I am in control of my emotions. I only eat during my eating window. My eating habits are creating built-in limits on my calorie intake every day. I love drinking water when I fast. I have all the strength I need in me to accomplish my goals. Eating less is easy for me. Fasting is easy for me. I embrace the lifestyle of intermittent fasting. My body is releasing toxins and purifying
itself. I am bold and courageous. Fasting energizes me and makes me feel good. When I fast I am alert, energetic and focused. I am successful in anything I do. My digestive system is efficiently resting. I only concentrate on things that bring me
joy. I am happy, and I control my thoughts. I only allow positive thoughts to go through my mind. Fasting is good for my body. I can do anything I set my mind to. Fasting helps my body relax and get rid of
toxins. Fasting gives me more free time to do what I enjoy doing.

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