I love this life style. Kristie, I somehow lost track of you and thought you weren't on You Tube anymore. I''m glad to find you again.

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