Can Women do Intermittent Fasting and How?

hey guys Kevin Kreider here with pursue more than just muscle can women do intermittent fasting and yes absolutely women can do intermittent fasting and I totally suggested and you should really give it a try women just have to do intermittent acting a little bit differently than was suggested by most of the stuff you read and see all over the internet and basically women should do alternate day intermittent fasting to start off with alternate day is kind of exactly what it sounds like one day you do intermittent fasting the next day you don’t don’t do two days consecutively in a row also those days that you do intermittent fasting don’t do weight training do more like yoga or slow steady cardio or a group fitness class or something that’s a little bit less intense on the weight because you don’t want to mess with your hormones too much because intermittent fasting will change a hormone structure a little bit innocente almost not structure it will change the way your hormones interacts first thing in the morning because you’re used to shutting like shutting down your growth hormone and epinephrine norepinephrine right away because you have breakfast right away and your insulin it happens with guys to the women are a little bit more sensitive to this based off of the way they’re built is that you’re a little bit more sensitive to the hormonal changes and just me it’s not like a bad thing it’s just that you have to do it a little bit more delicately a little bit differently then the guys do so try to do that every other day and instead of a 16-hour fasting period 14 our fasting period and only when you wake up for hours then you can break it back I would also suggest in that period like maybe an hour or two before you break your fast maybe you want to have a little bit of fruit a little bit like a little whey protein shake in water I know that technically breaks the fast but that will help you get adjusted so maybe the next week you can try having that fruit snack or that protein shake an hour before you break your fast and then what will happen is you’ll get to that full four hours and then you can try to push the feeding window back to five hours and then six hours and then you keep doing it ultimate day you just have to ease into it a little bit more gradually a little bit more sense that hunger and your hormonal changes so try to do it that way and don’t do intermittent fasting on the days that you train and then maybe what will eventually happen if you can start doing four days and I know that’s not ultimate intermittent fasting actually it’s you know you’re going to do two days in a row eventually but the whole point is to get very adjusted to it much slower than you are more sensitive to it and you have the hormones changing a little bit like you don’t want to lose your menstrual cycle rehabilitate ferc so that’s why we do a little bit slower gradually and then maybe eventually some hardcore people can do it every day if they want to but just getting used to an adjustment I didn’t get used to it adjusted that fast either there were days that I would have to fruit snacks like to an apple on a banana and tempting great was breaking my best but it got me to it so I got adjusted to the intermittent fasting and I barely have fruit it’s only if I’m like going for a 18 to 20 our fasting period well I even have fruit now just keep drinking black coffee what you should do have black coffee and if you need to have a little bit of splash of milk or some creamer or CVS just to get adjusted but eventually I let’s see you get off that these are just ways to create habits so you stick with it and manufacturing and then eventually slowly you can stop getting off that stuff so that’s what I suggest for women with intermittent fasting please guys subscribe to my youtube channel the free intermittent fasting handbook the link is down in the description below download it it’s free and i’ll see you guys next week

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  1. lolispopi1

    I have been doing one meal a day, right after I wake up I eat around 1800 calories from healthy food. (spinach, parsley, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, tuna, cottage cheese, peanut butter, berries, honey, Ezekiel bread, oats, apple) and the rest of the day I don't even think about food, some mornings I'm not even hungry. I lost 20 pounds in four weeks so far, I also do weight training, some jump rope, depending on the day. The rest of the day I just drink water, or water infused with tamarind, or ginger. Best style of eating I have adopted thus far! Thank you for all of your information!! 😀

  2. Fernanda Flores

    For how long should we alternate our intermittent fasting? I started with the 16/8 for three consecutive days (before watching your video) and felt great. But now I'm doing it on alternate days I just don't know when can I do it on a daily basis.
    Btw, your channel is awesome! Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!

  3. kris Conley

    How can I start intermittent fasting while doing orange theory? I try to go 4-5 days a week because I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I'm bored, sad, frustrated, ect. So I know I eat a lot. But I can't seem to find a good balance? Please help.

  4. Claire CQ

    On my third day into alternate intermittent fasting tomorrow. My hormones already feel woohoo so I'm gonna try that fruit snack idea 💡 thanks!!

  5. IAM Candace

    Oh thank you! I just did 4 days in a row all the videos I watched – just recommend intermittent fasting but never explain the health benefits for women whilst intermittent fasting 🙂


    I’m doing Intermittent fasting and lost 8lbs in 9 days!! Check out my progress. It’s working for me but not for everyone! Have a great night y’all! ❤️

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