Beginners Back Exercises that Strengthen your Back

Hi, my name’s Michelle, and welcome to Pelvic
Exercises. Well, today I’m going to teach you some back exercises to strengthen your
spine. We’re going to be looking at two great middle-back exercises for your middle-back and two
strengthening exercises for the lower back. So let’s get started. I’ve got a pillow here
to lie down prone over. If you’re prone to low back problems, if you use a pillow underneath
your pelvis when you’re lying down it can relieve some pressure off of your lower back.
So, coming into lying down position with that pillow underneath my pelvis.
Let us start with a push-back exercise. Now this first exercise is for the middle-back.
So strengthening those middle-back muscles. Bring your arms down by your side, take your
forehead down, and lengthen bring your shoulders back and down. Now when you do this exercise,
you lift the arms and pull the shoulders back and down, so the shoulder blades come back
and down together and then you release back down. So I’ll do the action so you can do
it at home. It’s a lift and lengthen and back down. And again, lift and lengthen, and
back down keeping the forehead down so that you don’t strain your neck.
You can also add weights to to these. I’ve got a couple of one kilo weights here, which
is the same as two pounds. So we can actually do that exercise to strengthen the middle-back
with the weights. Bring the weights down by your side again, forehead down. And again,
pulling the shoulder {uncertain, timestamp: 1:32} down as you lift back, so pulling back
and down. So it’s a really great strengthening exercise for that middle back. Again, pulling
back, squeezing, and taking it down. So that’s our push-back exercise. The second exercise
is also for the middle-back. This is a stop sign exercise. Excellent exercise to keep
your upright posture nice and strong and keep the body nice and tall.
Take your arms at right angles again your forehead stays down and it’s a lift and
squeeze action, bringing the elbows really high wrists high, and back down. I like
to breathe out with the lift up. So, it’s a squeeze underneath the shoulder blades,
and back down. If your shoulders are sore, you might find that makes things a little
bit irritated. Bring your elbows back down close to your body.
Obviously if any of these exercises cause you any discomfort, you stop them straightaway.
So once again, forehead down, lifting and squeezing, elbows and wrists as high as you
can, and back down. So there are your two middle back exercises. Let’s now move on to
the lower back exercises. The first one is a back extension. This is
a strengthening exercise for the lower back. Important that you don’t extend too far back.
So, once again, forehead is down so, similar position for all these exercises. Arms are
low, and it’s a gentle extension, not too high. Pulling back and down through the shoulders,
lifting the body, holding, and then slowly releasing. And again, lifting up, and slowly
releasing. You can repeat up to ten of those repetitions those exercises, in a row. Lifting
up again, extending back slowly, and back and down, and have a break.
Now, our final exercise is called a superman exercise. This particular exercise can be
done on the hands and knees; I’m going to show you a lying down position. Arms out in
front I’m taking my thumbs towards the ceiling. Once again my forehead’s going to go down.
And I’m going to be gently activating my tummy muscles at the same time as doing the alternate
arm and leg raise. So my forehead’s down. Gently activating my tummy muscles so very
gently drawing in the lower abdominal wall. Just tensing slightly, lifting the opposite
arm and leg and down. And you can see that I’m not lifting too high. If I lift too high,
I’ll hyper-extend my spine. Won’t be happy for my lower back.
So, it’s just a lift and hold, and down. And again, lift and hold, and down. And once again
you could be doing up to ten repetitions a couple of times a day for that particular
strength exercise. So there you have it, a couple of great little
exercises. Two for the middle back and two for the lower back. So for more great little
exercises, visit me at PelvicExercises. I look forward to exercising with you again
soon. Bye for now.

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Reader Comments

  1. Lakeisha Hemphill

    Thanks for talking through it, that really helped! I have been suffering with lower back issues and this has truly blessed me and my health!!!!

  2. Susan Liu

    Thanks Michelle! Great little video, do you have anything for strengthening knees?? I've been running for about a year, but more consistently this year, doing about 5km's daily, or every other day.. but stopping for a week at times if I don't have time.. I have flat feet, and have been told that the impact (with running) has possibly injured my knees.. I can still run, but when I bend my knees now, I need to physically grab onto something to pull myself up! Can you offer some advice??? Thanks!! :))

  3. Dulci Hill

    Thanks for making this so easy to follow. People suffering from MS need easy exercises to keep their bodies strong. I usually do these videos myself, but your form and detailed instructions are far superior to anything I can demonstrate for those whom I serve.

  4. Annie Cox

    I was doing a lot of intense ab stuff and pulled something in my back a few days ago. It's been getting better and doing these exercises feels great! I think they will be very beneficial in the healing process.

  5. Loneliness destroyed me

    my doc told me to do this exercise. i hurt my neck and my muscles are weak so he recommended me this to make them stronger so i dont experience pain anymore and to stad straight up and not like im an old lady

  6. __

    I hate the fact that my hip is so small, i allways have to argue with some old ladies that i cant lift heavy stuff because my back hurts a lot if i have to lift stuff, half a day. And its work that is not even required. Her excuse for her stupid behaviour is my young age. Im 28 and i cant handle jokes about my back or the fact that i have to argue about it. Is she the one who is gonna have to feed me when something happans to my spine ? No …i feel useless enough knowing this. Goddamnit, sometimes i hate munaity so much.

  7. yatsomitai

    Nice video. You get echo and background noises. Think of buying a mono-directional microphone. It costs little and will make your video sound much more professional. You can use a bluetooth version that connects to both cameras.

  8. DrJIsBae

    Thank you for this. How these be modified for people with large breasts, as mine are in the way a bit laying down? I'll incorporate these into my movements.

  9. Glindathegoodishwitch

    Not sure if you're still looking at comments, but wondering if these are safe for osteoporosis. I use your other great videos and trust you and them. I'm especially interested in strengthening my spine safely. Thanks for any feedback.

  10. Kaylee Wisman

    I have scoliosis and my doctor told me to have stronger back musics to hold my spine in place… I’m trying this out for the first time and I hope it works for me!

  11. Bronx P

    Thank you Michelle, I really need that. Do you need to stretch afterwards ? How many repetitions of each exercise would you recommend ? Great video

  12. Warp Zone

    I got sent here by a google search. It started the video @0:46 , and I can't understand your description of the first exercise. I don't know what you think the word "lengthen" means in this context. Why is "down" the direction you go to do the exercise, and "down" is also the direction you go to stop doing the exercise? They're opposites! Surely one of the downs is actually an "up?" I had to watch what you were doing with the sound muted and try and guess what you meant. Here's what I came up with:

    – Lie on the ground, face-down, with a pillow supporting your pelvis.
    – Put your arms alongside your body, and straighten them so that they are parallel with your back. This is the default rest position.
    – To do one rep, sort of shrug your shoulders while moving your hands away from the ground and keeping the arms straight. The goal is to bring your shoulder blades as close together as possible while arching your back.
    – Hold the rep for a moment, then carefully return to the rest position.
    – To increase resistance, add weight to your hands. Do this in such a way that keeps your palms facing the ground.

    Is this what you meant to say? I'm sure you know what you're talking about, but you should work on describing it in a way that can't be misunderstood.

    Use precise terms that only have one meaning, even if that means you have to use technical physical therapy terms. I can look up what a technical term means. I can't look up what you meant by using the word "up" two different ways in the same sentence.

    Thank you! 🙂 If I misunderstood how to do the exercise, please reply to this comment correcting me.

  13. Milk Tea

    Thank you so much for these! I went for my usual 2-3 mile walk a couple days ago and incorporated a half-mile jog for the first time in several weeks… I was shocked to realize soon after I was feeling some not-so-nice twinges in my lower back and ribs, which I've never had happen after a walk or run. I'm chalking it up to a lack of back strength, so hopefully these exercises will get my back into shape.

  14. AboutThat LIFE

    How many times a day do you recommend I do this exercise? And how long until I notice results? I have an extremely weak lower lumbar, rounded shoulders, weak shoulder blades, winged scapula in left shoulder, weak neck. I've been dealing with it for a long time. I'm 28 years old and I'm noticing the hunch and forwardness worsen. I am too young to be going through this. I'd give anything to have a straight back again… Thanks.

  15. Cat Man

    I have been carrying extra weight and am doing my best to eat healthy and track my calories. Yesterday I was doing medicine ball twists and lifts, as well as squats. I woke this morning with a back spasm and pulled muscle, where my rib cage muscles are tense and it is hard to breath if I walk. I am going to try these exercises to try and strengthen my back once it heals. My doctor just says rest and take Ibuprofen for it. I get this once or twice a year. Usually if I try my old weight lifting routines. Even with light weight. Any exercise that would help mid back? I was thinking 9f dropping strength training and do more cardio and functional exercise.

  16. Loyal and Faithful

    thx michelle . . . cheers . . . . (i incorporate your moves into my warm-up routine before working my back with weights) . . . . .

  17. Szatmari Andrea

    About a week ago I collapsed unable to move due to a horrible upper back pain, been on codein ever since. I have a gut feeling I should strengthen my back muscles and it would prevent this in the future. (As well as other exercises and good diet) do you think this is the right sort of work out for me? Or should I see someone first?

  18. ROBLOX redsizzer123

    I watched this video because I have a kayaking race on Sunday 9th June. I have to stop better back muscles to paddle

  19. AN

    thank you so much! I had a massive stroke 10 years ago and have had back muscle weakness and pain since. I have been sent to PT several times they always focus on my lower back as if I have a bulging disc. but they ignore my mid and upper back where the pain is. I am going to perform these exercise regularly and am expecting great results. thank you!!

  20. Tina Peterson

    Hi Michelle – I'm starting a new delivery job and can have packages up to 50 pounds (he said most are 25#s or less). I have fibromyalgia, lower back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain. I thought a good stretching regimen will help me prep for the job. Are you suggesting 10 of each stretch? I'm currently doing trigger point & myofascial release but feel I need a good stretch to help me prepare for the new job.

  21. naturalbohemian1

    Such good and doable exercises! I really love your core and back/spine exercise videos. I appreciate your thorough explanations. Thank you so much!

  22. Nick Tauro

    So no joke. A had a problem where my left rib was out of place and I didn’t know why. After doing the exercises it pushed back into place! Thank you!

  23. ☀️ Sunny Days ☀️

    You make it look easy Michelle! Just a bit too advanced for me but interesting to watch all the same. Great work and videos.

  24. Khonani

    Do I have to engage my core the entire time or is it fine? Never been certain when to engage the core, during exercise or for stretches too

  25. emi dee

    I have the KISS syndrome and my chiropractor told me to strengthen my back. I hope these exercises work for me. Thank you for the video (^-^)

  26. Nadia Sharif Nadia

    Hello Ma'am
    Thank you for great support, I'm having cervical spodylisis and lumbar spondylis Can you suggest me some more exercise to strengthen my back muscles

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