Cognac: calories, carbs, and diets.

It’s quite complex Bonjour mes amis je m’appelle Daniel. Hello my friends, I’m Daniel. Today I’d like to chat with you a little bit about the nutritional value of cognac and in a typical serving of roughly 30ml There’s almost 65 calories. so think 65 to 70 …70 being the really top end. In terms of carbohydrate, it’s nil. There’s no count. No, no carbs. It’s maybe roughly 1/8 of a gram But in order to get any sizable amount of carbohydrate from cognac you’d have to drink liters and liters and liters of cognac in a single sitting and if you’re drinking that much cognac in a single sitting you’ve got bigger issues then the carbohydrates and the calories If you’re on a ketogenic diet (the keto diet) or an Atkins diet or any kind of reduced carb diet cognac is an excellent choice just like many other distilled spirits. The little bit of sugar that can be found in cognac and I mean that a little bit is done in the blending stage. It’s a choice that producers can make under the appellation rules They’re allowed to add a very tiny amount I mean a miniscule amount of sweetness and some producers choose to use it some don’t. So whether they do or not has really no effect on the amount of carbohydrate in the product. Enjoy the cognac you’ve got and cheers! A votre sante mes amis! Have a great afternoon Yeah, that’s really good …Cheers

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