Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting (Like Steroids)

What’s going on people, it’s the messiah
and in this video I’m going to be talking about the benefits of intermittent fasting. Ok but before I get into it I want to say,
I’ve done a lot of studying and a lot of research into intermittent fasting, and the
benefits of it, I haven’t just woke up one day and thought “oh I’m going to fast
me, errrr, I’m guna drink some water am not going to eat” No, I’ve actually researched it, I’ve
watched hour long videos with scientists and doctors talking about it, it’s not just
something I’ve thought up meself. So an average day for me, how it starts off,
I’ll wake up I’ll have a black coffe so no sugar, no milk, when I have that it gives
me energy, give me s a nice warmth in my stomach, it’s no calories in it so your still fasted. But it actually stops your being hungry throughout
the day, once you have that black coffee, all your hunger signs are gone for the day,
you’re not hungry, you will not feel hungry And if you do start to feel hungry what you
will do is have a sip of water, now what I do at the start of me day, I’ll fill my
gallon bottle up, right to the top I’ll brim it, so I know I’ve got s gallon minimum
and I’ll just sip on that and if I start to feel hungry, I’ll down a biit of water
and you’ll realise “hold on a minute” I wasn’t even hungry, I was just thirsty. Ok so now that we have got that out the way
in just going to try and get into some benefits of intermittent fasting and I’m just going
to list a good few things for you now. Ok so one is you’ve got more energy, you’ve
got Increased energy and more mental clarity, now a lot of people tend to think that when
they haven’t ate that you’ve got no energy but it goes back to the hunting times back
in the day, when people would ho hunting for food, they’d be running, or they would have
the spears, chasing animals, going for fish or whatever, You need a lot of energy to do that so, it’s
not like now days we’re foods easy and you can get it like two minutes, very accessible,
back in the day you needed energy to go out and get that food, that’s why your energy
and mental clarity is increased. It also helps with human growth hormone so
a lot of these bodybuilders now days there actually injecting human growth hormone into
there body, ovbesly to make them bigger of stronger of what ever. But intermittent fasting actually increases
human growth hormone naturally, also when your in a fasted period it actually reduces
inflammation on your body and your stomach. as I said, because food is to accessible now
days it’s so easy to get food and because your constantly eating every hour, every two
hours your insides in your gut and your intestines are all inflamed. Ok but once you do intermittent fasting your
giving it that rest period and that’s what’s going to reduce that inflammation and just
give it that rest it needs, your body’s not ment to be eating constantly every half
an hour an hour. You supposed to fast all day then eat your
meals. This next one I’m about to tell you is on
off the big ones and a lot of people will get onto intermittent fasting when they hear
it, it’s longevity. So fasting been proven to actually increase
your life span so you actually live longer if you was to fast, because with autophagy
and things like that, I’ll get more into autophagy in a minute and also cancer aswell
it’s been proven to help with cancer and help with cancer and Alzheimer’s. Ok so getting into autophagy you might be
looking at me now thinking, autophagy, am I speak a foreign language or what, know what
I mean but autophagy, basically to blunt it, obviously it’s more scientific than I’m
going to explain it now but I’m just going to dumb it down and basically explain it in
its simples form. Ok so what happens in your body, when your
fasted through the day, so if you’ve fasted over 12 hours, there’s just water in your
body, you body is going I need energy, where am I going to get energy from, ok, normally
if there’s food there it will get the energy from the food and it will use that to keep
your body going. But because there not energy in your stomach,
it’s looking about for energy and it will start grabbing at fat stores and using your
cells what are already in your body, what it’s already stored from previous times
you was eating an basically, as you’ve probably heard a lot of people are doing the ketogenic
diet, keto, it’s pretty similar to that you do go into a state of ketosis, when your
fasted because, because there’s no other energy, as I said because there’s nothing
in your stomach, it starts using fat as your new energy, as the same as keto does. Ok but in terms of autophagy this is where
it gets really interesting, it’s alright fasting you only need 12 hours for the fasting
to start taking affect, I tend to fast for longer periods, so I’ll get to one meal
a day, maybe to meals a day, that’s how long I’m fasting to 6 or 7pm. Maybe more sometimes depending on how am feeling,
but in terms of autophagy, once you’ve fasted for a longer period than 24 hours, once you
hit that 24 hour mark of fasting, autophagy actually increases by 300% so the recycling
of the cells and recycling of your fat stores, using that as the new energy, is increased
by 300%. So bear that in mind next time your going
for your fat loss goals. I wouldn’t actually do intermittent fasting if i was trying to
gain weight or, if probably do it if I was trying to maintain but it’s mainly for me
personally it’s for the fat loss side of things, I’ll go more into detail about the
main reason why I do intermittent fasting at the end of the video. A lot of actors aswell how are in Hollywood
movies and you see them and they do these dramatic fat loss transformations, they go
from just a normal fella to yo ripped, and you think how are they doing it, a lot of
them are using intermittent fasting daily. The reason why no one promotes fasting for
fat loss, the reason why all these companies don’t recommend it, is because there trying
to sell a supplement. Just think of it like this if your s company
and your selling protein, your selling protein shakes to people, your not going to tell them
to fast because you want them to buy your protein shake, so not many people would promote
it, at the end of the day if we all fasted for fat loss and we all done a water fast,
who would make the money then? No one would make the money! That’s why these companies
want you to buy there protein they want you to buy this and this is the best way to loose
fat, but in my opinion the best way to loose fat is just fasting, water fast, just don’t
eat, If I was obese, like if I woke up tomorrow
and I was obese, literally I’d just go on a 3 day water fast, you’d probably loose
half a stone on your 3 day water fast and then I’d start my diet and get into the
gym, people underestimate the power of fasting, I honestly believe that I would never have
got lean without using intermittent fasting, no just to finish off this video I want to
talk about, the main reason why I do intermittent fasting, obviously ive just told you loads
of health benefits there, and reasons to do intermittent fasting but I’m going to tell
you now the main reason why I do intermittent fasting Ok, so plain and simple you can look it at
it like this, you can have 6 small meals through the day, or you can fast the first period
of the day and get them 6 meals and just put it into two. So it’s 6 meals there, it’s the same calories,
it’s eating the same, your having the exact same food, but your just having big meals,
so instead of eating 6 small meals you can just save it until the end of the day and
just have two large meals you feel full, you enjoy your diet and you’ve got abit more
flexibility with what foods your eating and still be in a calorie deficit at the end of
the day, that’s the main reason I do it, obviously but with all them health benefits
added to it I hope I’ve got across as much information
as I can and helped you an made you understand a lot more about intermittent fasting and
if your not doing intermittent fasting I personally feel like your missing out. It’s not that mainstream st the minute,
intermittent fasting it’s still quite weird, I think, not many people understand it, but
I honestly believe in a few years time intermittent fasting will be very mainstream, it will be
like the main diet, fat loss, a lot of people will do it, a lot of bodybuilders and a lot
of people are doing it in the fitnes industry but average day to day people who don’t
know better, aren’t doing it because you think, it’s what everyone’s been told
through years and you know everyone gets told breakfast is the most important meal of the
day and you know your family and your mum or your grandparents, whatever there probably
saying “oh you need to eat” but listen I’m living proof, and there hundreds of
people, 100 thousands of people doing intermittent fasting daily, it’s not just me, don’t
be shy to give it a go, even if you wake up and you fast and you fast til about 12, 1
or 2 o’clock, it’s not even that long, just try it and I gaurentee you see the fat
loss goals. Obviously the more you fast the more benefits your going to receive, just
don’t be nieve to it, give it ago and if you don’t like it or your too hungry or
whatever then that’s fine, you don’t have to do it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s just personal that’s what works for
me, I’d rather wait until the end of the day, have a large meal, a large 2 thousand
calorie meal or you know two 1 thousand calorie meals instead of having 4 500 calorie meals
thought the day or whatever, I like the eat big meals and be full on a diet, and get lean Right people, thanks for watching, appreciate
it anyone who’s still here, you know how the game go see you in a minute

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