Blueberry Muffins, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Cashew Meal

Hi welcome to another episode of HomeMade
Healthy. Today we’re going to make blueberry muffins.
I stumbled across this recipe as an adaptation of my almond
flour biscuit recipe. So if you’ve seen that, then you’re gonna
see this just has a couple more ingredients and I use a different flower, But you
could use almond flour. So to get started, we are going to put 2 cups of cashew meal. If you have a Trader Joe’s close, you’re very
lucky. Otherwise you can make your own cashew meal in the food processor with raw cashews.
So you put 2 cups in. We’re gonna also do 1 teaspoon up baking powder a quarter teaspoon of Cal stevia. I use this because a
little bit goes a long way. You could substitute a third of a cup of honey if you prefer. A quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt. And… a teaspoon of cinnamon. We love them around
here. So you’re just gonna mix at around. And then next your gonna add in 3
tablespoons of melted butter. You’re just gonna mix that in to your cashew flour. It doesn’t have to be all
the way mixed. Next we’re gonna add in a teaspoon
of vanilla. Kind of just get that all incorporated. Okay, next we’re gonna add in five eggs and
I’ve already whipped them. So we can make it fast and easy. Just gonna
add those in. you just wanna mix this until combined. This recipe is going to make twelve
muffins. And they’re gonna look just like the
blueberry muffins you’re used to seeing at the bakery. But these have no wheat and their lower carb. You could also use a whisk to you this. But
even though I have all those kitchen gadgets, I’m kind of a minimalist. I wanna
dirty the least amount of dishes. Because I don’t have the dish fairy to wash them for me. Okay, that’s mixed. Now you’re gonna take a
cup of frozen blueberries. You can use fresh as well. You don’t want to over mix this. You just
kinda want to get ’em incorporated. Look how easy! (sing songy) Your family’s gonna love these. If you
share them. Just want to get the rest of the butter. Because butter’s magic. That’s Kerrygold butter. It’s grass fed.
Okay so I preheated the oven to 350. Sometimes I forget to say that. But I
have preheated the oven. I’m gonna take a tablespoon and I’m gonna fill these about three
quarters of the way. Make sure you get a little bit of blueberries and each of
them. And I spray these with coconut oil
cooking spray but you can line with butter or coconut oil or
whatever you have on hand. Whatever your preference is. And… I’m gonna spoon them in.
They don’t have to look pretty. These were such a hit. I got my daughter, my 11 year old daughter,
asked me to make me again! So here we’ll have them. And the nice thing
is they come so come out so beautiful. They look amazing. Coming out of the oven they get a nice
dark brown on them. Cook them for 30 minutes and check on
them. If they’re not done in the middle, then just go ahead
and keep them in a little bit longer. Whoops. Nobody said I was
clean in the kitchen for sure. Looking pretty good to me. I’m gonna go
ahead and put these in the oven. And I will show you how amazing they look
when they come out. Yum!
Don’t these look delicious? I’m gonna have to pull one out so you can see
how good they look. Look at this beautiful.
Amazing. Smells wonderful in here.
I hope you enjoy your blueberry muffins as much as my family does. Thank you for watching
HomeMade Healthy. Have a great day.

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Reader Comments

  1. Paul Bork

    Hey, your biscuits turned out AMAZING so I cannot wait to try your blueberry muffin recipe next! I seriously am blown away by how effortlessly amazing those biscuits were! <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU!!!

  2. A McCall

    I just bought a bag of cashew meal from Trader Joes last week!  I've been using almond flour for a while, but hadn't ever tried the cashew flour.  A gentleman working at Trader Joes suggested we give it a try since we like the almond meal.  So we picked up a bag 🙂  I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it until I saw your video!  Can't wait to give it a try 🙂  Thank you for sharing with us, I loved the biscuits, they were a big hit!  Going to give your coconut cream pie a try too.  My hubby loves coconut, so I'm sure he will enjoy this!

  3. allan kaye

    Sorry, but this recipe was simply awful. Tasted like wet cardboard. Incredible waste of my time not to mention money for the ingredients. Baking is baking and baking means grains. I'd rather eat a tiny bit of something real or not at all.

  4. hippocampus dueti

    Thank you for posting the recipe video. Would you please include the nutritional profile with the recipe for us diabetics on low carb? Thanks!

  5. Yolanda D

    The cashew flour from Trader Joe"s is not smooth. Aren't the muffins crunchy if you do not blend it? I used an emulsion blended and they came out great but didn't look quite like yours. 

  6. Deborah Young

    My husband and I are just making the change to eat healthy and more nutritious.  My question is the almond flour that I get is very grainy.  Is the Honeyville Almond Flour finer (more like all purpose flour)?

  7. Fave O. Ritt

    I love your videos, you have a pleasant personality, and you talk to the audience as if they were your close friends. You demonstrate the process well, and your recipes are YUMMY! Being that you are so attractive as well, you are a natural to have your own TV show!

  8. Pamela Kelly

    Wow…. Great recipe! You could open a bakery with these muffins! Thanks for sharing! I am planning on making these muffins with my two grand-kids.

  9. Aztec Girl

    OMG! Those look Amazing! I just Love all your recipes. Finally, I can have goodies to enjoy. I can never find stores nor bakeries that hypoglycemics can eat. I had given up enjoying any desserts because of the side effects from flour, or sugar alcohols. I made your Almond Flour cookies and my body tolerated it!! Yeahhh! You are my new best friend!! I'm going to try these next!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  10. krazy tummy

    just made this today… my husband loves it so much. i used almond flour since i funny hat cashew mill and honey but follow the rest of the recipe to the T 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. JJ Glasco

    Another awesome recipe from your channel!  I was wondering how I could make this with a vegan alternative for the eggs.  I am vegan, but I don't have a problem using the eggs, but my daughter is a strick vegan and is also gluten free.  Any suggestions??

  12. Jill Cherlin

    Wow! Just made these today and they are the best blueberry muffins I've made "period" !! I used 1/2 c of swerve instead of stevia, because that's what I had on hand. Loved them!! Will make often. Thanks for your recipe and video.

  13. Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan

    I'm not sure I'll be able to get that Cashew stuff in the UK but there's plenty of low-carb flour on Amazon. I'd think coconut would be ideal for desserts.

  14. Ronnii Howard

    This is a no fail recipe 😍😍
    Just made another batch. A pity nut flours are so expensive where i live at $24us for a 1lb bag, but worth it every once in a while. I also find that they taste better after a few days, so i keep mine in the refrigerator and grab one for a treat

  15. Phenomenal

    There are several factors in weight loss – exercise, diet, motivation etc.
    But I think the most important is actually making the meals you have appealling so you wont be tempted to keep eating other snacks too. One plan I discovered that succeeds with this is the Paleo Secret Blueprint (check it out on google) definately the best paleo recipes i've heard of. look at all the photos and interesting ideas.

  16. Dalaine Bloom

    YUM!!! Thank You, for sharing this with Us. I Love that You use Cashew Meal. I have 2 substitutions that I want to ask You about; May I use flax seeds or chia seeds "Eggs"? Also, could I use almond flour or Coconut flour and coconut oil in place of the butter?
    I know; nothing like totally changing Your recipe right?! I really don't need but 1 change for myself and that is with the flour or cashew meal. I have weird allergies. I can eat peanuts and most nuts but cashews and hazelnuts make Me very sick. The main reason I was asking about the other substitutions is for My Friend. She has been a strict vegetarian or vegan and won't eat ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM ANIMALS!!! The eggs and the butter. I don't think that milk and butter harms animals but She doesn't want any of it in her foods. 🤔 Anyway, Could You please, answer these questions for Me. Thank You. These look and sound delicious! With the changes of the flour; I am GREAT AND EXCITED TO TRY THIS YUMMY RECIPE!!! They look and sound DELICIOUS!!! 😊👍🏼

  17. Dennis Smith Jr.

    Using 2 cups cashew meal, 1/4 tsp granulated stevia. I used a nutrition calculator and I get the following.
    Calories – 87
    Total fat 6.7g
    cholesterol 76mg
    sodium 54mg
    Total Carbs 3.7g
    Fiber .6g
    Sugar 1.8g (because of blueberries)
    protein 3.3g

    Hope this helps everyone. I WILL be trying this one, I am on Keto and loving it, lost 80lbs in the last 7 months and no longer a type 2 diabetic.
    Suggested substitution
    Substitute raspberries for the blueberries and sugar goes down to .9g and carbs goes down to 2.8g.

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