Bananas Foster Milkshake Smoothie Recipe- Bananas Foster With a Twist

recipe for banana milkshake banana foster milkshake easy banana milkshake banana milkshake with rum blended rum drink with bananas how to make bananas foster milkshake hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you love a dessert of bananas foster well this is the simplest way ever to enjoy it it is a bananas foster milkshake you only need 4 ingredients milk ice cream a banana and a shot of rum know this has alcohol in it so if you want to give it to children you would not use the rum maybe use rum extract first thing you want to
do take your blender add 1/4 cup milk next add a scoop or 2 of vanilla ice cream once you have the milk and the ice cream put the lid on it blend it until it is mixed together take the center lid off the blender peel the banana start the blender put the banana in in chunks now that is all mixed together carefully add rum and there you go pour it in a glass add a straw bananas foster milkshake is ready to enjoy please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Nolan Lang

    Oh Momma That Is Hot & Sexy
    I Want You To Make Some Of That
    For Me Am Getting Horney For You
    Tonight Take Care Byeeeeee 😍👍🏽

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