Banana Berry Kale Green Shake Smoothie Recipe

hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you trying to make vegetables and green shakes a part of your family’s diet and they are resisting here’s a simple way to make a green shake that might make it more palatable to those that are not wanting extra good nutrients know that you can use a basic blender like this one any blender will do when you are preparing for the simple blender cut it up a little bit your blade is not going to be as strong but you can still make it the first
thing you want to do it add water you want to have the water in there first so the ingredients have something to carry them around to the blade so I have 2/3 cup of filtered water add a nice big pile of greens spinach family members don’t want kale will get used to eating spinach and then you can mix it up as time goes on blend that up to liquid now you want to start adding fruit ingredients I have a ripe banana frozen blueberries and strawberries and an orange stick in the banana peel the orange plop the frozen berries in a little at a time so they don’t become stuck turn your blender back on remove the cap start sticking them in after you peel your orange remove seeds nobody wants to eat those that’s all mixed add the berries a little at a time so they don’t become stuck on the blade if any ingredients are stuck swirl them around with a wooden spoon when it is stopped of course and there you have it simple serve your drink and a straw is always fun see if people in your family don’t like this green shake fruity and nice several servings healthy nutritious way to get your family to eat the things they should please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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