Carnivore Diet: My Surprising Results From a Week of Eating Only Animal Products

no plants at all no veggies no fruit no
grains and certainly no sugar that’s the carnivore diet crazy right I
thought so too and then I decided to give it a try and I was absolutely blown
away at how great I feel eating like this I honestly didn’t think I’d make it
a week my friend Teresa and I she’s kind of like my food experimenting buddy we
both kind of had talked off and on we’d heard about the carnivore diet she asked
me about it and honestly I told her I don’t think it’s probably good for your
microbiome I’m not like it’s certainly not a balanced diet it’s definitely not
something I’d recommend but I’m super curious about it and I kind of want to
try it and so I did and this was six days ago day one is just kind of sort of
any healing protocol that you do day one you’re excited and you’re optimistic or
you’re just curious and day one’s usually pretty easy so day one was
pretty easy day two I could tell my electrolytes were off and we’ve talked
about this and a lot of the different keto videos and I’ll talk about it a
little more in this video so I could tell my electrolytes were off and I just
started to eating quite a bit more salt and I felt a lot better but I still felt
good on day two like I walk the dog for like a mile and a half every day and
it was no problem like I wasn’t tired or anything poops which we’ll talk about in
a second poops were just fine and then day three I felt amazing and this is
kind of the shocker I’m just like I never thought I would feel this good
I’ve been on keto and like in ketosis for about a year and I’m gonna off and
on before this and all of my stuff just as a note I do all of my things for
mental health and so I’m not doing any of this for weight loss usually weight
loss goes hand-in-hand and so what works for me for mental health which is
usually my struggles can work for other people for like chronic pain and can
work for other people for weight loss so a lot of people will do carnivore which
is what we’re talking about right now or keto for weight loss or for the
inflammatory benefit I personally just do all of this for mental health so when
I say feel great I mean like my head was clear I had lots of energy my mood was
good I mean any kind of lingering mental health issues which I’ll link to a
little bit of why I would have that were gone and it was just such a nice break
that I was amazed and I’ve looked more into it
and I started sharing a little bit because I tend to not share my
experiments unless I know that they’re good because I don’t need to post a
bunch of bad stuff on the internet so all the flops you guys don’t get to see
about but this I felt good and so I just want to share and just to clarify I
am not recommending this this is something that I don’t feel like is it’s
not balanced it’s not healthy I have no idea what it can do to your microbiome
which is your gut flora I’m gonna keep doing it just because I feel so good I’m
not committed to it and it’s definitely not a religious thing for me where I’m
preaching that everyone should do it and if I feel like eating plants again or if
I try eating plants again and they feel good then I am just going to assue my body
fixed whatever it needed to fix and I’m ready to go so I just want to as I talk
about the benefits that I’ve gotten for this and the objections and why I’m
doing this anyway I just want to clarify that I don’t actually recommend it but I
really like it so what do I eat these aren’t glamorous you can tell I’m
just cooking for myself the rest of my family is my daughters on keto which I
have talked about in another YouTube video and she does that for brain
benefits cognitive benefits and then my boys eat they eat mostly keto at meals
and the mostly keto at meals and then they eat some grains and they eat fruit
like after their meals and so they’re not on the ketogenic diet though they
have been in the past so what do I eat it’s not the prettiest for this amazing
fuel that keeps me going nonstop calm and sleeping well. I eat elk I eat a lot of
elk because we live in Montana and I know hunters and elk are huge and so we
have a couple hundred pounds of elk meat so I eat a lot of elk wild-caught salmon
from Alaska same hunter doing this fishing thing grass-fed beef which is
local here in Montana and actually like the ranch send someone out I’m on a
subscription program with them seafood some chicken and then in for the
carnivore diet you are there’s a few different ways of doing it and
so you can be like meat only there’s some people that just do grass-fed beef
and salt and that’s their entire diet some people include all animal products
but no plants which would be meat seafood dairy like including cheese or
sour cream and some people even include honey which I’m not because I know I
like to be in ketosis and honey would definitely boot me out (of ketosis). Some
exceptions and some of the plants that I’ve eaten like I said I’m not doing
this religiously it’s not something that I feel the need to follow I’ll just kind
of experiment my following as strict or as not strict as I feel like it and see
how I feel as I go but I have kept in black coffee every day I just I really
like my coffee I can quit and I have quit in the past at this time I’m not
feeling super motivated to quit and so I’m drinking black coffee in the morning
I’m drinking kava occasionally it’s something I talked about in another
video it’s like an alcohol substitute that’s made from a root that doesn’t
give you the impairments of alcohol but it does give you the relaxation and so
I’m drinking that it’s kava tea so it’s like a tea made out of a root a couple
times I’ve done that in the past week and then I had a vodka soda on Saturday
night so that’s just vodka which is obviously from plants and then soda
water so no sugar or anything and then I also
this isn’t an exception but I had to add in tallow for fat and I’m using epic
tallow which is from grass-fed beef just to kind of get those it’s actually hard
so I a I’m 5/8 and I’m like 140 pounds in my nutrition requirements or my
calorie requirements is about 1700 to 1800 [calories] a day and it’s kind of hard to
eat that much meat and so I am adding like a spoonful of fat or a spoonful of
ghee or butter to most of the meat that I eat and just kind of making a little
sauce out of that and so then here’s the question that everybody’s wondering
about but you maybe don’t want to ask I’m still pooping like it’s not a
problem so people you think that without fiber you won’t but then what I’ve
learned since I’ve been doing all this microbiome stuff and I’ve been so
interested in healing the gut is that it’s not necessarily fiber but
peristalsis is just like your body moves through your digestive system if your
body is working properly your digestive system just keeps things going through
and then also a big part of your poop is made up of dead bacteria and so this is
just something that your whole gut is populated with bacteria and they’re
gonna die like that’s just their life cycle and so then they’re gonna move on
out and so yes they’ve gotten smaller but
they’re still regular and consistency is great a lot of people that haven’t done
I’ve eaten pretty high fat pretty much since I became an adult and learned that
fat isn’t bad for you and so I’ve eaten pretty high fat and plus my body just
seems to do really well with fat so I haven’t had a problem some people
will have a problem with actually diarrhea which is not what you think if
you’re not eating any fiber but some people do have that problem I haven’t
personally had that problem so then speaking of your microbiome and your gut
bacteria… this is where I’m cautious about the carnivore diets I
don’t know what its gonna do to the microbiome and this is something that I
would I’ll probably try every couple weeks and we’ll see how long I make it I
mean it could be that next week I’m just craving vegetables again and this was a
one week experiment and we’re good to go but if it’s something that I end up
staying on long term I’ll probably start taking a probiotic or the first
vegetables that I’ll introduce and try and see how it goes is fermented food
like sauerkraut just because I am Not sure that this is going to be good for
anyone’s microbiome my kids aren’t on carnivore if they wanted to do it I’d
probably let them and see how they did but it’s not something I’m gonna push on
them at all because I am concerned about that microbiome thing and then blood
type this is something that I’ve just been I’ve kind of discounted all the
blood type diets I’m 0- and if you look at most people are blood type
0; A and B are a lot less common and then AB is the least common so I’m a
and apparently people with O blood type do well with a lot of meat I think
a lot of this has to do with our ancestors and this is where genetics can
play a role so I really dislike that so much of modern medicine blames
everything on genetics it’s like oh you eat fast food three times a week and you
have type 2 diabetes oh well it must be genetic. No.
probably not but definitely people that have different genes probably different
food will work better for them and they will be more or less susceptible to
certain diseases so I’m blood Type O and I’ve kind of
asked just different people that I know around the internet that I know do well
on a lot of meat or have done carnivore like my friend Teresa I’m just like hey
what’s your blood type because she’s loving carnivore just like
I am and she says hers is Type O as well and so I’m wondering if the blood type
does come into play a little bit for whether we thrive on this or whether
it’s like torture because honestly I expected it to be like torture I
expected to throw in the towel on three days but instead I’m very happy to be on
the carnivore diet and we’re about a week and now the cost is something that
a lot of people wonder about and so again this is just where you’re really
using food for fuel and so I can do grass-fed beef that I buy in bulk from
my local farmer and it cost me like seven dollars a day I think to get the
amount of calories I need and this is where being a woman kind of comes in
handy is then I don’t have to eat as much because when you’re seeing food as
fuel and it’s not something that you’re really getting all that enjoyment out of
which I definitely like my beef and I like the butter and all of that it’s not
that I dislike it but it’s something that I wouldn’t I’d be kind of bummed if
I hadn’t eat five pounds of it and so that’s where the different meats come
into play and you really see the different calorie content and nutrient
density where I’d have to like I can do like a pound and a half of grass-fed
beef or I can do like three pounds of chicken or I can do like five pounds of
shrimp and so mixing different proteins is definitely the way to go and it’s
something you’re probably gonna want to do to get the different diversity but
that’s a lot of shrimp if you’re gonna try and get all of your calories from
seafood so is it sustainable um this is something that’s really politicized
right now and a lot of people get on their soapbox
that plants are sustainable but if you look at mono crops and how they’re
depleting the soil and how they’re sprayed with a bunch of stuff
you they have to truck in fertilizer and so much is wasted from the farm
until it gets on your plate that that’s not super sustainable either and this
stuff I’m just like super fortunate living a Montana that like we have
wild harvested elk we have wild harvested salmon because I have friends
that go on fishing vacations and that’s what they do for fun and I have a super
easy source of grass-fed beef and so if you compare like mono crops and the
pesticides and the fertilizers and the trucking and all of that compared to my
grass-fed beef which I can go visit the ranch and it’s just like completely
gorgeous I can see where the argument that plants are more sustainable than
beef comes from but when beef or raised like this they’re returning nutrients to
the soil they are great for the soil like I’ve gone and seen it it’s not the
these beef are not being bad for the environment there’s no way to believe
that something that looks like this versus something that looks like that is
gonna be bad for the environment and so that’s where is it sustainable for like
environmental reasons and also you’re probably not going to over eat on the
carnivore diet where a lot of people I mean you look at how big a lot of us in
the United States are eating a lot more than we need which is not sustainable
either and this isn’t a this is more of a discussion than a judgement like I
have no judgment associated with anyone’s eating habits this is just what
works for me and a lot of people do discount carnivore because they say it’s
not sustainable it’s bad for the environment
and I would just argue let’s rethink that a little bit and so drawbacks um my
first drawback: I need a ton of salt and so this is like this is beef stock
right now with salt in it and I think it’s because like even on keto I was
eating like salted nuts and I was eating cheese which has quite a bit of salt in
it I think just because I’m cooking plain beef and not using any seasonings
because I kind of wanted to use it as an elimination diet so I’m cooking plain
meat with salt and that’s all I’m eating I think I just have to add a lot of salt
and so that’s my electrolytes on day two I kind of was feeling like
oh and I just took a spoonful of salt and then chased it with water and I felt
great afterwards so that’s a drawback it is boring but it’s easy
I remember when it’s kind of like like you feed your dog the set amount every
day it’s just easy and it’s kind of like doing that for humans it’s where as a
family where he’s eating more meat now just because all of our dishes like last
night we had chicken and I just cooked mine plain and I added parmesan and some
garlic and some cream cheese for everyone else in my family so we are
going through more meat so that is a little bit of a cost socially it can get
a little weird and this is where I don’t like my weird
food experiments to impact too much of my social life and so I think I would
probably just have a cheat meal if I was going somewhere I’d probably try to
choose mostly meat but if I was going somewhere where it was gonna make people
feel uncomfortable I would probably just have a cheat meal just because I’m not
doing this for any debilitating condition I’m doing this because it
makes me feel good but it’s not like catastrophic if I go off of it and so
socially it that is a drawback leftovers I find like I love freezer cooking and I
love meal prep I don’t love it when I pre cook my meat so I try to cook fresh
and then I just have like perpetual broth which is going in the instant pot
which is just I keep adding filtered water and I add more meat that has the
bones on it or bones in it and keep making stock and so I’ve always got
stock going so that’s always easy and available but meat I don’t really like
having just plain salted meat reheated it’s really not doing anything for me so
I guess it is hard to prep for and I’m home enough and it’s super filling and
so I can easily go like 16, 18 hours without eating and not really be
bothered by it but that is kind of a drawback that I can’t prep because I was
prepping a lot of our food and this means cooking everyday which really
isn’t too bad so yeah I am I went into this thinking I would hate it I ended up
loving it and I will be back with
another update if you want to ask me any questions below I can try and answer
them next week but I figure if I stay on this I’ll go ahead and keep updating you
and I guess one more caution is that I had been in ketosis for a year before I
did this I see a lot of stories where people’s first like week or two of
carnivore especially if they weren’t in ketosis first were really hard and I was
kind of expecting it to be anyway I think it’s probably because I had been
in ketosis and I am aware of what being low on electrolytes feels like and so it
was like yeah by day three I just felt amazing oh and one more thing I do want
to address is a thyroid so a lot of people people keep telling me I’m gonna
kill my thyroid my thyroid is a great like I’m warm I’m warm I have energy my
hair grows everything grows I don’t I’m not gaining weight I’m again not doing
this specifically to gain or lose weight but I’m a swimmer and I swim I don’t
know like a mile and a half or two miles I aim for twice a week I usually only
make it once a week and then I walk the dog for about a mile and a half a day
but I just I haven’t seen any signs of my thyroid tanking at all and I’ve been
low carb for about a year now and kind of off and on before that and so I guess
that’s really encouraging where people I’m not sure why they say that it’s
gonna take my thyroid but maybe I’m just a really resilient person like a
cockroach not sure I’m pretty I just thought I would address a thyroid thing
adrenals I should have definitely because I’ve been through trauma had
adrenal depletion and I found again like I sleep great I have energy I’m happy I
really don’t see how you can ask for anything more than that so I wanted to
share with you I’ll be back soon thanks for joining me if you want to
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