Best Protein Powder For Men Who Want To Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

What’s going on guys? Troy here with
and I’ve got an awesome topic. I want to get right into the best protein powders for ripped
six-pack abs. So the thing that I look for when I’m trying to pick out a protein powder
to, you know, really cut up and get those ripped six-pack abs, you want a really clean
ingredient profile. So you don’t want a lot of added sugar. You don’t want a lot of added
fat and filler. You want to have really clean protein. A really high protein percentage
without all the junk added to it. And most importantly you want it to taste pretty good.
So I picked out three protein powders that I think are the best for, you know, ripped
six-pack abs. Something that I take when, you know, I’m really trying to cut, get ready
for beach season. If you’re trying to get ready for a pool party, whatever you’re trying
to do, highly recommend all three of these. So, the first one is Dymatize ISO-100. This
is a really fast-digesting protein powder, but the ingredient profile is so clean. You
have zero grams of fat. You have one carb. No sugar. 25 grams of protein. The protein
percentage on this is over 90%. You have 5.5 grams of BCAA to help you guys stay really
anabolic when you’re cutting your calories, so, Dymatize ISO-100. There’s actually a new
flavor birthday cake, haven’t tried it yet, but definitely going to try this one. I’ve
had, this one’s really good. I’ve had this smooth banana one before. That one’s awesome.
The pina colada one’s half-way decent if you’re into that sort of thing. Of course you can’t
go wrong with chocolate. Whey Protein ISOFLEX. This is another really good one. A little
bit more expensive than the Dymatize ISO-100. But once again if you look at the ingredient
profile, it has zero fat. It has zero sugar and the protein percentage is exactly 90%.
So this is once again, if you can get a protein powder that has a protein percentage of, you
know, right around that 85 – 90% range, that’s going to be an awesome protein powder for
ripped six-pack abs because if it’s 90% protein that leaves, you know, hardly any single room
for, you know, filler, and sugar and fat. And essentially the filler in this is just
glutamine and branched chain amino acids. So this stuff’s awesome, chocolate ISOFLEX.
And this is probably the best one overall, the peanut butter chocolate one. This is a
really popular flavor. Especially, you know, when you’re cutting up, you’re getting ready
for beach season, whatever it might be, you guys are craving, like, you know, peanut butter
cups all that stuff. Just mix this with like vanilla almond milk, tastes awesome. And the
third kind of protein powder that I recommend for ripped six-pack abs, actually a casein
protein powder. And the reason being is it keeps you really, really full and it’s also
a really high-quality form of protein, so this one, Gold Standard Casein Protein. We
have protein percentage is about 85, but we only have one gram of fat, three carbs, one
gram of sugar. So I really recommend doing this as like a meal-replacement shake. They
don’t really promote it or advertise like casein protein as a meal replacement, but
it keeps you really full. So I’ll drink like a really large cup of water before and after
I do this, especially when I’m really trying to cut up, reduce my caloric intake. And it
will keep you full for like, two, three, four hours. And it’s going to keep your insulin
levels lower. Remember the low insulin levels over the course of time are going to help
you guys burn fat, get you guys those chiseled six-pack abs. So you want to have, you know,
periods of low-insulin levels and you also want to stay really anabolic. So with all
the branched-chain amino acids, and glutamine, and quality protein, you can achieve just
that. And that is it guys. Those are three awesome protein powders that I recommend for
ripped six-pack abs.

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    SHOCKING TRUTH: Most Protein Powders give you belly fat. These 3 Give you Ripped Six Pack Abs. Watch the Video Now and Shred Up!

  2. AndyTriminio

    I have like skinny arms of snoop dogg and a lower stomach haha!! would this help before I work out or after and what would you recommend me eating! would starting off with a bench be good and what kind of workout could I do to get abs??

  3. Cipriano Mikue

    You guys are the best I love your programs so far, Gain Weight Blueprint and I'm about to start with the Science of Abs. Thank you!

  4. Anthony Hess

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