Can Saturated Fat In Nuts Damage Our Arteries? Dr Michael Greger

In a previous video we learnt about the amazing
effects of eating a handful of nuts a day. Just 1 handful of nuts a day lowers the risk
of coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke and premature death. Nuts contain predominantly
mono unsaturated fat but they also contain small amounts saturated fat. We’ve all heard
about the detrimental effects saturated fat has on our body and in particular our arteries
so can eating nuts damage our arterial function. Well let’s hear now from Dr Michael Greger
as he addresses this very question. This clip is taken from Dr Greger’s Facebook Q & A
May 2017 the link to the whole video will be in the description below….Basically all
foods have a combination of various saturated fatty acids, different kinds of fats and so
it’s usually we’re talking about the predominance of, so when we’re talking about olives being
mostly monounsaturated fats it’s mostly there’s still saturated fat in olives there’s
a combination of different fats so wait a second if saturated fat is bad what about
eating walnuts? Walnuts do have saturated fat yes they have other stuff too, but even
though it’s not predominantly saturated wait a second if I’m trying to decrease
my intake of saturated fat should I avoid walnuts? Well let’s a step back, why are
we concerned about saturated fat? Primarily, it’s because it cripples our arteries and
increases our LDL our bad cholesterol, and indeed when you eat a steak you get that crippling
arteries, you get that increase in LDL, in fact you get TMAO, trimethylamine oxide, causes
all sorts of other problems thanks to your microbiome of those who eat meat. But what
happens when you eat a walnut? Yes it has some saturated fat in but it has all these
other wonderful things. You eat a walnut and what happens your arterial function within
the next few hours, improves, gets better. What happens to your cholesterol, cholesterol
goes down, so the opposite effect. [When it comes to saturated fat] we’re concerned,
because of death and disease, end points clinical end points, that’s the most important thing.
We only care about biomarkers because they may predict disease but we can actually follow
populations who eat foods like nuts what happens to them? They get less disease, in fact in
the PREDIMED study thousands of people randomized they actually mailed them extra nuts every
week for years and what happened? Those that ate nuts had half the stroke risk. Meaning
if you don’t eat enough nuts you’re doubling your stroke risk, this is a randomized interventional

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Reader Comments

  1. Eelke Aptroot

    Note that from what I understand that nut butters are a totally different thing, from what I understand Dr Greger only recommends people eat about 2 tablespoons of those a day…


    Arsenic in meat bad, arsenic in rice is ok……sat fat in meat bad, sat fat in nuts is just fine,,,,,,,,,,taking probiotics to fill a gap in meat diet shows its lack, but taking b12/omega 3 on vegan diet does not show its lack. …………..Just speak the truth, there is no need to SPIN things. A high plant based diet is the way to go, but spinning/euphemisms just make people more skeptical. It is analogous to all the different religions having to lie in order to keep people attending. Eventually, all you have left are the uneducated.

  3. B. Porter

    Weren't many of the studies in Dr. Greger's videos done on OMNIVORE diets? What I'm getting at is that if I'm already on a WFPBD, but don't eat nuts regularly, I don't think I can cut my stroke risk in half by eating them – I already have an extremely low risk. Someone eating the SAD might be wise to take this advice, but my diet is so healthy that I think the benefit would be negligible. Can anyone speak to this? (this is just my theory – I'm not a doctor or a scientist.)

  4. Garret Jarvis

    I always find your videos a nice supplement to Nutrition Facts. I am curious if you have other media for London locals. I travel there frequently (mostly Shoreditch/Islington) and having local WFPB recommendations would be incredibly helpful. M&S starts getting old.

  5. Sidilicious

    I'd like to know if these studies tested with raw or roasted nuts. Mostly I eat raw walnuts and sometimes some (toasted) almond butter.

  6. Joe O'Brien

    Yet Dr Esselstyn advises against any source of fat for those with poor heart health. The fact that nuts improve arterial function points that he may be wrong in this respect. I'm with Dr G

  7. The Artificial Society

    Certain things sound too good to be true. And do we know where the funding is coming from? Why are they testing walnuts and you dont here about results for flax, chia, hemp? The omega 3 is much better from flax, chia, and hemp. And walnuts dont make you fat either no you lose weight, you believe that? Gregor has good intentions but you also need clear skeptical thinking. If you have heart disease or struggling with weight, dont believe the miracle story, everyone else can enjoy.

  8. Kylesquad

    I feel compelled to share with everyone following a WFPBD, particularly lean individuals with high or fast metabolisms such as myself to ensure adequate intake of saturated fat. I had been regularly consuming the recommended amount of fats through avocados and nuts and seeds my blood reports were on point (44LDL). I'm very particular about consuming a wide array of nutrient-dense foods and have ample energy for 2 workout sessions a day + being on feet most of the day. The problem is I was deeply depressed and couldn't enjoy or look forward to anything, looking back on it now I don't know how I persisted for so long. I was like a shade, indifferent and apathetic towards everything. I always felt mentally exhausted and my sleep was awful. One day in my cloudy mental state I decided to buy a dark chocolate bar which I do very rarely and in my foggy mental state didn't realize it was the 100% cacao extremely bitter type intended for baking lol. That night I had the best sleep I've had in YEARS and the following day one could say I was actually happy and enthusiastic towards life. Over the next couple weeks, I tried the elimination method with the chocolate and sure enough when I didn't consume it my old symptoms quickly reappeared. In fact, I had every symptom listed on WebMD for saturated fat deficiency (yes, its a thing!). Now I regularly consume shredded coconut as its more palatable than pure baking chocolate and I feel amazing and have for nearly a month now. I'd really like to see good data on the effects of dietary saturated fats coming from a whole food such as coconut meat vs meat/oils/SAD sources to determine if there is even any reason for concern. WFPB has helped treat literally every condition afflicting me over the last three years but not consciously consuming saturated fat due to it being regarded as pure evil by all WFPB doctors led to my brain pretty much being starved. If anyone can relate or share information on this I'd be happy to hear it!

  9. rough rough

    I've been vegan for 3 years at first year I felt extra good but 2nd year started to feel weak and my mind was always foggy 3rd year switched to raw vegan and felt always cold and super weak despite eating shit tons of fruits green leafy veggies and nuts and began losing hair and loss of memory.. but I been eating semi vegetarian for 3 months now and I feel so much better I only eat non vegan foods once a week and I think this diet is way more optimal than vegan

  10. It's A Erick Life

    I will eat what I want, period !!! My cholesterol , blood pressure, and so on is just fine. I go to the doctor regularly and I don't over eat. I exercise regularly and sleep well. My body is just fine and I'm not over weight, thank you very much !!!!!

  11. wkeithc

    Great video, as always! However, do the nuts have to be raw?

    Don’t some fats change from healthy to relatively unhealthy when exposed to heat?

  12. James

    This doesn't address whether simply adding nuts to a whole foods plant-based diet improves health. These results may be indicative that replacing animal foods with nuts is helpful but too many nuts to a whole foods plant-based diet may be bad. Due to this concern, I don't go overboard on my nut & seed intake.

  13. ShiftingGear OTP

    I’ve been eating a mix of almonds and walnuts before lunch almost every week day for months now before ever hearing about how good it is for you.

  14. Vinnette Pope

    Thank you for sharing this awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ» teaching information on eating πŸ₯œ nuts.

  15. DS

    What's confusing is a dr. Edelstein says almost the opposite. But I also realize Edelstein sees the whole population and he has to generalize what is giving advice.

  16. The DJ

    As many others have voiced their concerns, I don't find it hard to believe that replacing oil or animal products with nuts is healthy, but I very much doubt that endothelial function is improved for people eating low fat whole foods plant based diets when they add nuts.

    Lipoproteins are fat transporters. Nuts have a ton of fats, most nuts have a high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio that can be inflammatory (walnuts have a favorable omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, they are the best nut), so people who have issues need to be careful.

    High fat diets will also induce sludge blood, and heart disease is still the number 1 vegan killer.

  17. Jesse Jordan

    Perimed (sorry name is misspelled I have a learning disability) study requires more scrutiny according to Dr Caldwell Esselstyn. I’m starting to worry dr Gregor simply doesn’t have the time to give these studies the scrutiny they require. It’s such a shame that I now have to wonder if he’s a reliable source of information.

  18. Catherine Kasmer

    Vegsource- Jeff Nelson is claiming the cited study is junk science and the journal has issued a retraction. I do wish Dr. Greger would address these concerns. The bottom line is – are nuts damaging our endothelium or not??? Or is there no data to support these claims???

  19. chrnb

    Esselstyn says you shouldn't eat nuts if you got heart disease.
    Also veggies are probably healthier than nuts, as they contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals AND FAT too.

  20. Emma T

    Saturated fat also stiffens the membranes of the cells in your body making it harder for nutrients to get in. Your cell receptors don't work for your hormones or neurotransmitters properly if they contain too much saturated fat.

  21. Chris C

    How To Slash Medical & Nutritional Mumbo Jumbo0 since it never ends and never will. (sigh) .. okay here it is: So FEW will EVER experience perfect health (as DEFINED and DEMONSTRATED by ZERO symptoms from headaches, sore throat, congestion, cold, flu, rash, pimples, diarrhea, fatigue, all the way to more subtle bad breath, ANY body odor anywhere, blackheads, etc. for at least 3 years in a row) which is the result of eating a well earned fruit based diet. In other words you have to TRANSITION for YEARS by first "going vegan" and WFPB, then raw (raw the right way not the typical snowflake way), and actually clean out your ENTIRE vascular AND LYMPH system down to the cellular level. (The way you know this is that you experience zero symptoms). So you can be "guided" by all the medical/ nutritional mumbo jumbo but as much as I respect the top five doctors on "health and nutrition" from Campbell to Greger and in between, not one has gone DEEP enough into the discipline of health, nutrition and DIET to get to the true bottom of it. Some are close but no cigar. There is no controversy about real health- only the masses who never experienced it due to their own genuine diligence ALL THE WAY. This is what separates the men from the boys and women from the girls.

  22. Gianna Filicia

    Hey Dr. Berg says meat and keto is good! Oh wait, he's just a chiropractor! Jajaja! I live in Italy! Medditrenean diet is best!

  23. T K

    U should add subtitles not all of us have perfect hearing and though plant based diet might reverse heart decease and cancer it's a shame it doesn't cure deafness

  24. Scott Gabelman

    Nuts have phythic acid in them! Beans too. Which depletes the absorption of iron, calcium and zinc. Nuts are called an anti nutrient which sucks Minerals from the body especially iron. As vegans have a hard time getting enough iron As it binds with oxygen in the blood to give the body energy. Zinc is also very important for the killing of viruses and bacteria and a strong immune system. We also need Zinc to make proteins and DNA and Genetic material in ALL cells to repair and heal the body !

    Nuts also have a badd omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Except macadamia nuts and walnuts. Doctor G with fake news again !

  25. Scott Gabelman

    Wow Saying walnuts did have saturated fat but actually improve the heart function that's a miracle!
    Usually doctor G demonizez any form of saturated fat even from coconuts! A vegan food! Stuck in the 1970's !

  26. ALPHA1

    I have a balance diet no sugar low salt and only eat 3 meals small portion of meat and a lot of salad πŸ₯— doing that a lost 30 pounds without doing exercise , this week I will start going to the gym 3 times a week and run my road bike , but last week I was in a festival and but a banana split have for me and have for my wife weight self next day and still coming down

  27. golden dragon

    bullshit..that's nuts…nuts are fine…its just excessive salt or anything else mixed with nuts that may be a problem…what utter shite..more of a problem for your health is using the device you are using now and being bombarded by emfs…whats next? walking down stairs is not good for your arteries?…clowns…getting a whiff of someones stinky fart can damage your lungs? lol assclown times…idiots in white coats using labels that you believe and absorb and make lies true by your own deluded brainwashed mind

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