Ayuno Intermitente. Beneficios y contraindicaciones

Hi, I’m Raquel Domínguez from www.operacionbikini.es
and today I am here to tell you the benefits and the harms of intermittent fasting. Here I have already told you more or less in what
consists of intermittent fasting, what types of intermittent fasting there and I’ve given you some
tips so you can start putting in practice. But you will also be interested to know what
benefits it has and if it can be harmful. So, here we go. Let’s start with the benefits of intermittent fasting. Well, in the first place, and against what
many people think, intermittent fasting It lowers our insulin levels. Especially after 16 hours of
fast. Fast for short periods of time too
favors a process called autophagy. What is that? Well it’s the process by which neurons
They eliminate their damaged components. So it protects us from neurodegenerative diseases
and stimulates our brain activity. Improves neuronal plasticity. It facilitates the loss of weight, which is the reason
whereby most people start it to practice. Improves some related biochemical parameters
with inflammation. It protects us from cardiovascular diseases. By improving insulin sensitivity we
can help prevent diseases like Type 2 diabetes And there are already some studies that indicate that
intermittent fasting can help curb Alzheimer’s A study carried out with rats so
it shows and with human patients it has taken out recently also one in which
9 out of 10 participants improved from Alzheimer’s. And interestingly, contrary to what most
of us comes to mind when we think about fasting, do not go hungry, improve
the feeling of appetite. As you will see it has many benefits, but
Not all that glitters is gold. And it can also have damages. It can cause us problems, especially
if we lengthen the fast more than the account. When we lengthen the fast more than necessary,
our body enters a survival mode so to speak. And to be able to survive in our body
there are adaptations that can bring us some complications For example, we can have mass loss
muscular. I have already told you many times that the main
source of energy of the body are the hydrates of carbon. When our body needs energy,
takes out of the glucose and when the reserves of glucose are finished in our body, we use
amino acids and body fat, this is a process called glycogenesis. But what happens when these reserves of the
body are finished? Well, we use the energy of our
muscles we start to burn muscle. But do not be afraid to do intermittent fasting
thinking that your muscles are going to disappear, do not. For your peace of mind your body will not start
to pull muscle reserves up to approximately the 24 hours of fasting. That’s why, as I mentioned in the video
previous it is very important that you prioritize the strength exercises. And above all, do not go over the line with
the fast A decrease can also occur
of leptin. This survival situation is
causing our body a stress that goes to make the cortisol rise, the known
stress hormone, here I have told you about he. It can also produce a decrease
of the activity of the thyroid gland, so if you have hypothyroidism problems
you have to be careful if you fast intermittent. It can produce a decrease in testosterone,
Here I tell you about the importance of testosterone Although as I tell you all these problems
you will suffer if you abuse the fast, if you do a well-programmed intermittent fast, for
example the 16/8 guideline, which is the most common, you may not notice any of these effects. Although it is always recommended that before
put yourself to make this type of fasting you do a medical review to see if you have any
problem, for example what I told you before, Thyroid problem, which can be aggravated
for this feeding protocol. And never forget that each body is a
world, and there are people who when they submit to an intermittent fast, even if it’s okay
ruled, they can suffer anxiety problems, irritability, headaches … If that is your case, just do not follow it. Well, here’s today’s video about
benefits and the possible damages of the fast intermittent. I hope you liked it, if you liked it
please do not stop sharing it, and I’ll wait for you in the next video. Bye bye

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