I guess for now you’ve got the nice in
there good morning guys so this morning I’m gonna be making the
best coffee in the world so sorry for this lighting it’s a bit orange right
now um about to make the best coffee in the world it’s a cold brew coffee I’m
not really into drinking hot coffee when it’s hot outside so well I probably need
something to put it in. All you need for the perfect cup of coffee so we have
this unsweetened nutritious pea milk you can also use heavy whipping cream but I
cannot find mine in there so I think I ran out or something so okay so have 8
grams of plant-based protein zero sugar and nutritional facts um it has zero
carbs so then we have the collar brutal chameleon black coffee okay so it’s USDA Organic
zero sugar and this has three grams but from what I read about this coffee
apparently grams of carbs I don’t know I don’t know but I’m gonna make some of
this and then put a bit of Truvia in there so yeah I don’t really measure this
out or anything go off of how much coffee I want so I think the serving
size of six ounces so and I just add a bit of this just to start turning it
into a milky light creamy color and you’ll see what I mean and then I’m
gonna take what’s the serving size Truvia has 3/4 of a serving size of course we probably already know that
stuff for that but it’s put it here three grams of erythritol and 3/4 of a
teaspoon I have a teaspoon right here so I’m gonna put about 3/4 of a teaspoon I
don’t fit very much at all and I’m just gonna blend it all in it’s gonna have this kind of color to it
just like a regular like coffee that has milk in it so yeah it’s now it’s time to get my snacks
ready for the day I don’t really have a meal during the days because I worked in
my lunch usually so I’ll have a snack pepperoni and some almonds and might be
a weird combination but it’s what I like so I have about 24 almonds and then I
take about two servings of pepperoni slices so yeah here we have my snack 30
pepperoni slices for later and of course I’m gonna pack
all my water oh all right so I’m in the car so you probably didn’t notice this
but this is missing from my beats headphone it’s like the cushion part is
missing so I thought I lost it yesterday I have backups but these fit my ear
perfectly because you know they come with different things like different
cushions so they fit so I found it like the floor in one of the labs and gross
so right now I’m disinfecting it with a little wipe that I have here also oh yeah it looks clean now just
roll it around on that yes I’m gonna keep it laying like that until I get to
work you know I’m gonna put it on now because I’ll forget
so also of course I scratch this no it’s bumping up I hope these cell phone
videos are okay because I can’t really um I’m not allowed to film at work and I
don’t want to like risk it like by having my camera I’m not allowed to film
so I don’t know how far that extends if that extends into the parking lot but I
know I can’t film the building so I would just rather not even have that
risk like something happening Oh that kind of works I’m gonna put this
on now but yeah I would just rather not take the risk I swear I was gonna get to
work early today did not happen but it’s Friday so I’m happy and oh yeah a taste
test of my coffee it’s so freakin good and also if you’re worried about the
carbs and I would suggest making your own like ground coffee and others way to
do that at least I read about it and then or just find one that you are
comfortable with has zero carbs but from what this company was saying none of the
things that none of the coffee that say there’s you acquire were actually zero
completely so the only thing I can do is try to make it as keto as possible and
also I I have so little carb during the day anyway just from my other foods I’m
just not worrying about it so all right let’s go good morning guys so it is
Saturday morning and I am going to be fees and I’m going to be making my
already made my keto breakfast I’m gonna do a full day of eating today and I’m
gonna show you guys what I’m having so this is my breakfast well breakfast my
first meal because like 11 o’clock right now so I’ve been fasting for around 16
hours so I’m just having some sausage and then some veggies this is red and
yellow bell pepper onion I kind of added mushroom but I’m actually a mushroom
later when I have my beef stew and I’m doing a recipe video on that
that’s just like olive oil in there so yummy now I can move on to high school drama graduated with honor so I’m just chillin right now at home
and having a little snack after my beef stew little snacky snack of almonds and
some dark chocolate chips I love these dark chocolate chips so
today is like my own pull around quote cheat day so I’m eating pretty within
the realms of white keto ish I’ve been keto all week I’m super happy
with that I’ve been feeling great I’m gonna have like one meal let’s not ask
you and we all know how much I love sushi so I really wish I could make it
at home by myself wait look cauliflower rice it just does not
happen I just look so ugly but it just doesn’t taste the same I don’t know what
I’m doing wrong I need someone to like show me oh yeah did I mention I’m having
almonds as well um I’m gonna be doing the video and my favorite keto snacks so
you guys can see that um but yeah hmm there’s something about almonds and
chocolate that is just so freakin good mmm love I’m into chocolate yeah so took Tuna to go to the groomer so I dropped her off no I picked her up from
the groomer and then I came back chocolate chips they’re kind of they’re
a little bit higher and card than I would normally want because normally for
snacks I just have pepperoni and almonds mmm these are so good these like satisfy
my sweet tooth cuz I have a major sweet tooth now I’d rather you dark chocolate
then freakin eat a whole cake

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