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welcome to ketokookin today we’re
going to make a cheese leeks soup with ground beef we need ground beef cream
cream cheese cheddar cheese and leeks for frying the meat I used some fatback here first we start preparing the leeks cut
them open in half so it’s easier to clean them then start to fry the ground beef we need two onions and two cloves of garlic, too cut the onions and mince the garlic when the beef becomes crispy add the
onions and a few minutes later the garlic let everything fry for a bit in the
meantime cut the leeks into slices I realized I didn’t have enough leeks so
I just added some frozen ones add about one and a half liter of water put the lid on and let the soup cook for 10 to 15 minutes then it’s time for seasoning I used salt pepper coriander cumin and some herbs finally we add the cream cheese cream and the cheddar cheese stir everything thoroughly it’s time to take a taste if necessary
add some seasonings like I did here stir everything and let the soup cook for
another 10 to 15 minutes I decided to take some more cheese here
and basically you can take as much cheese as you like this is the cheese leeks soup with ground beef
link to the recipe in the video description

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