okay it is about from v dot solution program dot com and today i want to talk to you about how important it is to have a
sufficient amount of protein indira gandhi plan now that’s a sufficient knocking overabundance of protein every single day and a lot of people have this misconception that they need to have tons and tons of protein
in order to get all of these lean and toned muscles separatist what he is pretty what your body breaks down protein into human assets and use those uses those amino acids to build up your muscles when you exercise actually breaking down also
this doesn’t mean that you need times entire protein every single day driving every single needle he should keep them in reasonable portions now with very important things that need to have protein every single one in the house because it will help you burn fat releases a hormone called look good on that they have the exact opposite insulin so work is going too fast or important glued
on is actually a fat burning hormone so if you really serine protease everything reserves of protein with every single one of the house you’re going to get this factory with that with your meals it’s also a blood sugar stabilizer seventy protein along with your carbohydrates you helped to keep your blood sugar stable when you jesse carbohydrates without the protein
your blood sugar is costly go into these five months so what foods cost to as punitive proteins whole organic eggs organic grass fed beef we don’t recommend having conventional beef because they really are filled with a lot of growth hormones and antibiotics national free range poultry why else fish it’s of no i’m not saying that buyers are
really good sources of protein so you want to be sure to include a serving any of those things with every single one of your meals so let me give you a second day for breakfast you have to have eggs and then you would use it carbohydrate at
last after dinner vegetable to go along with that you can make a speech on you can happen apple whippet i was in food run-ups or not bad like almost my favorite because i don’t really
care and and take it with me for lunch i was trying to having someone else and so wants fish or a simple treats in turkey always have to be widely if you’re buying
these natural organic meats chicken thighs chicken legs don’t be afraid of some extra fat not be for dinner safing you can have a grass k organics
tank so they were finished simpson were poultry so every single one of those meals have some protein int and again you
don’t need to have if forty ninth state old once anywhere from four to about seven or eight ounces depending on the size should be enough protein
for me so that is how important it is for you to include a good healthy natural source of protein indeed each one of your needs

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