Banana Nut Smoothie Recipe

Today I’m making a sweet and creamy banana
nut smoothie. To make this smoothie you’ll need one frozen
banana. I always throw bananas in the freezer when they are starting to get too ripe that
way I’ll always have some for smoothies or banana bread.
I have a cup of almond milk. You could also use soy milk or coconut milk or even cow’s
milk if its not a problem for you. And I have a half cup of walnuts. You can substitute
any kind of nut that you like. I like to use the walnuts because it makes it taste like
a banana bread smoothie. I’m going to mix this up in my immersion blender
so I’m going to use the pitcher, and I’m just going to break up the frozen banana into pieces
so that it blends easier. Then I’m going to put in the almond milk and the walnuts. Now
I’m going to blend it up until it’s smooth. Now your smoothie is ready to enjoy.

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  1. dv8ted27

    This looks delicious, and easy! Smoothie recipes are kind of intimidating at times with so many ingredients, so glad you shared this recipe!

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