Best Ever Paleo Stuffing Recipe | Episode 7

hi everybody this is a health coach TV D -and then *bucket* Dad- did she say bucket? Alex – bucket – stop talking about the double batch who cares we’re cooking bacon hi everybody this is health coach tv the show to watch if you want to learn to love yourself as you slide into your skinny jeans and it’s Thanksgiving so I’m cooking with my dad D – hi i’m chris today we’re going to be making A- paleo stuffing the best paleo stuffing that you’ve ever had because you’ve probably never had paleo stuffing so the bar may be a little bit low D – sugar-free dairy-free healthy all good nourishing ingredients A -yum organic sweet poatoes four apples D – ok this is a double batch A – the regular recipe is available on my blog so if you’re making just one that’s okay D – one sweet potato we’re going to use two A- cause that’s what happens when you double things one pound of pork sausage D – yup from the local delicatessen A-fancy ten slices of bacon oh Dad Mom said you need to be more high-energy oh you’re so pretty got a bunch of mushroom D – these are cremini mushroom A – cremini mushrooms D – Yes grab some celery first thing we’re gonna do is start peeling the sweet potato and we’re going to put it into a dice large dice you wanna make everything so that it is about the same size so the apples will dice in the same size as the sweet potato and the celery the same way A – that sounds like not that much work at all D – nope and you can choose a red or the blue peel A – so dad really like these widemouth peelers he saw my other video and told me that I didn’t have the right peeler oh my god you’re faster than me i didn’t realize this was a race your potato was smaller so dad is a professional chef so I tell you not to chop like I chop your safe to chop like he chops D – that’s right A – those don’t look all equal sized see you don’t have to be perfect D -just like my daughter A – it’s true when your parents say it this is gonna go so much faster then if I was just doing it by myself washing the cellery *ding* D – the oven just preheat to 375 little olive oil salt pepper i find it easiest to use a spatula or something to roll around a lot of chefs like tossing stuff in the air but that’s kind of A – showboating? would you call that showboating? D – a little sea salt little fresh cracked black pepper A – onto the baking sheet D – we’re gonna put these on the baking sheet A – so we have one even layer of sweet potatoes covered in all the little salt and pepper we’re going to put them in our 375-degree oven for D- 20 minutes A- 20 minutes we need a timer he does if off his watch D- the next thing we’re gonna be cooking is 10 strips of bacon A – we’re cooking bacon we’re using a really big pan because at the end everything gets all combined together D – this is going to cook everything for us A -medium-high if you put a quarter cup of water in with your bacon it’ll cook better and it won’t burn let’s do that then I really don’t like their bacon on here it’ll never be clean D – now we’re going to be doing a bunch of vegetables were going to start off with some celery you want to have even size pieces A – so that it all cooks at the same time cause if they’re all different sizes then you might get chunky not cooked celery and then super cooked sweet potato that’s how you want all the bits to be the same size and then you hire your chef dad to come and cut it all for you D – would you like to take over sweetie A- No so dad when did you become a chef D – I’ve always cooked i didn’t get my papers until a year after I retired I went back to cooking school George Brown here in toronto got my papers and I spent three years cooking for folks out of chartwell which is an adult lifestyle community A- so now we’re working on two onions again chopped to about the same size as all the other bits D – slice the center from the front to the root A – oh my god D – oh yeah sometimes when you slice onions it bothers people’s eyes A – it’s a bit powerful so here’s a tip I’m pretty sure if you keep your onions in the fridge or you put them in the fridge 30 minutes before you’re about to use them they don’t hurt like this anymore it like neutralizes the gas D – is it really bothering you? A – I’m crying D – so now we’re peeling the apples A – these are fresh local apples local is always best D – but if you want to tip in january-february March you buy apples that come from South America from New Zealand because they just finished their season and they have their fresh where is the northern climate apples are all all cold storage A – so we started eating paleo because i always used to get crazy stomach aches after holiday dinners D – those are all the dinners I cooked A – they were delicious D – they had bread stuffing A – lots of dairy in the mashed potato D – yes sugar stuff like that A – but so now all our holiday dinners are practically paleo D – except for the sugar in the desert A – shhhhhhh D – befor putting these vegetables into the pan the recipe that came off A – my blog D – call for us to cook the vegetables and then put the raw pork on top of it and cook the raw pork I always find that I’d rather cook the raw pork and the bacon and all those things in the pan and then i get rid of all the fat A – that makes it better for you because then you’re not eating all the fat so here’s the bacon we’re going to take it out of the container and then we’re going to add the ground pork to cook it in the same container draining the bacon I’m a pro now we still have the bacon grease in here we’re going to add in, get it all in there all right two pounds of pork we’re going to cook that down D- so we’re gonna cook the pork until it’s no longer red/pink whatever you want to all it A – all the way cooked D – so we’re going to cook up all the all the veggies and then the mushrooms cook so quickly there’s no point putting em in it A – chop em D – to not lose a finger you’re supposed to keep your knuckles perpendicular to the blade mushrooms are kind of awkward to cup because they don’t A – look I’m being helpful D – ok so that’s a 2 cups of dried cranberries and two cups of pecans this is the pan we did the sausage in we poured out all of the sausage fat bacon sausage fat then we added some high-quality olive oil and soon as that cooks down a couple more minutes onions are starting to look translucent where we want them A – so now were adding a quarter of a cup of white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar if you have it mushrooms, getting shrooms in here. dad have you ever done shrooms? D – I’ve done s’mores is that the same thing A – yeah that is the same so we’re also going to need ready 4 eggs whisked D -we put the sausage bacon back in with all of the greens and onions apples onions celery mushrooms we’re starting to have really full pan once we’re all done we’re going to take this and we’re going to put it into a bowl and let it cool A – alright you got two choices you can either leave it in the pan to cool which takes longer or you transfer everything into the bowl we’re going for the faster option this time D – up on the wall there to help the cooling dissipate the heat as much as possible what could be wrong with sausage bacon an apple A – so even though it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this is an American dish it’s like apple pie but with bacon D – pecans where do pecans from from? A – pie? D -come from not Canada Georgia A – can I add them? D – no you have to wait a couple minutes A – dang it okay so our sweet potato is out of the oven our sausage is off of the frying pan and it makes it cool for a little while so we’ll be back D – we have the mixture cool we put it in some water here just to speed the cooling up A – and the reason that you wanted cool is because we’re going to be adding eggs to it D we’re adding raw eggs and we don’t want to cook them so now we’re going to add the eggs we got the eggs in A – so mix your four egg into the sausage mixture D – these are the sweet potatoes that we roasted in the oven A – I taste tested a few of them to make sure they were good D – slide them into the the mixture there we also took a cup of cranberries and a cup of chopped pecans and put them in the mixture is a lot of stuff here mix it all up nicely A – keeping everything in the bowl you want to come say hi Charlotte? okay come over here D – and this is the reason we’re doing it all my daughter and my granddaughter look an awful lot alike that’s because they’re both beautiful people A – so now we’re going to take a 9 1/2 by 11 baking dish D – two of these A- and we’re just gonna separate the mixture evenly between the two of them D – she wants to put a spoon in A – ok put a spoonful in so put your vegetables three at a time into the dish so it takes about an hour and a half D – look at the camera Charlotte there we go as your little ham A – alright back to me great work Charlotte, official scraping D – there we go there we go look at that that’s right yeah put these in the refrigerator cover them up put them in the fridge and tomorrow on thanksgiving day this is one day ahead we’re going to pick them out probably 30-40 minutes ahead of time get it up to sort of room temperature and then we’re going to cook them for about 25 minutes at 375 you get it up to about a 125/130 degrees minimum A – how many minutes D- probably about 20-25 minutes if you’ve had in the fridge you’re going to maybe 25 to 30 if it’s if we’re doing it right now it’s still warm it would take 20 minutes and we’re finished a nice nice crust on the top and yummy paleo stuffing A – thank you for helping me and cook this delicious paleo stuffing today and you too Charlotte you did you really good job if you want this recipe be sure to head over to my blog and thanks for cooking with us okay happy Thanksgiving everybody okay

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