Common Mistakes with #DrinkYourFat Intermittent Fasting

– Hey guys! Colin Stuckert. Founder, CEO Wild Foods Co. Wild CEO, here with his short video on the common mistakes with the Drink Your Fat method and with intermittent fasting in general. So we’ll keep this short. Let’s go through a few points. What do people mostly get wrong when they start with a morning Drink Your Fat, fatty based coffee or tea in the morning? Okay. The number one thing, to get a not delicious
Drink Your Fat recipe drink which is actually pretty hard to do. It’s not using a blender. You have to blend a little hand whisk or anything like that. It’s just not going to get the emulsion that you get when you add you know your butter or your cocoa butter, your coffee, your cocoa tropic, your different ingredients
and then you blend it up versus whisking it or shaking
it, completely different. It’s a completely different recipe really. Use a blender, Magic Bullet,
you know a big Vitamix works. Just use a blunder that has a blade and that can speed through. Be careful if it’s hot though because sometimes the
pressure can explode. So what I do is I like to
kind of tight it almost and then open up a little
bit less of a pressure and then tighten it again and then just pulse blend,
you know five seconds and it’s ready to go. That’s number one. Number two, add a dash of pink salt, wild pink salt. It’s going to bring
out some of the flavors of the other ingredients and I always pretty much add some. And some people feel that
you should put salt in coffee but I like it and so I
think you’ll like it too. Don’t think you have to make
a huge drink every morning. I actually like to make
it slightly smaller Drink Your Fat recipes where I’m doing about six
to seven ounces of coffee and then I’m doing about a let’s say a teaspoon of butter,
half teaspoon of MCT oil maybe I’ll do some cocoa tropic or maybe I’ll just do
straight MCT in butter and coffee and then that’s it. Whip it up, ready to go. That is probably my preferred way to do it most days actually. And then if you want to get more elaborate and have like cocoa and
mushrooms and ashwagandha. You know I don’t need to do turmeric, you could do cinnamon, you spice it up you know
peppermint whatever. That is going to be what
you want to do for yourself. That’s gonna be a personal preference. I like to keep it simple. Some days I’ll throw
in a lot more mushroom and I’ll just be like I’m going to go for a mushroom drink today and I do recommend you try doing that. But if it gets too complicated for you then just keep it simple. You got your coffee or
your tea, hot liquid. You got your butter, your cocoa butter and or your MCT oil and
you just put together. You whip it up and those fat with the coffee are going to be the base of the Drink Your Fat method and they’re gonna hold
you over until breakfast which should be four to
six hours into the day. If you’re like me and you
don’t like hot beverages because you are too impatient and you almost always burn your mouth. Well you can do is you
going to the ice method. So I make the Drink
Your Fat recipe, right. I blend everything up, gets frothy and then I let it sit for a little bit or put it in the freezer
for like three minutes and then I poured over ice. And as long as you let it sit and you don’t have too
much butter in the recipe, sometimes you get too much butter it’ll really solidify. But and I should say as
long as you blend it, as long as you blend your drink your fat and you let a cool down
and you add some ice you can cool it down and it will be cold and it won’t solidify and it won’t clump. But if you have a lot of butter you can maybe get clumping, so it’s something you
have to experiment with. Find the right recipe
and then test icing it but let it cool down
before you throw the ice in a little bit because what you do is, if you throw the ice in
when it’s really hot, It’s just gonna water down your drink and it’s not going to be as tasty. Something people do is,
they think they have to do this every single day. And they’re also not
trying to mix things up and I recommend that everyone at least once or twice a week tries to go with nothing in the morning and just doesn’t eat a straight
coffee tea or even water. Right. That’s going to get you more of those deep benefits of
intermittent fasting. It’s going to let your body even get off the habit of
having fat in the morning right. Because ultimately with
intermittent fasting you want to get to a point where you can go without any
calories whatsoever. That’s where you gonna
get a ton of the benefits for appetite suppression and it’s just gonna to even mentally kind of get to that point where you don’t have to be a slave to food right or even a slave to like butter coffee. I just do it every single morning. I loved it every single
morning. I still do. Now I’m a little bit
more flexible in fluid. Some mornings just depending
on what my schedule is I might do drink effect. Other mornings I might either do nothing or I might wait till I get
to the cafe where I work to get a cold brew or I might
just do a big glass of water and then have coffee later and have an early breakfast
or whatever it is. Right. The beautiful thing about
the Drink Your Fat method is an intermittent fasting in general, is you get so much flexibility when you get to that place where you don’t have to be committed to eating at a certain time or having coffee at a
certain time or whatever. And even black coffee guys, it’s something you should be cycling. Caffeine is something
you should be cycling. And, side note. What you could do if you have a caffeine issue is you could actually
do Drink Your Fat method with our Lonestar Decaf. Now that is gonna give
you fuel from the fat but you’re not gonna be relying
too much on the caffeine. So you’re gonna be respecting
your adrenals in that way. And it’s really good way
to cycle off of caffeine if you’re already drinking a lot of coffee because you’re getting
those calories in their, you’re getting that fuel and you’re still drinking
a little bit of caffeine and you’re drinking coffee and so your brain kind of senses that it’s getting its caffeine kick. And so mentally it can help you kind of curb your caffeine addiction. And it’s something that we all need to do because caffeine is not something you should really be
having every single day. All right. So these are some tips help you with the Drink Your Fat method the guys. Thanks for watching. Make sure you slap the subscribe. Jump thumbs up. If any
questions or comments. Shoot us an E-mail info
at wild foods dot co. And remember we’re here
to help you live better. And then it’s your job to help those around you live better. Thanks for watching. (funky pop music)

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