AVOID Paleo, Keto & Vegan if You Are Over 40 (Do THIS Instead)

Hey, everyone. It’s Coach Dan Long here
with your Over 40 Protocol. And today, I’m going
to answer the question. I’m super excited because I
have something fresh and brand new for you. I’m going to answer the
question, if you’re over 40, should you avoid the keto,
the paleo, vegan diet? Now, let me pull
out some things. By the way, you’re going
to see a link around here. Don’t click it. Don’t touch it just yet. I’ve got to show you some stuff. Because at the end of this,
I have a solution for you if you’re using one
of these three diets, and you feel like there’s a
possibility you should not be. So let me pull a
couple items here though because I’ve got
to share this with you. First, I have some
watermelon, right? Yummy. Mm. Yeah. Can’t have that. Can’t have that on
most of those diets. Vegan, you can. What’s this? A bunch of lard, right? Bunch of fat– you can
have this on the keto diet as much as you want. Also, what else do I have here? I have some cheeses, some three
different cheeses here, right? I’ve got some Swiss cheese. I’ve got some
jalapeno jack cheese, and I’ve also got some
cheddar cheese, OK, these different cheeses. And let me just
tell you, as far as what comes down to
these three diets, there is one huge problem. The huge problem is
you can only have a little or zero carbohydrates. Now I’m going to tell
you three things that are going to be the perfect
way to tell if you should avoid these three diets. I took a test drive, and
I did these diets, OK? One, god bless everyone on the
vegan diet because there are a lot of people who
can do the vegan diet, but I cannot live
without eating meat. It’s just a personal
preference, and that’s just the way that I am. It doesn’t that mean that
you have to be that way. So there are vegans that
are living a great way with using that diet. Now, here’s the
thing, OK, I noticed, when I’m on keto,
a bunch of this. That’s all it really was
was a bunch of lard, OK? A bunch of lard, and you
could have some protein. Here’s the thing. I noticed that there was a
huge drop in my blood work from my growth hormone. Yes. What does that mean? Growth hormone is helping
you boost metabolism. It’s also helping
you defy aging. And it’s also helping in the
process of my midsection. Now, here’s the thing. If the growth hormone decreases
because of that diet, that tells you right away,
the first signal is that this is not moving,
and it’s maintaining, and it will not move. It means that the growth
hormone levels in your body have decreased. OK. You need to boost those, right? So that’s what happened to me. Second, I went on
the paleo diet. The same thing– but
here’s the thing, cutting carbs out of the
diet, what happens to that? For me, it aggravated
my thyroid. Aggravating the little butterfly
gland that’s up in here also did not help boost
my metabolism, and it did not boost
my growth hormone because of that
type of diet that it is– zero or little carbs. And in the end that is key. Vegan diet, sure, you can
have vegetables all day long. You can have vegetables, right? But you’re not going to be
eating a whole lot of carbs from any other source. And with the vegan
diet, I tried that. I got frustrated, end up
overdosing on carbohydrates when I got off of it, and
then I lost all of my results. So should you avoid the keto,
the paleo, the vegan diet? The answer is in the pudding. If those three things,
you feel, right now are being challenged
inside your body, you must avoid all of that. Because you can’t even
have this, really. You can have this on the
vegan, but you can’t have this on keto, and you cannot
have this on paleo. All right. The thing is,
you’re going to have to determine if you should
be the one that should pull the trigger and say, I no
longer can be on these diets if you’ve been on them for
over 14 days and everything I’m talking about– growth hormone, cutting
carbs, also, on top of that, what else did I say? Aggravated thyroid. All of those are
not helping you defy aging, boosting your metabolism,
and boosting your hormones. That is not happening. But I do have something for you. Just– and it’s
brand spanking new. It’s so new that
you are, literally, probably one of the first people
to even hear about this right here in my own kitchen, OK? This has taken a very long time
to actually specifically design a program and a
system that is all made to boost your growth
hormone, boost your metabolism, and not aggravate your thyroid. And it only takes one day. So before I go there– question. If you love this information,
and you’re loving this so far, give me a heart, give me a
like, give me a share right now. Do it down here
in the below, OK? And if you love this content,
and you want more from me, down here in the comments
below, right now, write “My diet sucks!!” two exclamation marks. “My diet sucks!!” two exclamation marks if you’re
not happy with your results. Because I got a solution
for you just for being honest here with me today,
and it’s brand spanking new. It’s called the Over
40 Hormone Reset Diet. And it only takes
one day to start. On day one, you start feeling
the amazing growth hormone boost. You start feeling your
thyroid reactivating, right? You also start feeling great
because you’re not cutting out carbs. You’re using
strategic meal timing. Strategic meal timing
is so important when it comes to boosting metabolism
and boosting your hormones, right? So strategic meal timing. And guess what? You’re also going
to get high-carb– listen to what I just said– high-carb cheat
meals strategically put into that meal
timing process. It’s called the Over 40– what did I say? Did you hear me– Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet. It takes one day to start. So if you’re excited– oh, by the way, when you go
to this link in a second, you’re going to see, not–
it’s up here, by the way– you’re going to see, not only– you’re going to see my partner
and great friend Shaun Hadsell. He’s 47 years old, and
he’s got a six pack of abs, and he’s a grandpa. Are you kidding me? Yes, he’s a grandpa. And you’re going to
see his wife, Karen. She’s 58 years old– boosted her metabolism
and boosting her hormones using this exact system, the
Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet is yours today. It takes one second to download,
and it takes one second to click the link. This is your turn
to either avoid keto, paleo, and vegan diets. Reset your hormones
so you can boost your hormones and your
metabolism in just one day. It’s your turn, if you’re ready. If you’re not, it’s OK. Thanks for stopping on this. Give me that love down below. But if you’re ready,
it’s your turn. I want you to click
the link right now.

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  1. M Niksich

    I avoid white bread, white flour based foods, white rice, white pastas and anything with high fructose, and eat as much as I want of just about everything else. Along with exercise, does me right.

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