Blood Type Diet Debunked

[Music] it was Adolf Hitler who coined a propaganda technique he called the big lie arguing that people may be more likely to believe colossal untruths because they would not believe that others would have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously so in the big lie there’s always a certain force of credibility the book eat right for your type makes the astounding claim that people with different blood types should eat different foods typos is supposed to be like hunter or need a lot of meats whereas people with type A blood are supposed to eat lies in one of the world’s most prestigious nutrition journals a systematic review of the evidence supporting blood type diets was published they didn’t find any diets based on the ABO blood group system have been promoted over the past decade but the evidence to support the effectiveness of such diets had evidently not been previously assessed in the scientific literature actually in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association there were a number of papers that came out of a day-long scientific seminar held by the Norwegian Society for nutrition hard to believe they even take the time but evidently forty thousand copies of the book have been sold in Norway and so good for them and they sought to determine blood type diets visionary science or nonsense and they concluded nonsense what was so outrageous is that the blood type diet it and justified in the book by supposed its scientific arguments yet the author takes no pains to prove his ideas just presenting them simply as facts taking advantage of people’s ignorance of biology his arguments sound scientific and it uses lots of big words but displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the science describing the books understanding some basic tenants of blood type biology as absurd there should be no doubt that had the author practiced in Norway as opposed to Connecticut he would be in violation the so-called quack law the book cites the work of blood type biochemists but if you actually ask the actual experts scientists they say obviously you have to keep an open mind but not so open your brains fall out it must be stated that an open mind should not extend to some of the non-scientific literature where there are books in the ABO blood type system of pure fantasy most recent and incredulous of these claims individuals of each ABO blood type must subscribe to a particular diet I don’t know how researchers have a patience to read these popular press books but it can lead to an appreciation of the ridiculous aspects of the many ignorant and preposterous claims so what should the overall assessment of this work beam my nicest thing you can say about the book is does have a good imagination is it any worse than people who believe their fate is determined by the Stars though well yes because astrologists aren’t telling a third of the population to go out and eat organ meats the diet is not as bad as some positive results reported by some individuals may well be due to a general improvement in health and in diet and lifestyle less fat and sugar more fruits and vegetables less smoking more exercising and look anything that gets people to eat fewer donuts but though this may get lost a bit in translation professor of Laboratory Medicine at the Norwegian University of Sciences analysis concluded that the author’s learning must be considered junk and without scientific foundation what did the new review find they sifted through over a thousand papers that might shed some light on the issue and none of the studies showed an association between blood type diets and health-related outcomes they conclude there’s currently no evidence that an adherence to blood type diets will provide health benefits despite the substantial presence and perseverance of blood type diets within the health industry the author responded to the review on his website saying that there’s good science behind the blood type diet just like there’s good science behind Einstein’s mathematical calculations and that if blood type diets were just tested in the right way just like Einsteins e equals mc-squared he would be vindicated complaining that don’t see any Studies on blood types and nutrition because of little interest and available money he sold over seven million books why doesn’t he fund his own studies that’s what the Atkins corporation did and the answer is he has in 1996 he wrote I’m beginning the eighth year of a 10-year trial and reproductive cancers using the blood type diets by the time I released the results in another two years I expect to make it scientifically demonstrated all that the blood type diet plays a role in cancer remission okay so that would be 1998 and the results still not released 16 years later clever tactic though saying you’re just about to publish banking that no one would actually follow up so in the sequel he said he was currently conducting a 12-week randomized double-blind controlled trial implementing the blood type diet to determine its effects and the outcomes of patients with rheumatoid arthritis that was 10 years ago as my Norwegian colleagues boned it is difficult not to perceive the whole thing as a crass fraud [Music] you

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  1. Bea Elliott

    Thank you! I've been after just such information as many try to relieve themselves of a vegan diet by reason of a blood-type excuse. Well done! 😉

  2. Klaus Mitchell

    Blood type testing is important to know which diet to follow. If ur blood is hyena blood, eat meat. If its human blood, eat plants. Very simple

  3. Clyde Rembrandt

    Poor guy who wrote the book.  He can't build his own house or grow his own food so he must resort to fraud.  How does the blood type diet pass the laugh test?

  4. Frank V

    A couple of years ago or so I took some test on Mercola's website and it determined that I should get most of my daily cals from eating meat because this was what my type needs. I almost bought it but the more I thought about it the more it just didn't add up. Anyone can get comfortable eating certain foods and then have a reaction when introduced to something new. This doesn't mean that the food that gave the reaction is bad for you and you should avoid it for the betterment of you health, but just that your system was not prepared. You see this a lot in the new gluten free zone fads, where people are convinced that gluten is killing them. Diet is an interesting subject and it is amazing how people will believe just about anything.

  5. Satoshi Chomsky

    Two years ago my primary care physician in San Antonio introduced me to the blood type diet and encouraged me to follow it.  But, she was honest, adding there's really no hard science behind it.   For my type, it was heavy on animal products like cow liver.  But i should stay away from goose meat.   Today i'm a vegan (middle aged) endurance athlete.   Never felt better. 

  6. Nutrition Database

    It's sad that 'medical experts' get rich off creating fad diets. Fad diets do nothing but cause confusion and argument between people. 

  7. Mathieu G

    Although the blood type diet is probably bunk, there is some genetic disposition to diet. There was a recent paper published in Nature called "Low copy number of the salivary amylase gene predisposes to obesity" showing starch digestion efficiency is function of the number of AMY1 gene copies.

  8. IResonateWithU

    While I dont subscribe to the Blood Type Diet, I see the logic in believing that people with dispositions due to ancestry in a certain area may benefit by foods with more or less enzymes or something relating to digestion.
    With that said, its still pretty clear that meat is simply the most difficult thing to digest, and the Harvard study that came out saying that within hours of eating meat, your gut biology is completely changed in bacteria ratios for the worse is further proof.
    Still, I find it pretty hilarious that there are people on here posting how smart they are they havent fallen for "the gimmick".
    When you are so sick, so desperate, when life is a struggle, trying a new diet doesnt make you gullible or stupid; it makes you proactive. Bless those people that thought it couldnt hurt to try it.
    You people that are so smart that you would never be fooled by such nonsense better keep your eyes open…life has a way of showing you where your particular weaknesses are, and often uses karma (and humor) to do it.

  9. Diana Fleischman

    Glad to have something definitive to point to against this diet! However, I don't think quoting Hitler on the front end does much to bolster your case.

  10. Suzy Q

    Thanks for this. I read this book, when it first came out. It seemed like psuedo-science to me, so I threw it in the trash. When I read the many books and publications by Campbell, Esselstyn, McDougall, and that crew, they back up their claims with research. Years later, I went to a doctor, who was a ERFYT convert/zealot. He gave me no end of pressure, but I had read everything by the plant gurus; he couldn't trick me into eating chunks of dead beasts or their secretions. Your videos add so much to the conversation and clear up so many fallacies. I know I won't contribute to degenerative disease by eating plants. Thank you for the encouragement. 

  11. RogerN Wahlberg

    This absurd paradigm shift thinking was called in Scientific American terms "cognitive dissonance" or  the bigger the lie the easier to believe. I worked!!  

  12. GaiasFleas

    This is great, but I think Atkins is in far greater need of a thorough take-down by you than Adamo. So are the Weston Price Organization, "Paleo" dieters and other high animal-fat promoters.

  13. Dachia Arritola

    Goodness. People are STILL reading this drivel? I couldn't believe it ever had an audience, it was so silly. But then again, people want to believe good things about their bad habits. At least he wasn't a dentist that died 60 years ago and whose name was bought to create a foundation.

  14. Eric Morrison

    The Blood Type Diet has the highest self-reported success rate of all diets on the market. And yeah, it's absolutely anecdotal. But what's the purpose of going on a diet? To lose weight and feel good.

    If people are losing weight and saying they feel good, what more evidence do you want?

  15. silkhead44

    Is it science-based, or just the postulations of a spokesman for an opposing system threatened by its conclusions? Is the author opposed to all forms of naturopathic medicine or alternative medicine?
    Does the critic display a convincing knowledge of the human ABO groups? Has he actually read any of his books, or has he taken the time to investigate the science. Is the author of the criticism an expert in the area? NOOOOOOO
    Does the criticism appear fair and balanced? Is the critic curious about what they are investigating? It is OK to be skeptical, but a surprising number of skeptics have absolutely no curiosity about that which they are skeptical of. Did the critic take the time to do a thorough review of the material? NOOOOOOO
    Did the critic address their concerns directly with Dr. D'Adamo prior to writing their review? It is considered good journalistic practice to present concerns directly to the authors of a study or book before completing a review. This prevents misconceptions, encourages dialogue, and allows for a more balanced editorial presentation.  A clear sign of a preconceived, slam-dunk ('Gotcha') review is that no effort is made to afford the other side a chance to state their case.Two of the fundamental attributes of good journalism are curiosity and a respect for the people on whom you report.


  16. Otto Whitevine

    Please take the mic away from your throat when you swallow so hard. Your words are interesting, your swallowing noises are disgusting.

  17. silkhead44

    it's always the one size fits all diet camps that try to shoot the mavericks. Until Dr Gregor has a University post teaching Generative Medicine through  Nutrigenomics, he's just a YouTube voice over, summarizing food petri dish studies

  18. GreenVarnish

    Great video! I feel that the best diet is just simply by eating everything, but in moderation. Please do more videos on popular diet plans e.g. Atkins and Paleo Diet.

  19. ExtraEtcetera

    I love you. We need more critical thinking people, just like you. Respect from The Netherlands. Please keep up the excellent work.

  20. Policychecker1

    As a matter of interest what blood type is Dr Creger? The blood type diet works for everyone I know, including me and my family. 

  21. Policychecker1

    Perhaps Dr Greger should read the debunking of the china study lol. Death by the food pyramid is a book worthy of reading by Denise Minger many vegan have changed their minds after reading the book. (as a former vegan blood type O, I was very ill, 3 stone over weight, my whole family was tired and miserable. That all changed within a week of changing to the blood type diet and am so glad we did) Dr Peter D'Adamo is a very wise and honourable man. May I suggest people have an open mind and try it, You will be so glad you did. Good luck either way…

  22. Policychecker1

    Funny that all the people knocking the blood type diet are blood type A vegans who don't eat meat or blood type O vegans who are nuts! Ironic that the blood type diet advises blood type A not to eat meat LOL and why is it that vegans are so crazy… eat some fish 😉

  23. S.A. Shell

    John Robbins debunked this in his 2002 book The Food Revolution as well. The founder of the blood type diet has no scientific backing, no peer reviewed data. But he sold a lot of books!

  24. Tom Martens

    The very lectins that Dr. D’Adamo has found to cause problems with each blood type are the same food lectins used by scientists and doctors used in staining for antigens on cancer and pathogen cells.
    Staining is the same as binding and scientists and doctors have been using food lectins to identify antigens on cancers and pathogens for over 50 years.
    You are flying in the face of empirical, peer reviewed scientific evidence.
    Who would want to believe anything you claim against ERFYT or The Blood Type Diet if you refute this? 

  25. Jen Hulford

    Here's the thing: the diet is risk free. It doesn't ask you to eliminate entire food groups. It's balanced. It helps with portion control and assists in eliminating junk foods. It has decades of research behind it. It's free. Resources are easily available online. It HAS helped butt tons of people. If that blows your mind, then don't f-ing do it. The rest of us will laugh at your gravesite.

  26. Censored Yogi

    Geez people,

    Dr. D'Adamo isn't a con artist, if you take the time to actually read his book (how about the more recent ones…) and his theories you may be surprised how detailed and helpful it can be for some people.

    Looking for journal articles and finding a lack of them, and then concluding it is all nonsense, is actually nonsense. This is a huge flaw with "evidence-based medicine;" people look for evidence in journals that is costly to produce without realizing that evidence doesn't always come in journal articles.

    If Michael Greger actually knew how to search for evidence, he would instead of searching only in journals look for Dr. D'Adamo's personal research and data. That's what I would do because I am curious myself, until I have that data I cannot debunk the diet. But I am curious, as a genuine scientist should be, about the mechanisms behind our physiology and appropriate diet; attempts to understand what our optimal diet should be through large randomized trials is useless for personalized medicine.

    Sounds like Greger has tried to look into this beyond journal articles but not really…science articles aren't always easy to produce, so calling it a fraud is jumping the gun.

    Furthermore, D'Adamo has much more recent work, none if which was mentioned in the video.

    I have no affiliation with Dr. D'Adamo, I simply was impressed with the detail in his work and it is above the minds of most people who attempt to critique it. Let's discuss ideas and data rather than speculate on the lack of evidence in journals that D'Adamo has failed to produce.

    Do you really think one man and his father would come to such claims to deliberately fraud people? This stuff works, there is something to it and the heart of his ideas is evolutionary biology, something which we can all appreciate. So instead of criticizing so easily, let's use our minds to dissect the mechanisms. Any intelligent attempt to debunk his work would at least discuss some of the science behind the idea rather than lazily concluding that lack of benefit found in studies that didn't come CLOSE to mimicking the diet are actually debunking anything. Dr. Greger's bias and cherry-picking of science is showing more and more in his videos… because if anyone wants to be unbiased, that latest study came no where near debunking anything. Don't be fooled so easily, and most importantly, dig deep.

  27. LenoraForest

    This diet always seemed strange to me.  I believe animals have a variety of blood types and yet they don't eat specific diets for it.  Also, that silly book said I should eat meat and I have always done better on a veg diet.


    Did you catch this week’s most popular video on the Eat Right 4 Your Type book? In the words of one researcher, “it is difficult not to perceive the whole thing as a crass fraud.”

    Click the link to watch the video:

  29. Ital Rolando

    Those theories are totally unfounded to me. According to my blood type I should be a hunter and I should eat a lot of meat and eggs. Instead I've been vegetarian for almost 10 years and now happily vegan for 8 years. And I'm also a blood donor! 
    Dr. Greger Thanks for your videos.

  30. partisan72

    what a fucked up load of bullshit.lf we were designed to eat according to our blood types l wonder how our cavemen ancestors survived healthy and strong without this knowledge.We are tricked to believe and try out all kinds of stupid mumbo jumbo these days yet each time we turn around we're left with a thinner wallet.

  31. Elliyah Meishar

    What's wrong with your saliva glands? Why do you swallow all the time? Why do you speak so fast? Why do you keep sighing? Why do you sound so bored and impatient? Are you obsessed with Hitler and quacks? Not clear.

  32. Betsy Cosmos

    Thanks for exposing more "junk science."  While I am sure I have been taken in by some of the so-called scientific ideas out there, this particular one always struck me as crazy..glad my instincts were right this time 🙂

  33. Lily_Rose

    Why are people such suckers to belive the Blood-Type Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, Wheat Belly, Grain Brain and on and on ad nauseum. Because deep inside they know we should not mistreat animals, and it's bed for us to eat animal products, and bad for the animals, the wild animals, destructive to the environment. So they hoist this flag, and salute it: "People need meat to be healthy!" (Lie!) In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, healthy long lived vegans, scientific proof. Like Jesus said in the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man: Even if one were to raise the dead, they would not believe (the truth). They just want to believe the lie, go on doing as they like, and pretending to be right.

  34. silkhead44

    Nutrition and Health – The Association between Eating Behavior and Various Health Parameters: A Matched Sample Study 'Vegetarians in our study suffer significantly more often from anxiety disorder and/or depression. Additionally, they have a poorer quality of life in terms of physical health, social relationships, and environmental factors.' please do a video on this Dr Gregor
    Personally if I don't eat some grass fed beef 4 or 5 times a week, I suffer from depression

  35. Der Gesundheitsagent - Optimaler Ernährung und Selbstheilung auf der Spur

    Oh wow… crazy what people are willing to believe. I remember my mom talking about it and she never read the book so this must have spread into some magazines or into TV as well. I'm glad that this one has been busted.

  36. MJ Kapphahn

    THANK YOU!  Thanks to Dr. Gregor and  And thanks Norway!  I appreciate the affirmation.  After observing the Blood-type diet for 6 weeks, I had a feeling (many, physically "poor" feelings, actually) that something was "off."  This post was the tipping point that FREED me from this madness.  Whew.  Cheers!  Here's hoping your goodness returns to you.  


    (  .59) " … has not been assessed in 'previous scientific literature' ", this just means "it's a new perspective".
    (1.09) " … a day-long scientific seminar" "… had to believe they'd even take the time …". if you had "taken the time to research the book, or for that matter your own review …"
    But, in the book, there is mention of blood tests that show (such as the Indican test that tests the blood for the amount of agglutination) the actual amount of lectin (Lectins are a type of protein that can bind to cell membranes. They are sugar-binding and become the “glyco” portion of glycoconjugates on the membranes. Lectins offer a way for molecules to stick together without getting the immune system involved, which can influence cell-cell interaction.) agglutination in the blood caused by the blood types as they're mixed with different food lectins. This review and most of the comments made on this review have no mention of this and other tests mentioned in the book? It is easy to defend "moralistic" dietary practices and any other practice if "you don't even read the material you are critiquing". Do the Indican test on yourself. See the results for yourself. I guarantee 90% of the people commenting on this very page are ignorant as to their own blood type! Please, prove me wrong? I have been researching the book and my blood type and have found that it is spot on (i am almost sixty, i practiced a vegetarian diet for 35 years! i feel that i based my diet on "moralistic" grounds of "not killing animals", and have found that i wish i had instead continued to believe in Santa Claus as religion, spirituality and the like have "nothing" to do with our human eating requirements). Of coarse, there are specific blood anomalies that are not studied in the book and are also exceptions within general health per se, however, bye and large  the measurement of blood agglutination is accurate and is not mentioned in this video, thus the video is not based on an accurate assessment of the work reviewed, witch leads me to believe the author of the review is skewed towards his own opinion and is not actually informed as to the contents of the book. All i'm sayin is read it and then do the simple test and then make a comment or else, Santa Claus is coming to town and he ain't bringin no "presence". Keep it real people!

  38. VeganRose

    i know people who follow this and its crazy!!!!i eat plant based and one friend sarcastically asked what study made me think plant based is better.

  39. Out of Babylon

    Wow, the efforts you make to "debunk" a diet is a really good proof for how it must work. It must be a real threat to Big Pharma and other industries. I won't buy this, because it works and keeps me healthy. You are just a propaganda channel, trying to irritate immature people, trying to get their lives straight.
    I am also sure that NOBODY here, maybe a few, have ever tried it out. They are all big mouths and believers. No guts.

  40. Jenny

    The blood type diet does not take into consideration personal beliefs or cultural beliefs! I'm a Type B and a vegetarian by choice. The blood type diet says that I'm not supposed to eat avocados, most nuts and seeds, coconuts, tofu, and wheat so I'll literally be consuming no protein or good fats at all. And I will not go back to eating meat (especially not deer or rabbits like the diet suggests), it is not an option for me because it is against what I believe in

  41. Gord Kent

    I have used this diet and it works for me, too bad people can't have open mind about it, everyone different, I am blood type A and before this book came out I had learned thru my life that eating certain foods made me feel better than other foods, once I read the foods that I should be eating it mostly lined up perfectly with my blood type, so I know first hand there is something to this, if people would take notice how some foods do make you have more energy and some sap your energy it would make sense to them to at least review the best foods for your blood type. I still eat meat and all foods but I can tell when I have went off the food guideline and at 54 have more energy now than when I was mid twenties when I had no idea what to eat.

  42. Praise Love

    …I don't trust anything you so called medical professionals say because 17% of people DIE by medical mishaps so all those fancy words and titles you have are overrated!

  43. Jenny Lynn

    This is based in evolution not truth. God created food to be eaten, now that doesn't mean we shouldn't eat according to our problems or illness, this is not equated to eating by blood type.

    And He made from ONE BLOOD every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed time and the boundaries of their habitation, that they may seek God and perhaps they might grope for Him, and find Him, though He's not far from each one of us. Acts 17:26

  44. AQT A NATA

    You presented no proof that the diet doesn't work. You only presented proof that his findings have not been published and speculated that lack of published results equal fraud. That is opinion not fact. Now I am not saying that I agree with the idea of eating right for your blood type as we have intermingled over the years of creation. I do firmly believe that we evolved from Hunters and Gatherers. We are instinctively pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, and omnivore do to geographic location and access to food resources that were primarily indigenous. We didn't have a vast buffet of options prior to the industrialization of the world on the open market of trade, and so on and so on. I eat what my body craves. If it is in line with my blood type in accordance with this mans study then great if it doesn't then I think he has simple neglected the fact of the intermingling of blood types which in turn would have dominant and recessive instincts. WE are born with certain instincts and inclinations that simply can't be washed away with social conditioning. My Grand parents ate soul food. animal parts and full of lard. If i attempted to eat it now i would gag. I instinctively desire fish and fowl, light protein with little to no fat at all. opposite to my social upbringing. So before you attempt to throw the man under the bus for superficial reasons, you might want to truly reevaluate your motives. You sited some excerpts form the article that called people ignorant for even considering the blood type diet. After reading my response do you still think people are so ignorant in their openmindedness?

  45. Zen Freeman

    What about lectin sensitivity? This VIDEO is a CRASS fraud. OF COURSE any main stream author would NEVER be allowed to release information to the masses on how to put cancer in remission, the FDA and medical industry that thrives on cancer would NEVER allow that! My family and I and many others I know can vouch for this eating plan. I already eating organic Vegan and simply avoiding the foods that are not good for my blood type has improved my health 10 fold!

  46. Andrea

    I can testify that in the 2 months I have been on my blood types diet I have seen my health transform. I was eating clean and working out before yet my body was not changing my health was not improving and making the switch radically changed everything. Try it before you try to debunk it.

  47. Sandy Pfahlert

    You, dear sir, are certainly "THE BIG LIE"> You have no idea what you are talking about…..I have eaten my blood type since reading the book almost 20 years ago……No one believes my age. I am always thought to be 10 to 15 years younger than I really am…..Everyone I know that is my age are on DRUGS for health issues….I am NOT!!! NOT one!! I have energy and stamina…these are not traits I inherited!! My parents had all kinds of health issues from heart, diabetic, blood sugar and on and on. Why is it when someone finds something that TRULY helps others they are ALWAYS pounced upon negatively. Until you try it, please get this garbage off of YOU TUBE. You are doing many a disservice ….especially Dr. Peter D'Adamo and his deceased father.

  48. Marta eyore

    go ahead and eat meat when u have type A and I promise u will end up with colon cancer or other strains of it. etc. lots of people I know including family members have died of cancer with blood type a continuing to eat meat etc….

  49. andrielisilien

    I remember when I borrowed a friend's copy of that book. It was fascinating to read and I showed it to my father who is a doctor for his opinion. He was quite angry and would have thrown the book out of the house if it was my own personal copy. The reason why he said was, "these so called doctors are preying upon the uneducated population for money." Years before that he explained to my family the theory doctors were spreading around that wine is good for your health. Drinking plain grape juice (or better yet, just eat the grapes) gives the same health benefits but the wine companies wouldn't get their sponsors that way. I tell you guys…. something is going on with the integrity of our healthcare. Keep your eyes open.

  50. Anna L

    Someone actually said to me: "O types CAN'T be vegan"… and as an O type vegan who feels better than ever before on a vegan lifestyle, I was skeptical. So who do I come to? Dr. Greger! Thanks!

  51. Matt Story

    I am scientifically educated and I think the Diet needs much more research. The results based on people going on the diet for a short time? How does that factor in long term results for disease prevention. Not one of the debunking videos hosts has even mentioned the word lectin. They are making rash assumptions and conclusions based on a few scientific studies, just like they, the debunkers are claiming the Blood Type Diet author Peter D'Adamo does. The red flag for me was not actually even delving into Lectins and If they (lectins) do get into the blood after digestion or if they are destroyed first by enzymes, acids, or digestive gut bacteria. The best argument I have heard was that the test showing the blood agglutinating to lectins in foods was in in vitro not in vivo. Lectins have to be a factor that must be researched more. It seems the debunkers and the pro blood type diet people are more concerned about money than real science and finding out the truth. I still side mostly with the blood type diet because I have studied it enough to no that it has to be partly true. I can also tell without a scientific test that the having or not having blood antigens and blood antibodies has a profound effect on immunity and what parasites are more likely to cause problems.
     My blood type is type O neg and I am a non- secretor meaning I do not secrete antigen in my saliva, mucus and other body fluids which would be an immune boosting advantage for foreign microbial invaders. By just the non food blood typing I have learned about my self why I have a weak immune system to small parasites ie virus and bacteria.

  52. D. Smith

    D'Adamo's O type diet avoids whole grains a vital source of manganese which he admits that "a surprising amount of chronic joint pain (especially the lower back and knees) in type O has been helped by a short period of manganese supplementation " But says only take it under the guidance of a doctor – its toxic! I prefer my manganese in whole grains thanks Dr.

  53. Basto Basto

    like every diet advice there always is a counter argument..question …how did D amo make all these detailed conclusions…is he a book writer or a scientist..embarrassed to admit that sometimes I follow his advice and at other times I think it's silly…

  54. Zak Chance

    Hey guys, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  55. voltaspeeder17

    You can think whatever you want about Blood type diet – it's your right. But it has worked for me way better than a low-fat whole-food Vegan diet. I eliminated all processed crap already few years ago and still didn't see much results in terms of energy, mental clarity and overall health. Then i removed few of most problematic foods for my blood B type according to BTD and honestly my health and metabolism improved greatly over course of few months. It works!

  56. Nonconsensus Medicine

    I lost 50lbs effortlessly on the blood type diet. And speaking of no evidence. There is little evidence to back up my IBD and Addisons regimen. But here I am, IBD in remission and cortisol back in normal range. The fact that I havent dropped dead from adrenal failure is good enough for me.

  57. Royal Pumpkin

    Thank you for this! Family keeps trying to get me to eat meat and with every argument they throw at me I send them one of your videos in response. 😊

  58. Chef Shaun

    Lol, I was 140kg December 2015, followed a type A+ diet and went down to 73kg by June 2016. Definitely worked for me.
    This is yet another ploy to tarnish truth, his results aren't "released" because he was probably told to shut up about it. The BTD has changed my life around, along with Dr. Sebi's (acceptable) electric foods, intermittent fasting, and loads of fruit.

  59. PressPause 2Play

    OH GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE TRYING TO DESTROY AGE OLD STUDIES AND LIVIBG PROOF AS A LIE SIMPLY BECAYSE SOME PAID OFF SCIENTISTS DIDNT SIGN OFf ON IT. Japanese have on average iQ of 130 and your iQ is clearly around 100. Ill trust THEIR LIFE STUDIES on Blood Type Lifestyle….rather some fools found it in a science lecture book or not. FOH STFU. Waste of a listen

  60. Mindful Kimberly

    This didn’t disprove his work.. there needs to be more research done on it. Period. If you’ve read the book, particularly the 20th anniversary version, he explains everything from a scientific foundation..

    There aren’t any articles disproving the theory that are duplicate from his research. He puts each blood type under a microscope while observing the reactions from these different foods. It has to do with the lectin proteins of foods reacting to the ones in your blood.

    I’ve tried being vegan and vegetarian many times.. it makes me sad, but it just doesn’t work for me. Type A’s are supposed to be mostly vegetarian/vegan—some of the quantities of food a week depends on your race(which have common unique genetic variables that play a role into the recommended diet).

    Allopathic medicine journals have proven correlation between certain diseases and cancers that are more common in certain races.. this video uses a weird tactic..

    It’s shaming one doctor for “lack of evidence and research” with showing just how little scientific evidence and research there is on this subject.

  61. The Skull

    Not much debunking here, just personal attacks it seems. I'm WFPB but the blood type diet is interesting for me. Im O+ and some of the plants to avoid are ones that I do avoid because they gave me problems in the past, particularly cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

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