Ät som din förfader: Paleo-kost

what is a Paleolithic diet and why is it so popular today well Paleolithic stands for the old Stone Age and the old Stone Age began with the invention of stone tools and that happened about two and a half million years ago and it lasted up until the beginnings of the Agricultural Revolution which was ten thousand years ago and during that period all humans were hunter-gatherers and the food that they consumed was the food that they could forage hunt gather or fish and it was basically fresh food obviously there was no processed foods or any foods that came about with the Neolithic and the Industrial Revolution so what we try to do with the contemporary Paleo diet is to try to mimic the food groups that are our ancestral hunter-gatherers consumed and with modern foods that you can they’re available at the supermarket the only real caveat to that is the only exception is that I think it’s better if people can get grass produced meats be free ranging chicken and so forth so those are superior to meat that has been produced in a grain grain produced in a feedlot so that’s pretty much the basis of the diet and if you look at the food groups that are Stone Age ancestors didn’t consume they didn’t eat cereal brains except as starvation foods occasionally they certainly weren’t staples they didn’t consume dairy products because and domesticated cows and all of the processed foods that we now come from for major food groups cereal grains dairy products vegetable oils and refined sugars and salt and if you put those all together you can call it a doughnut a cookie a pizza you can call it anything you want but it’s basically the same four ingredients that are used in all sorts of processed foods and most Americans and Europeans consume roughly 70% of their calories as those four food types and so what we try to do is eliminate or severely reduce those foods and focus on real living foods like fruits fresh vegetables nuts and seeds and as I mentioned grass produced meats seafood and fish are really the foundation style see especially the cushion rocks technology SIA video interview Gaddar from long history bill was na festa tips see ya interviewer violence – by expectable leads to health Oh Alma Eng is going to be very textured Estancia some for lasagna old film cooperative called Stockton Garcia sneers tracking Vietnam so competitive in Vera new vitamin

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