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Hello! How are you all doing? Hi to all our fellow Filipinos in France and Malta! Today we’ll be making braised vegetables This is a vegetarian dish and here are the ingredients we’ll need We’ll need snow peas Bamboo shoots Young corn Minced garlic Ground black pepper White mushrooms, or any kind of mushrooms you’d like to use Carrots Onions Soy sauce And oyster sauce This is the first step we need to do for our braised vegetables We need to blanch our snow peas Blanching means adding vegetables in boiling water like this So we’ll boil some water and add the vegetables once the water’s boiling We’ll let it stay in the water for a few seconds And after a few seconds, we’ll take them out of the water and place them in a bowl of ice When we blanch vegetables, we want to maintain their original color, texture, and crispiness So like we did here. Here’s our blanched vegetables. They’re ready now. It’s very quick since the water was already hot. And we’ll place them in this container filled with ice Then after this, we’ll set them aside And we’ll cook the other vegetables After setting aside the snow peas, we’ll saute the other vegetables So heat up some cooking oil in a pan or pot and once the oil is hot, add minced garlic When the minced garlic turns golden brown, we can add the onions So the onions aren’t minced. They’re cut into wedges. So you’ll notice that the onions will start to separate when we saute them And then, they’ll be shaped like long strips While the onions are cooking and aren’t too soft yet, I’ll add the ground black pepper I put ground black pepper at the start, but it’s up to you if you’d like to add the ground black pepper at the end I’ll just mix it for a little Then I’ll wait for the onions to become soft before we add the other ingredients Now, we can add the soy sauce Just pour it in carefully Immediately follow with the oyster sauce Then, we’ll mix it all together Mix it carefully so the onions don’t lose their form So once the ingredients are distributed evenly, we can now add the rest of the vegetables one at a time Since carrots take the longest to cook, I’ll add them first It will seem like our braised vegetables are similar to a stir fry So if there’s any of you wondering why I suddenly went vegan, I’m not actually a vegan I just want to make a contribution for our vegan visitors And I’ve already eaten a lot of the meals I usually cook and gained some weight So I think it’s time to lose a few pounds And vegetables are good for weight loss Now I’ll add the young corn or baby corn Mix it a little Then we’ll add the bamboo shoots So these bamboo shoots are chopped We’ll simmer this for about 3 minutes After 3 minutes, we’ll add the mushrooms Now, we can add the mushrooms I’m using white mushrooms for this recipe, but if you’re using shiitake mushrooms make sure you soak them in water before cooking Or if you use Chinese mushrooms, soak them too But if you use button mushrooms or canned mushrooms, you can add them right away So here’s the mushrooms Now, we can add a bit of salt to this So, let this simmer for about 5 minutes to 7 minutes, then we can add salt Now, we’ll stir this and add salt Then, I didn’t add this to the recipe, since this is optional If you’d like to use brown sugar instead of MSG, its better. So I’ll add a little bit of brown sugar. Then, I’ll mix it together and let it cook for a minute more And of course, don’t forget the blanched snow peas we made earlier So, add the snow peas Then, we’ll turn off the heat. So, remove it from heat. And mix the snow peas with the rest of the vegeatables So as you can see, the mixture has a nice color Okay, now it’s ready to serve! So you just saw how easy it was to make our braised vegetable recipe Again guys, I invite you all to visit Now, here are our Braised Vegetables

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  1. Aileen Lualhati

    hello po! sana po magkaron kayo ng mga recipe sa mga veggies pa… hndi po kasi ako pala kain ng veggies eh wala po kasi ako alam na mga luto pakbet lang, kare2ng gulay ganun lang po kinakain ko.

  2. Apol deap

    Una yung CARROTS, 2nd yung YOUNG CORN (bunga ng mais na palaki pa lang, makakabili ka niyan in Canned) , 3rd is BAMBOO SHOOTS ( kawayan na patubo pa lang.. na parang ugat pa lang) Kuha mo Kaibigan??

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