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what’s good YouTube you back in the
building with the all-knowing all-loving off feeling I’ll see you know powerful
just damn all everything that sexy as hell hosted a life games channel this
week we’re bringing you stream it live the assassination of Giovanni Versace
and this was one of the best well done documentary drama shows you’re gonna
find about how Giovanni died it should have been entitled after the guy that
killed him because this guy was a pure nut and when I’m talking about an it I
ain’t talking about a net in the shell I’m talking about Windham nuts that get
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time we drop life gains videos and why was this guy chasing him through the
alley I mean why you chasing the man that’s got a gun turn your butt around
and go back let’s go ahead and jump into this video review so do guys can
understand why you need to be streaming this this weekend because it is pure
entertainment good YouTube you back in the bidding
with your old uncle Martin will bring you life games best streaming things to
watch that streaming live TV and this might be one you miss we’re talking
about the great FX series American crime in
particular the assassination of Giovanni Versace and it is a hell of a story but
let’s first get into it by putting on the plus seven glasses of cinema sex is
hell because we working on skilling up this crap bringing you about his YouTube
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saw the American crime series with OJ and it was great well they did not hold
back on doing the same rendition with the story of Versace it’s funny that
they named it at the Giovanni Versace and I think they’ve done that because
he’s the most popular person on this name title but as you go through this 10
part series is not just gonna cover for Saachi facade she’s the headlining name
that family is the headlining name but what happens in the story is so much
more dot dynamic than that it should have been named after the guy that
killed Versace yes facade she’s gonna die most y’all
know he died in 1997 he got shot right in front of his Miami home to this day
you can still go down to the home and see it the door has turned into a
bed-and-breakfast now so I’ll save you all the stuff they’ll tell you in a
series that goes on but the guy who killed him it’s a gentleman named Andrew
Cunanan he was gay Versace was gay and during
that era in the 90s being gay wasn’t quite that cool even though Versace was
making it cool and what this man did is probably the thing that solidified and
the people Hilary Clinton called deplorable he
solidified gay people probably in that ill because not only did he kill Versace
but he befriended and basically dumped a war veteran Navy’s Navy SEAL dude killed
him then he went to Chicago and killed the
rich one of the richest men in the world at the time was an architect and a
billionaire who never let his wife know that he was gay he dated him for like a
month or two gets the norm comes up that a man gives
him money and all this kind of stuff then he just kills him those him in the
backyard and it’s a manhunt ladies and gentlemen
so the storyline really follows Andrew Cunanan and all the crazy shit he was
doing to all these gay men and his anger over Versace so in this story the cast
is there in Christ Edgar Ramirez Penelope Cruz she plays
Versace sister you’ve got Ricky Martin who plays for saachi’s boyfriend so
andrew cunanan was jealous of that person and andrew cunanan was also
jealous that Versace wouldn’t really give him the time of that because Andrew
Cunanan is exactly what we see in some forms by president one of the best
salesmen to ever do it can sell water to a drowning man can sell fire to a man in
the desert could sell an to an aardvark this guy was planning these crazy seas
these crazy stories to everybody and they wouldn’t believe it and ingratiate
this boy into their family enter their beds and he would wind up causing them
tremendous damage so if you are a great fan of documentaries crime dramas you’re
gonna love this series it’s gonna be grotesque I’m gonna go ahead and
forewarn you cuz this boy he killed these people in a violent manner because
in his heart he was taking it out on Versace and in the end he wasn’t getting
Versace but they kind of Chronicle they jump
lines in the story so in the beginning you’re gonna see Versace get the bucket
kick then they’re gonna go back and forth from all these various people
timelines as they meet and ruku Manon as he comes into their lives and as he
destroys their lives and ultimately destroys them but it’s a great series I
mean this is well done we shouldn’t have expected anything less
than being well done after the way they conducted themselves but during the OJ
Simpson story and if you want some good binge watching this weekend give this a
try American crime assassination Giovanna Versace take a look and that’s
going to do it for this video don’t forget to like my video comment and
subscribe go get yourself a life game let me know if you’ve already seen this
how you feel about it how you been enjoying my streaming live
TV series and what shows I should add to it to review that a lot of people might
not know about and until that next sexy as hell video I’ll see you

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