Athletes have different experiences with Paleo diet

T T Yeah, so I do CrossFit and they’re pretty intense usually shorter workouts.
Maybe once a week we’ll do workout that’s like 30 minutes or longer of just movement with no stopping.
Typically shorter time domain, more intense, so more like a sprint. I started with CrossFit and my CrossFit gym ran a Paleo nutrition
challenge. CrossFit has such a great demographic for us. People who were interested in paleo and interested in eating healthy and especially busy lifestyles. Food prep is really
essential to be successful with with these kinda diet plans. So we’re
doing that for you. We’re taking the time out a it. So I think it’s become appealing
especially among the graphic community because it makes you, for me at least, a more
efficient athlete So the first time I tried the Paleo diet, I was using it as a diet for a physic competition
so I was trying to lean out a lot. I got involved in CrossFit about the
exact same time and what I found was I wasn’t able to, I didn’t have as much energy on the diet. So I had a really hard time with my workouts um I was losing a lot of body fat but I think I lost a lot of muscle as well. It took probably it a full year for me to really
get a good grasp of how to lead my life around
eating a Paleo diet. I learned a lot about myself and I feel like it gave me um a sense of taking control of my nutrition in a
way that I had never experienced before

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