Breyers Carb Smart Ice Cream review. Um…WOW!

Hey there! Time for another ice cream
review. This time, it’s Breyers Carb Smart. Coming right up! Hey everybody, welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where we talk about the
ketogenic diet. I do some Keto food vlogs, we talk a little bit about keto
science, and we do some keto recipes. If this is your first time here, please
consider subscribing, and if you, do be sure to click the bell icon so you’ll
get a notification whenever I upload new content. All right, guys. So today, I’m going to do another ice cream review, but it’s going to be Breyers Carb Smart. This guy
right here. Big ol’ tub. I’ve heard things about this. I’ve heard that it’s
comparable to our old friend Halo Top in many ways, and I thought I’d give it a
try. So I’ve done a lot of ice cream reviews.
There’s a playlist that you can find right up here that’s got a bunch of Halo
Top stuff in it. I like ice cream. What can I say? So I break the review
down into three parts: First is the texture. What’s it feel like
coming out of the container, and what’s it feel like in my mouth? The second part
of the review is the taste. This is straight-up chocolate. No real mystery
there. It’s gonna taste like chocolate. And the third part of the review is the
carb situation. That’s the big thing that I want to check out here. How does it
compare, carb-wise, to Halo Top? So I’m gonna get into it now. This is a gigantic…
relatively gigantic container, but as you can see there, that looks pretty flippin’
good. Check that out. I like I like what I’m seeing there, right off the bat. So
let’s dig in here. Oh boy. That is um… I like that. Dang.
10 out of 10 texture. Like, TEN out of TEN texture. This is… I mean, that is… that is
just ideal. I mean it’s it’s pretty much what you get out of a soft-serve like,
ice cream shop ice cream. Hot dang , that’s good. Wow. Blown away by the texture. The taste is really good. You really can’t mess up
chocolate too badly, and this is um… this is quite nice. Oh my god. Gotta
say, that’s pretty spectacular. Wow. So the big question that I had is the
carbs. Now this container — this carb smart container has in it twelve servings. Each
serving is a half a cup, which is the same as you get in Halo Top. So you can
basically consider this to be three pints of Halo Top in its entirety. Don’t
think I’m gonna be able to pound this whole thing at once. But! Per serving, you
get 13 grams of total carbs, 4 dietary fiber, and 5 sugar alcohols. Guys, that’s
four net carbs per serving. That’s really, really good when you
compare it to Halo Top. Really fantastic, actually. Can that be right? That’s crazy. Let me read you the ingredients, here. Maybe…
maybe I’ll get hit with a whammy. Ingredients: skim milk, cream, polydextrose (don’t like the sound of that), sorbitol, cocoa processed with alkali, whey (which contains 2% or less of the following): glycerin, propylene glycerol
monoesters, cellulose gel, mono- and diglycerides, cellulose gum, salt, guar gum, carob bean gum, acesulfame potassium, sucralose (a Splenda brand), carrageenan,
sugar, and natural flavor. So, there are some things in that list that don’t
thrill me, particularly the polydextrose, but… but man, it’s kind of worth it. This
stuff’s really good. 110 calories per serving, as well. So if you were to get
this, if you were to put this in a Halo Top pint, the number on the front would
say 440, which is a lot. There’s a lot more calories in this then in Halo Top.
But man, it’s good. So I’m a little wary of the polydextrose. I don’t know a
whole lot about polydextrose, but I know that anything with like, dextrose in
it is not the best. But man oh man, if you don’t have a huge issue with those
things, this is a home run. Like, absolutely. I will definitely be
getting this. I’m gonna see how I respond, and this is killer, guys. Like I said, if
you could put those things aside, those ingredients, this is… this really hits it
out of the park, as far as texture, and taste, and carbs. All really good. So let
me know if you guys have had this Carb Smart, or as my Boston friends would say,
CAAHB SMAAHT. Let me know. Let me know if you’ve had this. What do you think? What
are your thoughts on the ingredient list there? I’m curious to hear what you guys
have to say. I hope you guys dug this video. That’s gonna wrap it up. I hope you
have a fantastic day. I hope you have a fantastic remainder of your holiday
season, and I will see you next time. Okay. Okay. Okay okay okay. Ookkaayy..

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Reader Comments

  1. Keila Keto

    You are making me want some ice cream! I’m so happy the other ice cream companies are making low carb versions of their favorites. With halo top being so expensive I’m happy this option is here! The ingredients list is a little scary but won’t stop meee! Haha great review

  2. tnchelle1

    My husband loves this ice cream. He did say that he prefers chocolate over the vanilla, although both are delicious. 🙂
    Breyer's uses dextrose vs. Halo Top using cane sugar.
    Both are types of sugar so I guess people would just need decide if they prefer one type over the other.

    LOVE your channel! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Heather Schroy

    I've always love the chocolate carb smart ice cream. It is smooth and tasty. I just have to be careful just to have one serving because it is so good 😋

  4. India Wall

    Thank you so much for doing these!! ☺️ I can’t wait to try it! I’m sure it’s a little more cost efficient than halo top… am I right? Lol 😂

  5. Winter Bayne

    My man does low carb, not keto and this is his favorite. He passes up Halo for it every time. He had some Christmas Eve with some keto cookies.

  6. Carisa

    I love this stuff! I was a chocolate ice cream fan in my pre-keto days, and this has such an impressive texture and flavor. The biggest downside to me is that it's difficult to find where I live. The Breyers Vanilla and ice cream bars are great as well.
    Curious if you've seen Perry's No Sugar Added Panda Paws? It's a similar size container with a very real-ice-cream-like experience. It's usually only about $3 and it's my husband's favorite.
    Gotta eye roll a little at comments against this kind of thing. Because in my book the convenience and accessibility of something like this can play such a huge role in a person's keto success story and longevity. Love the video!

  7. AntiGravityGains

    Based off texture alone that there ice cream looks dangerous enough in that I don't think I could refrain from eating at least half the container

  8. Rachelle R.

    Too many poisons in it. I appreciate the warning. I've been making my own keto ice cream, but occasionally get Halo top when I'm too lazy to make it.

  9. Corliss Angel

    what is the serving size in Grams, i don't think you mentioned it. it might also help out on deciding since Halo and Enlightened tend to be around 60- 70g per serving

  10. Tammy Buckley

    Looks amazing. Are there other flavors in this product? I can't wait to find this and give it a try. Maybe carb smart vanilla and diet root beer? Yum. Hope you had a fabulous christmas ♡

  11. Tracy Andrirs

    Polydextrose is not supposed to spike blood sugar but each person has to test it for themselves. I'm really starting to question subtracting the sorbitol. It will affect blood sugar in some people. That being said I've been eating Carbsmart ice cream for awhile and I do think it's the best low carb. I only have some once in awhile as a treat. Can't eat it everyday. I think Halo Top and Enlighten are just too sweet and don't trust the carb count. Carbsmart is not as cheap as regular ice cream but certainly not as expensive as the other two. The vanilla is good too with HOMEMADE low carb caramel or chocolate sauce. I stress homemade as the store bought toppings are crap. 😃

  12. jra

    polydextrose = a type of fiber. they're just being very specific about the fiber they're using. i have to admit i like that. i don't like how halo top just says "prebiotic fiber" without specifying what type of fiber exactly or from where.

  13. jra

    how would you say the chocolate flavor of this compares to that of the halo top chocolate? i found the HT chocolate too sweet, and not chocolate-y enough for my taste. wondering if this has more chocolate-y flavor.

  14. The Keto Dad Life

    This is one of the OG low carb ice creams out there. Breyer’s has a whole low carb line during the Atkins craze. It is just vanilla and chocolate that is handing around. I like breyers better than Halo Top for several reasons… carb count is one… and the fact that I can get 3 times the amount for the price of one pint of Halo Top!

  15. Samantha Aleman

    So, since it’s the next day after you posted the video – and most likely a couple days after filming, did you notice any changes in your blood sugars due to the synthetic glucose as opposed to halo tops cane sugar?

    I’m sure the price compared to Halo Top is significantly cheaper – although have you tried the new Breyer’s Delight line? I think that might be comparable in calories to Halo Top. But the high protein reminds me of Arctic Freeze. I haven’t found any at my grocers yet!

  16. Tamatha

    We thought this was a delicious and cheaper option to Halotop for our keto lifestyle, but I gained weight every time we added this ice cream while doing nothing else differently. I guess it affects me differently.

  17. Gabriela SR

    When I'm in need of some keto ice cream, I usually go for the So Delicious Coconut milk ice cream in the flavor Butter Pecan. I think it's nice in texture even though there's no real milk cream, and it's packed with pecans, so I don't need to add those crispy toppings myself… It would be nice to hear your opinion on it! Love your channel xoxo

  18. Brittany Ulleseit

    I love Carb Smart! I get the vanilla flavor usually which is honestly like the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had. Texture is on point and flavor is amazing. And it doesn't make my tummy hurt which occasionally happens when eating Halo Top.
    P.s. I LOVE your Appa in the background❤

  19. daisy3690

    When I was eating carbs with wild abandon, I'd wager that I kept this company afloat with my consumption alone. Then I found out about that carageenan ingredient: Highly cancer causing. Too bad it's in this too. I don't know about the poly dextrose but it's a moot point for me….sadly.

  20. Anna Soto

    I have had this before going for the halo top. It's dangerously good I feel lol. It reminds me too much of "real" ice cream I worry I might over do it.

  21. Tatiana Voncille

    I have never had this. Just the bars and the Vanilla one but I do want to try it. Wish I had some chocolate ice cream right now…

  22. Ginny D

    Polydextrose from what I read has about 25% the calories of sugar and has a fairly low GI with a lower laxative effect than sugar alcohols. Think this ice cream seems pretty good for my occasional sweet cold treat hankering

  23. Lois Tracey

    I bought this the other day because for the price it's way more budget friendly. I was surprisingly wowed by the taste! I was surprised more you tube people aren't talking about it. It taste just like chocolate soft serve!

  24. Laura Masters

    I loved it. Was searching for some kind of ice cream that was sugar free, or no added sugar but this beats them all hands down. I would like to know more about that poly dextrose too.So will be doing some research on that. Far as I can see, as long as it's not a constant indulgence, I can enjoy me some chocolate ice cream again. Yayzers!

  25. Angie Gracie

    I rather make a chocolate smoothie with stevia and extra ice make it like soft serve and not drinkable… use a spoon eat right away. It’s awesome! And ya I say CAHB! Lol

  26. Peggy

    When the low carb craze started in the late 90's this came out..This is the only ice cream I buy ever since then.  Its so creamy & chocolately–LOVE IT!

  27. elena2426

    I just finished eating half a cup, it was so freaking good that I went back for seconds. I'm doing the keto diet and O think this messed up my carb count for the day. It was worth it though, I hope it didnt take me out of ketosis. Im trying to stay under 20 gms of carbs per day. So damn good though. Tastes like real creamy chocolate ice cream.

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