Biggest Misunderstanding About The Paleo Diet (Fixing what’s broken with Paleo)…

Hey, everybody. Shaun Hadsall here, the
owner of Get Lean in 12 and stubborn fat expert for
people over 35 years old. And inside this video, I want
to talk about the biggest misunderstanding of what I think
is going to be the number one diet of 2017. And it probably was
the number one diet of 2016, which is
the Paleo diet. But there is a big
misunderstanding that comes with the Paleo diet. Now, before I talk about
that misunderstanding, if you’re watching this,
scrolling through your feed, you don’t know who I am. Like I mentioned, I’m a
45-year-old stubborn fat expert. I’m also a grandpa to
three beautiful grandkids. And I’ve been in this
industry over 20 years. And I’ve been fortunate enough
to help over 100,000 people across the globe just in
the last 5 years alone with my products and services. Now, while sedentary
populations tend to do much better with
a low-carbohydrate diet to lose belly fat. If you’re active, you’re a
high-intensity exerciser, an endurance athlete, or you
even use body-weight workouts, it is in your best
interest to go out of your way to consume high-carb
healthy foods from nature. And this is one of the
biggest misunderstandings about the Paleo diet. Most people just assume
that because you’re going on a Paleo diet, which
anybody can get great results following because you’re cutting
out sugars and processed foods, that it’s
automatically low-carb. And that’s not
necessarily the case. If you think about
this, a caveman could have easily
dug up a tuber, like a potato or a sweet
potato, grown squash, or ate seasonal fruits,
which are all healthy, high-carb foods. So if you’re an intense
exerciser or you exercise on a regular
basis, adding these carbs to your diet, and making
sure when you eat them, that you combine them with
a protein and a small amount of friendly fat. Vegetables are,
obviously, optional. You can eat them
anytime you want. Nobody ever gets
fats from vegetables. But when you add these carbs
to your diet, if you’re active, it improves your testosterone
to estrogen ratio. It also improves your
T4 to T3 conversion. So it improves your
thyroid’s efficiency. It will also help you
increase insulin sensitivity so that you’re more likely
to use the carbs that you eat as energy and store them
in muscle and liver tissue rather than spilling over and
having them be stored as fat. And then the last
benefit of adding these high-carb healthy
foods to your diet if you’re an exerciser is that
it improves leptin sensitivity. And this is your body’s
number 1 fat-burning hormone. So hopefully, this clears
up any of the confusion about the Paleo diet. Again, if you are sedentary
and you’re not active, it is in your best interest
to avoid these starches most of the time. You could have some
berries once in a while. Maybe once a week. Make sure you add some
high-carb foods into your diet to help your hormones. But if you’re active,
you should go out of your way to be eating
these carbs, especially in the post-workout window. So thanks for watching this. If you like it, hit
the Like button below. Make sure you share it. And then as a gift for taking
time out of your busy day to check this out,
somewhere on this video, you’ll see a link that
you can click or tap where you get instant access to
a free report called “The Over 40 Stubborn Fat Sequence.” And this is a 12-minute
metabolic trick that’s specifically designed
for the hormonal condition of people over 35 years old. So if you’re in your
40s, 50s, or 60s, you must move differently
than younger people. Workouts like P90x,
CrossFit, and Insanity, they give people
tremendous results, but they’re designed
for younger people. So when you download
this report, you’ll understand the
right movement patterns, the right rest periods,
and the right intensity levels that will help you
reactivate your declining fat loss hormones. So thanks for watching
us, and keep going strong.

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  1. 2 Os 2 Syllables

    I'm debating trying out the paleo diet for a few weeks. What macro percentage ranges would you recommend? If dairy is a no go does that mean no whey protein?

  2. Elen C

    Like your video, very sensible. not all carbs are the same, sweet potato is not the same as white bread. Processed foods high in added sugar, flour and harmful fats are the issue.

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