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hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
for I have a brownie treat for you brownie lovers are you team cakey or a
team fudgy personally I am fudgy brownies all the way and today I’m gonna
teach you the secret to making the most dense the most chewiest and mind-blowing
dense and chewy brownies that are also secretly gluten free grain free dairy
free and refined sugar free but not taste for you you are going to
absolutely love these so the flour that we’re using today is almond flour it’s
naturally gluten free grain free dairy free all those frees and it’s also made
of almonds which is really heart healthy so got a little healthy punch to these brownies
now we’re gonna do a little flour measuring 101 I know we did this in the
keto Cinnamon Toast Crunch but it’s always good to have a little refresher
so usually people just dip their cup right into the container and that’s a
no-no because you’re gonna pack the flour in really tight and end up
with more flour than you actually even need in the recipe which will totally affect your
results so the proper way is you want to spoon your flour into your cup well
you’re kind of shaking it out a little bit just to break it down it’s also
really important to weigh your flour regardless if you’re doing gluten-free
baking or not because again error with measuring cups can lead to the recipe
not being perfect so we want to have about 150 grams of flour when you have
one and a half cups now we are going to add some usual brownie suspects some
salt and baking soda, baking soda in brownies makes them really really chewy
where baking powder makes them puffy and more cakey so that’s one secret to dense
and chewy brownies and then we’re gonna do 1/4 cup of cocoa powder and did you
know that cocoa powder is high in the natural antioxidant polyphenols which
can reduce inflammation help blood flow and also reduce your bad cholesterol
which is gonna reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke so brownies are
basically a salad so we’re gonna mix it all together once that’s mixed up we’re real good
we’re gonna move on to our wet ingredients let’s just move some stuff
out of the way get another large bowl where we’re gonna crack one egg yolk and
one full egg that extra egg yolk mix is another secret to make them really dense
and chewy it adds a little bit extra fat but not a lot of extra air which is
from the egg whites and then one cup of coconut sugar which is our natural
unrefined sugar kind of like a brown sugar with a little caramel coconut
taste three tablespoons of melted coconut oil a little bit of vanilla
extract and then we’re gonna beat it all together once that’s all smooth and creamy we are
going to add in our almond flour mixture just dump it right on in and you’re
gonna beat it with the hand mixer just until it’s slightly combined and then
we’re gonna do the rest by hand you don’t want to incorporate too much air
into brownies because when you incorporate too much air they rise more
again more cakey and we’re going for that dense and fudgy brownie goodness So then once it’s mostly combined you want
to switch to your spoon do the rest by hand again so we don’t add too much air
into the batter and our final step is a dairy free mini chocolate chips
I like enjoy life foods and just stir em all in The chocolate chips are gonna
melt when the brownies are baking and give this super fudgy consistency that
I know you’re going to love and now by the magic of television we have a
parchment paper lined and sprayed 8 by 8 inch pan I’m the believer that you
should almost always parchment paper your pan because then everything is gonna
come out and not stick to the bottom so we’re just gonna transfer our brownie
batter right into the pan it’s really really thick and that means it’s gonna
be really really fudgy almost like cookie dough so once that is in your pan you want to use damp fingers not soaking wet or you’re gonna affect the texture of your
brownies just a little bit of water it makes it a lot easier to press
in because they are so thick a spatula is just gonna stick to the batter and
you’ll be sad once it’s all pressed out we’re gonna go take it back to the
stove so we’re gonna bake the brownies in the 350 degree oven for about 26 to
28 minutes until a toothpick in the center comes out clean
don’t check on them before or else they will deflate and again not be chewy after 26 or 27 minutes the top is nice
and crunchy the insides done now we want to cool them on the counter for 5
minutes now the final secret to the world’s most dense and chewy fudgy
brownies is to cool them rapidly so after 5 minutes on the counter you want
to put a hot pad into your fridge and put the brownies right on top and put
it up in the fridge for no more than 45 minutes any longer you’ll heat up your
fridge causing everything else to get a little bit warm our brownies are rapidly
cooled so they’re nice and chewy and now we’ve got to slice them up and
devour them just gonna transfer them to a plate I can’t wait I’m a poet and I
didn’t even know it and just like that you have all the
secrets to make the most dense the most chewy and the most fudgy brownies that
are also secretly gluten-free grain free and dairy free and refined sugar free if
you want a protein version that is also low-carb there’s a recipe link above now
when you go and try all these secrets to make the most fudgy brownies please
leave a comment below and let me know what you think if you want to grab the
full recipe it’s in the video description I also really appreciate a
like of this video and make sure you hit that subscribe button because I am
delivering healthy and delicious gluten free recipes to you every single week so
you go enjoy those densely delicious brownies and we’ll see you next time bye
for now

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