Balos Lagoon One Of the Most Beautiful In The World

I’m not feeling very good today are you excited
to see this place we almost died getting to looks like we’re on Mars all
of a sudden gotta soak this in it looks like my dream spot beer and coffee uhhhmm I’m so nervous climbing all for you guys remember that [music] with only a few days left in Greece we
take a dangerous drive to a hike to a beautiful pink lagoon only problem is I
have a nasty cold we’re off to Balos Lagoon on Crete I’m not feeling very
good today but just for you I’m gonna force myself to go see this beautiful
place see these goats in the background there’s goats everywhere
in Crete today they’re friendly for some reason our family loves scary bumpy
unpaved roads along cliffs because we’re doing it again we’re here in Crete
Greece and we’re driving along the edge of cliff way up in the mountain to go
see a beach and do a small hike Uhhh I’m so nervous I feel like we’re gonna go down to the bottom of the sea how do you feel about
this drive I don’t know I’m so sick it doesn’t bother me are you excited to see this place we almost died getting to yes and no
we’ll see how beautiful it is to see if it was worth it but I was honestly
terrified we keep going on these terrifying roads and I’ve had it were
you scared no oh this is really cool looks like we’re on Mars all of a sudden its like moab kinda yeah yeah it’s awesome I’m excited to do this hike [music] Balos is famous for turquoise waters
wild natural beauty plus it’s white and pink sand fun fact
Prince Charles and Princess Dianna visited by yacht many years ago gotta soak this in may never be here again this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen This is amazing whoooooaaa Balos Beach baby! I think we found some pink sand at balos
beach lagoon right behind us had to take a pretty treacherous ride to get here we
had to drive up the side of a mountain whindy gravelly rocky no barriers on the
side and then we had to do a treacherous walk down the mountain to get to the
beach was it worth it to get here Jaden no you didn’t like the car drive so
much did you we didn’t stay long as I wasn’t feeling very well and a rainstorm
was about to move in the hike up is a little harder than I thought it’d be as
well Oh climbing I don’t know five thousand stairs up there all rocks stairs I got
this cold I don’t feel good my legs are aching Oh all for you guys remember that you see it’s starting to rain we got to drive down those roads in the rain that could be
interesting hopefully it doesn’t rain too much oh man being climbing those hills with a cold
adds another element I’m not feeling good hopefully I can drive the car if you don’t see this video then we went off a cliff [music] we survived the drive fun’s not over yet
tomorrow we explore the city of Rethymno Oh rainy day today and we’re
exploring Rethymno old town looks pretty cool check this out
Rethymno is rich with history through the Minonan civilization and then
conquered by the Venetians that looks like my dreams spot beer and coffee
you can’t do better than lets go to candy store people let’s just go look but no eating Old Town was almost entirely
built by the Republic of Venice and is one of the best-preserved old towns in
Crete well we’re gonna go up to the Fortezza castle in Rethymno we’re
gonna go check it out another castle to see lets see if it’s any different from the other ones who knew there was another kananaskis in this world only thought
there was one or my home kananaskis typical of roads in Europe there’s no safety
barriers [music] 10 Euros for a family what? yeah it’s a lookout go take a
look this is a citadel built by the Venetians in the 16th century to protect
against Ottoman invasion sadly it failed as the Ottomans captured the fortress in
1646 also during world war ii the germans used it to imprison and execute
Cretan patriots what is it that’s Cats! Cats were at a fortress and you care about the cat well
I think we’re getting all fortress and castle and out done done we need to go
see we need to do some adventures yeah beaches and and running and stuff
jumping off of cliffs backflips and like the young kids do Crete Greece is one of
the most unique and beautiful places in the world if you haven’t been what are
you waiting for and oh yeah don’t forget to subscribe
and hit that like button for more fun videos arrow arrow you

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