AZ Cooks: Roasted Root Vegetables

When you’re roasting vegetables, if I
have some that are absolutely perfect cubes like this, and I have some that have a rounded edge – it’s up to you. I like to use them all. Let’s throw in some potato. Oh, hey! You wanted to use this bowl? No. You’re gonna want to use the
biggest bowl in the kitchen you have, so you can really get in there with the oil. It’s so much easier to work big than it is to work small. There’s a white sweet potato, I love it. Our parsnips. Pearl onions and shallots to me, when you get that heavily acidic, sulfuric, antiseptic flavor that all of those – and garlic – that all of those members of the lily family lend to this type of dish, and then they
caramelize with their sweetness. That’s what brings out all the flavors and
those root vegetables. Now if you’ve been listening to me for long enough, you know
salt how important that is especially to this dish. And I do want pepper in there. A nice piece of rosemary from the herb box. Well you got a nice big piece of tarragon. Look at these delicate little pieces of sage. Let’s put a nice sprig of thyme in there. Melted butter and oil. Big bowl. No spoon required. That’s well mixed.
I always like to make sure that I just push my shallots to the bottom, so they
caramelize. You’re going to use a metal spatula and stir this a couple times,
because you want even roasting. If you pile too much stuff on here, you know
what’s gonna happen? None of it is gonna cook properly. It goes into a 425-degree oven, preheated, and it’s great in the upper third of the oven so it really has a chance to get roasty-toasty. It makes a big difference.
But that variety of textures and colors is what you’re looking for. Cooking in
high heat, in a dry environment, is what roasting is all about.
It’s a beautiful side of roasted vegetables. Anyone would be proud to put that on their table, in front of their friends and family.

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